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Undercover in Vegas
Chapter Fifteen
by NCISFF Special Agent Starr

"So, let me get this straight," Tony said popping up peanuts he had found in the airplane compartment into the air and catching them in his mouth. "Tweedledee and Tweedledum get together and organize a team of gamblers willing to 'not play by the book'. Then, they kill the lower ranking members in order to prove a promise they made of interest in whatever they rack in, but the leading airhead doesn't collect-"

"And it is probably a good thing he did not. There is no doubt in my brain that they would have killed him if he tried." Ziva interrupted. Sure, the airhead DiNozzo was referring to had ended up deceased anyway, but it would have been a lot sooner if he would have asked for his money.

Not bothering to correct the 'brain' with 'mind' because his brain was working too hard already, he continued, "Not knowing their killing off his teammates to acquire verification of the deal. Also, in the dark about his boss' boss/lover and the fact that they targeted individuals with a certain profile… all to send cash back to settle a blown-out-of-proportion grudge against his parents?"

There was a silence as the radical information tried to soak into his head.

"Well, if Elaine came from money, then why didn't they use hers to make good on their "deal" with everyone instead of offing the other members that where making income?"

"You of all people should know DiNozzo that just because you're part of a wealthy family doesn't mean you have access to it." Gibbs stated from a few seats away.

Officer David again, added her input, "They did not seem like the type of people to mess around either, so why keep two people who aren't pulling the scales of one?"

"I think you mean 'weight' Ziva, pulling the weight." He couldn't help himself this time. "And that's a good point, Boss." He added, trying to direct the man's attention somewhere other than the teams' junior field agent. He knew Probie was in deep. Like an and-you-thought-spilling-his-coffee-was-bad deep. A deep he wasn't even sure he had managed to reach…yet. The truth was, he was starting to feel a tad concerned for his partner and his safety. His attempt to become a distraction failed as Leroy kept his intense stare trained on Tim.

But McGee didn't look away from him. Sure apologies were practically jumping out of his own expression and sure it was obvious he was uncomfortable under the pressure of the look, but who wouldn't be? Perhaps the only person who could sit under a gaze like that and not feel intimidated or shifty… would be Gibbs himself. Still the man didn't turn away.

Tim knew he was in a lot of trouble. Even Abby, who was currently fast asleep in the seat next to him with her head tilted on his shoulder, who was his favorite, was in trouble. He had a hunch she wouldn't be receiving any of her beloved Caf-Pow for at least a week. And he had a feeling that if he wasn't currently being used as a pillow for the sleeping Goth, he'd be flying solo once they got over DC via being shoved out of the aircraft. Well, not quite solo, he would have a parachute… maybe…hopefully.

They had told Gibbs everything that had happened. About the scheme, all the murders, that it had been Abby's idea to say they were engaged and how that lead to Abs get abducted… Some of that they wished they didn't have to confess too and some of it they didn't. Like the more personal aspect of it all and that they had had sex. Yeah, the sex definitely wouldn't have been a good thing to mention in the current atmosphere… or ever. The other stuff though they knew there was no use in trying to skate around it because Gibbs was Gibbs and Gibbs would know if they were lying. And right now their main goal was trying to stay on his good side, which did exist, only to certain people, as much as possible.

Tim could tell as he discreetly studied his boss in the midst of looking nervous, that Jethro knew they had played into their roles more than they let on, but that's not what he was really upset about. He was upset that they had let it, meaning to or not, interfere with their job and their safety. There was a reason for the rules and whether or not they were followed to a T, they still should be preceded with caution. He also knew that Boss would forgive him… eventually. But now he had to be prepared to face the consequences. Abby squeezed McGee's hand under the blanket that was covering them both. He figured she wasn't asleep and just hiding from the stare, because she too felt guilty of letting their leader down.

After they had filled everyone in on the majority of what they had missed, Abs had draped the blanket over the two of them and settled in. He thinks that was a sign for him to try to fall asleep with her , as she linked their fingers together when they were shielded. He also had the suspension that she had chosen him as a cushion not only because she wanted to but also for his protection, so he wouldn't be taking any unexpected flying lessons anytime soon.

He appreciated the thought but there was no way he was closing his eyes. longer than the necessary time it took to blink, until they were at the very least on land again. He did however give the hand a squeeze in return.

The rings were gone from both their fingers as a mutual agreement. There were too many negative things tied to the circles. They were just test runs after all. So they decided to hold Vegas true to its motto.

McGee felt movement on his shoulder and could guess that Abby's lips had curled into a small smile as she snuggled against him. He would have smiled too, but he saw Gibbs take mental note of it and remained still if not adding a tiny bit more terrified to his look. He was grinning on the inside though. Some day… hopefully sooner than later, those rings would be replaced with the real thing.

So not all of what happened in Vegas was staying there.

"Awwww!" DiNozzo abruptly cooed childishly, "Look at McSleeping Beauty!"

Apparently, he had found Abby's camera.

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