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Undercover in Vegas
Chapter One
by Special Agent Starr

Abby walked swiftly through the doors of the hotel, McGee only about a step behind her, two black suitcases rolling behind him.

'It's a good thing these things have wheels because it feels like there's at least one dead body in each!' he thought, wondering whether or not Abby actually had found a way to fit Gibbs, Ziva, and Tony into her luggage.

Not that they would be dead, he had just thought that because dead bodies were well…dead weight. As where live humans could actually support their weight. Which would make the weight needing to be carried lighter but not by too much because…

'Whoa! Too much time listening to Abby on the plane' he concluded with a small smile. Abby. 'Wait Abby!?' He snapped out of his thoughts, and began searching for her face, only to realize they were now approaching the front desk.

Abby stood to the side, waiting for him to take the lead up to the attending employee.

"Good evening sir, how may I help you?" said a young man, with dark hair, pale skin, and piercing blue eyes, giving a factory owned smile from behind the desk.

"Yes, I was wondering if you had any rooms available for the week?" Of course McGee already knew the answer to that question; he had already looked it up on the way here. This wasn't a huge hotel compared to the others around here, but it would do. Then, he noticed that the boy seemed to barely even be paying attention to him anymore, he looked like a robot that had just had its electrical source yanked from it, but seemed still completely content. Tim was just about to turn and look for what the boy seem to be gawking at, but then the boy seemed to jump start back to life as he went over to the computer to look up the information McGee had inquired about.

"Hmm… looks like you're in luck sir, Room 189 looks like its open for the week and is ready to be occupied at anytime." Fred said.

McGee, who finally thought to look for a name tag, answered,"That's great, I'll take it" sliding his credit card across the counter top, Fred nodded and nudged the record book toward for him to sign. As Tim leaned down to sign where instructed, intent on remembering not to put his real name. As the pen touched the paper he heard Fred begin to ask him something.

"And what about the gorgeous woman you came in with?" McGee stopped, puzzled.

'Gorgeous woman I .. Abby!' With that his head whipped to the side, only to see her standing patiently beside him, far enough away not to crowd him but close enough to reach if anything should happen, with her arms at her sides, fidgeting with the end her skirt.

She noticed him looking at her and smiled sweetly. Gorgeous, while completely true, did not do her justice in his eyes. He instantly returned the smile and as her looked into her sparking eyes it hit him like a bolt of lightening. Fred, the little pipsqueak, he been starring all "puppy love" eyed at her. Tim then felt the spark of jealousy set fire over is love for her. He turned his head back to the boy, eyes in mild glare.

"She's with me." He hissed in the most polite way you could hiss something, with a look that screamed "You better back off Fred-o!"

"Really?" Fred countered, handing the card back while raising his brow, challenging McGee to defend his statement.

"Yes, she's… my… she's my…" he stammered.

'Damn it Tim! Think!' he scolded to himself.

He quickly looked back down at the almost forgotten and only half signed paper, hoping that Freddy Boy there hadn't seen the indecision in his eyes, because if he had, he'd have known he won the silent man battle they had going on between them. He began signing the last of the name, desperately trying to think of something to say to make it clear to this punk that Abby was his but not disrespect or upset Abby herself. When he faintly heard a familiar, giddy yet seductive, singsong, voice say something through his thoughts.

"I'm his fiancé!"

'Well that would certainly do it. Thanks Abs, wait….WHAT!!??'

Apparently his body had reacted faster than his brain because the pin had shot a straight line right through the rest of the page and his body was positioned differently, like he'd been knocked forward.

He looked up at Fred, who had the exact same 'mouth agape, utterly shocked, dear in headlight eyes, WHAT???!!!' expression as he was certain he had.

They both looked at Abby, who was now closer to them, holding out her hand over the desk, with her fingers apart, clearly showing off the stunning burgundy stone with a silver band that was around her finger. Against her lovely, soft, pale, skin it was breathtaking. Almost like a Mini Abby.

McGee stood there like a statue, still clearly dumb struck but saw the grin Abs was sporting. She was enjoying this… this what? What was she up to?

"He still can't believe it." She said in a teasing whisper to Fred, behind her hand so that Timmy couldn't see her lips moving. Then she took that hand to shake the hand of the employee, who obviously had recovered from the situation before he had.

"I'm Abigail, and this is Tim, Tim McGregor my future husband" she said happily.

'Damn she's good.' McGee thought, as he noticed the punks ego had been taken down several notches by her words. Not that she knew how her words where really affecting him, but McGee knew, knew that he was the victor in their little battle. And at this fact he smiled like a Cheshire cat.

"Now, how about that room Freddy boy?" he taunted, he knew it was wrong but it felt oh so good.

Fred shot him a death glare "I'll need your card back sir," he spat, he voice hinting anger, "and the room will be changed to Room 227."

"Why?" McGee questioned, maybe he shouldn't have been so cocky with the little squirt.

"Because rooms with one bed are cheaper than rooms with two, I'll need to make the adjustments…Mr. McGregor" he said acidly.

But McGee didn't care. 'Did he just say one bed?' ' In Vegas?' 'With Abby?' 'For a week?' his mind was piecing it all together, trying to process the degree of what he had got himself into.

'This is a mission Tim, an undercover assignment.' He tried to use that to calm himself down, and when it started working he tuned into a conversation that Abby and Fred were partaking in.

"You know Abigail, Abigail Sutton and Tim McGregor, sound an awful lot like the characters in a book I read once." McGee went white. Abby just laughed.

"Deep Six by Thom E Gemcity?" she continued not waiting for a yes or no because she knew already, "Of course, Mr. Gemcity is a close personal friend of mine, he knows Tim and I, and asked if he could used us as a couple in his book, He changed the names a bit, and of course I couldn't refuse his charm and good looks. The rest is fictional history my friend."

She winked at Tim slyly. She knew the truth behind "Mr. Gemcity" and even though she was upset he'd based the book off people in his life without asking their permission, she quickly got over it. Writing was just Tim's way of letting his imagination sore, letting his fantasies run wild, and for that she admired him. He really was a talented writer even if he needed a little help from his friends.

She barely had time to notice McGee blush at her action, when Fred handed her key cards to the room. He signaled for a bell boy to assist the couple up to the room with their belongings, and as he gathered them Abby lovingly made her way to McGee, who had been standing there for quite some time, she realized.

'He's such a goofball' she chimed in her head 'gotta love him'

McGee noticed her smile as she slinked her arm around his waist, (taking the definition of personal space out of the dictionary) and with the other she rested her fingers on his cheek, thumb under his chin. She planted a soft against his equally soft lips.

"Ready babe?" she asked. McGee barely managed a nod.

'What have I gotten myself into' he gulped.

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