A Thanksgiving To Remember (Or Forget)

Chapter 1: Return of Zorpox

--7 days before Thanksgiving...1400 hours(2:00 PM)--

She nestled into his loving embrace, nuzzling her face into his chest, surrounding herself with his smell. Inhaling deeply, she took it in and smiled. Then, quietly and carefully, she stretched a bit to plant a small kiss onto his cheek, causing the corners of his mouth to curl up. She slid back down into his arms, eyes closed, and fell asleep, thinking how lucky she was.

--7 days before Thanksgiving...1600 hours(4:00 PM)--

His eyes fluttered open. "K-KP?"

She stayed still except for her slow, steady breathing.

He sighed. "Sale at Club Bana--"

"I'm up!," she shouted, jerking up from her position on the couch. "Sale?! You mentioned a Club B sale?!"

"No. There's no sale..."

She looked dejected.

He sat up next to Kim. "...but... it is time to wake up..."

She gave him a stern look.

"What? I couldn't think of another way to get you up."

She smirked. "Then try this one on for size." She turned and pounced onto him like a wildcat and attacked his lips with hers for a few seconds, then sat up in the lap of the now-on-his-back-Ron Stoppable.

--AN: catch up time!--

Yes, Middleton High School Ron Stoppable. He had grown up quite a bit, bit still hadn't lost his boyish face. Instead of the 5 foot 6 he was his Senior year, he had a surprise growth spurt at about 18, and grew 10 inches. At the age of 29 (AN: his age in this story), he stood at 6 foot 4. Golden-blonde hair grown out just a smidge longer than in high school; large, brown, oval-frame glasses (to this he always thought 'Thanks, Mom and Dad...') ; two indentical trios of ever-present brown freckles; and large, monkey-like ears; he was still the same man as he was in high school --just... a bit more mature...

This 29-year-old man had grown up since he was 17. But then again...

So had Kim...

She had also inherited bad eyesight at an older age. She found out at the age of 20, when trying to read the small print that was in her psychology textbook --Understanding the Human Brain: Volume XXXVIII by B. Rainier--, that she had gotten her Nana's vision problems. ('Just like me. And at the same age, too! How ironic. Kimberly, you and I have a lot more in common than you realize...,' Nana said when she heard the news.) Her oval-shaped royal blue wire glasses framed her darkening eyes. They had become more of a forest green color, rather than the emerald green they were before. She kept her reddish auburn hair at a length shorter than her high school length of 2 feet and 1 inch, but longer than her mother's length of 10 inches. Her hair was about 1 foot 6 inches. Ron was actually taller than Kim. Kim was about 5 foot 8, making her 6 inches shorter than Ron.

AN: catch up time's over...

"M-Mommy...?," a little girl mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she stumbled into the living room, clutching her worn Pandaroo.

Kim quickly got off of Ron as he sat up.

"Yes, Olivia?"

"Mommy...? I woke ahp, and... you wasn't theyw..." Olivia walked up slowly to her "Mommy".

Kim leaned down towards Olivia, arms outstretched. "Oh. Come here, sweetie." She took Olivia up in her arms, picking the little girl up.

As Kim set Olivia on her lap, Ron said, "Mommy and I were just having a little nap, too. Okay, kiddo?"


"You feeling better now, Via?," asked Kim.


"Really?" Ron tickled the soles of her feet. "Are you really sure about that?"

Olivia giggled in her high pitched voice, pushing Pandaroo in front of her father's hands.

"Oh, come on, kiddo. I was just ticklin' ya!"

"Yeah! Hee-hee. But now you gots ta tickuh Pandawoo!"

"Okay..." Ron proceeded to "tickuh Pandawoo".

"Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee...," Olivia giggled.

"You laugh now, Olivia Carina Stoppable! But... will you be laughing whenyour beloved Pandaroo is taken by...," Ron recited in his imitation evil British accent.

"Zowrpawx the Conkwer!"

"That's right! And there's no one here to stop me!," he said, standing up from his position on the living room couch, Pandaroo raised up above his head with one hand.

"Yes theyw is!," Olivia said as Kim jumped up from the couch.

Kimbo placed her arms akimbo.

"Who might that be, Olivia?!," Ron 'asked'.


"And who's your Mommy, Olivia?," Kim 'asked'.

"Kiwm Possibow!"

"Correction, Olivia Carina Stoppable?"

"Kiwm Stoppabow!"

"That's it, sweetie." Kim tapped the end of Olivia's nose, then turned to 'Zorpox'. "I think you know who'll win this, Zorpox. You might as well give up now."

"I think not, Kimberly Ann!"

"Guess we'll have to do this the hard way!" She front flipped over his head, and while doing so, plucked the stuffed animal out of his hand. Kim then pushed off his back when he turned around and leaned down to grab Pandaroo. She tumbled towards the couch, ending right in front of Olivia in a squat. "Here you go," she said, handing Pandaroo to her 4-year-old daughter.

"Kiwm Stoppabow saywves the day again!"

"That's right."

"And don't you forget it, kiddo," Ron said in his regular voice as he mussed up the reddish brown hair on top of his daughter's head.

After a few warm moments, Olivia gasped suddenly.

Her parents sprung into action. "What is it, Olivia?," they inquired simultaneously.

"Jinx," Kim whispered.

"Tanksgiwing! We fohgaht Tanksgiwing!"

"Don't worry, Via. Daddy and I didn't forget. Just..." She looked at Ron out the corner of her eye. "...as long it's not like last year..."

Ron smiled wistfully as he looked up at the ceiling, reminiscing. "Ah... Robotic, rampaging turkey. Classic..."

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