A Thanksgiving To Remember (Or Forget)

Chapter 3: Turkey Day

--Thanksgiving...0203 hours(2:03 AM)--

He stuck the key in the ignition and sped off. They were on his tail. He looked in the rear view mirror. Yup. Still there... He turned right, swerved left. They were still there. ... There it was! Turn there, and he was home free.

Ron Stoppable turned into his driveway, Possible, Stoppable, and Lipsky families pulling in right after him. Parking, he turned off his car and got out, closing the door. "Everybody okay?"

James and a groggy Anne Possible were the first ones to exit their vehicle. The two tired, 22-year-old-'tweebs' got out after them.

George and a sleepy Laura Stoppable slid out of their minivan. Laura opened one of the backseat passenger doors. A 12-year-old Hana (who wasn't tired at all) jumped out of the doorway and ran up to her brother.


Ron caught her in his arms when she leapt towards him. "What's goin' on, Han?"

"Not much."

"Yori been visiting you? Helpin' you practice?"

"She's been busy with baby Taki-chan, so Hiro-kun's been coming over!"


"Isn't it? Hey. Could I practice with you, sometime?"

"Uh... Maybe..."

"Oh. Okay! ... Could you... y'know... put me down now...? I'm 12 years old. I can walk..."

"Oh. Right." He set down his little sister. "Sorry, Han."


"C'mon, Sally. It's okay. You can get out of the car," Sheila Lipsky said.

"Yes, sweetie. The Stoppables and the Possibles aren't going to hurt you," Drew Lipsky said.

A small, pale head with long, black hair peeked out the door of the black van and examined her surroundings warily.

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"She-go, the black van is gross...," Drakken whined. "Why can't we take the blue one?"

"Blue is your color."

"Green, then."

"As much as I'd like that, I still have to say the black one."


"It doesn't show dirt."


"It doesn't show dirt."

"Well, I--" A man with a large, wooden bat exiting the building they stood outside caught his eye.

"I'ma gettin' that muhney from yoo!," the guy shouted.

"Sold," Drakken said, pointing to the black van.

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"D-do I have to come out, Mom?"

"Yes. You will get out of the van or so help me, I will use my plasma and blast your little butt!"

"You know you're not really gonna do that," a young male voice said from the backseat of the van.

"Sally Lipsky, get out of this car!"

"Yes, Mom..." Sally slowly made her way out and onto the pavement.

"And you, Ben."



"Whatever...," Ben grumbled, getting out of the family vehicle.

Sheila watched the 10-year-old get out and walk up to the front door. She rolled her eyes. "C'mon, Sally. Let's go...," she said, putting a hand on her 4-year-old daughter's shoulder.

"C'mon, guys. I know it's early, but we gotta get inside. KP's waitin' for us."

"You still call her that?"

"Yup. Just like old times, Mr. Dr. P."

"How many times do I have to tell you? Call me 'Dad'."

"... Y'know what? I'm... just gonna go... inside... now..."

"Yes. We should all go inside," Drew concurred.

Ron headed the group. At the door, he saw Ben. "Hey, Ben. How's it goin'?," he said, unlocking the door with his key.

"Mm," he grunted, just enough to show that he heard, but not enough to show that he cared.

"O-kaaay..." Ron opened the door and was tackled to the ground by his pajama-clad wife.

Kim pressed her lips to his for a few seconds, then looked down at her husband, a big smile spread across her face.

"Wow, Princess. Still got a lotta fire, huh?"

Kim grimaced.

Ron wrapped his arms around her back, and jumped up, shifting his wife so that he was carrying her in the threshold position. He walked through the door and tossed her onto the couch --a smile on his face-- next to his lightly snoring daughter.

The Possibles entered the house first. James and Anne walked up to the couch, as Jim and Tim carried the Possible luggage into the guest room located in the basement.

"Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad."

"Hi, Kimmie."


Anne stroked Olivia's hair.

"That's my granddaughter," James whispered.

Olivia snort-snored.

"That's your granddaughter, George," James said to Ron's father.

"Gee, thanks," George answered sarcastically as he brought in the Stoppable luggage.

Ron saw his father struggling and the suitcases wobbling. "Lemme help you, Dad."

"Thanks, Ronald."

George, Ron, and Laura went down the stairs and into the den.

Hana ran into the house. She front flipped into the living room --holding her pillow and sleeping bag-- and sprawled out on the floor, falling asleep immediately.

"Well. She just conked out...," Kim said, looking down at the immobile Asian girl on her floor. Kim left the room in exchange for her own bedroom.

"Let's go, Drew!"

"Whoo! Coming, Sheila! Ah! These bags are heavier than I thought!," Drew wheezed as he brought in the Lipsky luggage.

"Just come on. You've got all that muscle; put it to good use!"

"Drew has muscle?! Well, not in our college days. He--"

"I know. I was there," Sheila said.


"We'll talk about it at dinner. Right now, I'm going to go wash up, then get some rest." She started off to the bathroom. "Oh. And if I come back in this room, and me, my family, and two young Stoppables aren't the only ones in here... Let's just say... some grandparent tushies wil be grandly burnt." Sheila walked into the bathroom and shut the door. The sound of running water was soon heard.

"I'm gone."

"Me too," James agreed.

"'Night, everybody!"

"Yeah, what she said."

Anne and James made their way to the guest room on the main level.

Ron made his way up two flights of stairs to his bedroom and fell asleep during his flop onto the bed.

Kim smiled at him. "'Night, Ron."

"Mmnight...," he mumbled in his sleep.

Kim could only hope that he wouldn't dream about a deserted island that night.

Sheila, Drew, Sarah, and Ben all settled down and snoozed in the living room.

Jim and Tim fell asleep on the basement guest room floor, while James and Anne slept on the bed.

George and Laura drifted off together, laying on the sofa in the den.

--Thanksgiving...0527 hours(5:27 AM)--

"Morning, Mom! What's up?"

Laura yawned. "I was sleeping..."

"Oh. Well you're awake now, so come on!"

"Come where?"

"To see all the food!" Hana Stoppable tugged on her adopted mother's arm.

"Alright! Alright. I'm coming. Just let me get the sleep out of my eyes. I'll be right there."

"Okay!" With that, Hana ran up the stairs and tumbled into the kitchen to wait for her mom.

Laura watched her the whole way, then quickly put her head back on the arm of the sofa, falling asleep almost instantly.

After a few minutes, Hana ran back into the room and pulled on her mom's arm. "Mo-om!"

"I'm... --yawn-- c-coming..."

"No you're not!" Hana picked up her mother and slung her over her shoulder. "Let's go!"

"--yawn-- Whatever you say..." Laura fell asleep while on her daughter's shoulder.

Hana sighed as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. She ran up the stairs, mom on shoulder.

--Thanksgiving...0527 hours(5:27 AM)--

"Daddy! Wake uh!"

Ron yawned. "Kiddo, I was kinda sleeping..."

"But yohw awake now, so come on!"

"Come where?"

"To see aw duh foowd!" Olivia Stoppable tugged on her father's arm.

"Alright! Alright. I'm coming. Just... Just let me get the sleep out of my eyes... --yawn-- I'll be right there."

"Okay!" With that, Olivia ran down the stairs and into the kitchen to wait for her dad.

Ron watched her until she left the room, then quickly put his head back on his pillow, falling asleep almost instantly.

After a few minutes, Olivia ran back into the room and pulled on her dad's arm. "Da-deeee!"

"I'm... --yawn-- mmcoming..."

"No yohw not!" Olivia pulled her father out of his bed and onto the floor. "Let's go!"

"--yawn-- Whatever you say..." Ron fell asleep while being dragged by his 4-year-old daughter.

Olivia sighed as she rolled her eyes and shook her head. She ran down the stairs, dad sliding behind her.

--Thanksgiving...0532 hours(5:32 AM)--

Hana carried her mother into the kitchen.

Olivia dragged her father into the kitchen.

Not paying attention, Olivia bumped into her aunt. "Sowwy."

"S'okay. I know you didn't mean to." Hana looked at the man sleeping on the floor behind her neice. "You got onii-chan behind you?"


"Oh. Sorry. I mean, you got big brother behind you?"


"My brother. Is your dad. So what I'm saying is: You got your dad behind you?"

"Oh! Yeah!" Olivia looked at the figure on Hana's shoulder. "Gwamma?"

"Yup! I brought her up here myself!"


Hana and Olivia talked --while Ron and Laura slept on the floor-- for about an hour and a half.

--Thanksgiving...0721 hours(7:21 AM)

"G'morning, everybody," Kim said, walking down the stairs as she stretched her arms.

"Morning, Kimmie," Anne said.

"Morning, Kimmie-cub."

"Morning, Cupcake," Sheila said.

"Sheila...," Kim mock-growled.

"Don't get steamed so early in the morning, Kim. You might get wrinkles."

"Oh, like yours?"

Sheila gasped, then smirked. "Nicely played, Princess. I've taught you well."

"Morning, Kimmie," Laura said.

"Morning, Kimberly," George said.

"Morning...," Sally whispered.

"Mm," Ben grunted.

"--yawn-- Where's Ron? I didn't see him when I woke up."

"I think he's still in the kitchen," Laura answered.

"The kitchen? Why would he be in there?"

"I don't know, Kim. I woke up, and there he was, sleeping, while Hana and Olivia talked."

It was quiet in the room for a moment as everyone mulled that last sentence over. Then everyone's (excluding Ben's) eyes got as big as dinner plates.

"I'll go in! Somebody cover me," Kim yelled, running into the kitchen.

"I gotcha,"Sheila shouted, going in after her.

When they got into they were shocked at size the mess --or, lack thereof...

Hana and Olivia were sitting there, watching Ron demonstate some of his bon-diggety dance moves. The two clapped after he finished one, then he would announce the name of the next one.

"Alright. This one's called the Snorkel." Ron did the Snorkel.



"And the Funky Egyptian..." Ron did the Funky Egyptian.

"Go Daddy!"

"Nice one, bro!"


"The husband who's showing off to his little sister and his daughter?"

"KP! What a booyah-worthy surprise! Sit down and watch the show!"

"And me?"

"You too, Sheila!"

Kim and Sheila sat down.

"Okay. Now this is the Electric Porpoise." Ron went into a series of movements and dolphin noises.

"Go, Onii-chan!"

"Yay, Daddy!"

"Work it, honey!"

"I have to say. Pretty nice moves, there, Pops."

"Hey. I may have been clumsy sneaking into a lair, but not on the dance floor, baby! Check it out!" Ron proceeded to do the robot, shifting his movement to the walk it out, and spinning into the moonwalk.

The other four occupants of the room clapped and cheered him on wildly.

"What is going on in h--?" James looked at the scene before him. "Anne," he called, not taking his eyes off the dance machine in the kitchen.

"What is it, dear?"

"Uh... You'd better come see for yourself."

Anne popped her head in. "Alright. I'm here. What did you want me to s-- Wow..."

"I know, right? Ronald has... got it goin' on!"

"What are you two babbling abou-- Oh," Drew said, sticking his head into the doorway.

Pretty soon, James, Anne, Drew, George, Laura, and Sally were looking into the kitchen with awe.

Ben watched, looking as bored as ever. He yawned dramatically. "I'm gonna see what's on tv...," he said, before plopping down on the couch, grabbing the remote, and turning on Animal Planet's The Most Extreme.

--Thanksgiving...0837 hours(8:37 AM)--

After more than an hour of dancing, Ron began to feel tired. Beads of sweat had formed all over his body, and he was breathing heavily. "Okay. ... I... may never do that... again. ... I mean... I love to dance... and I'm good at it, too... but that... was a little too long...," he gasped.

Cheers and applause shook the building.

"Ron, I don't think I've ever seen that before," James said, amazed. "That was amazing! How did you do that?!"

"I'm... a little too tired... to answer questions. ... KP...?"

"Please note, he is a bon-diggety dancah, Dad! A-thank you!," Kim said, giggling as she got up from her spot on the floor. "So. Who wants gumbo!"

Many 'uh's spread throughout the room.

"What exactly is ... 'gumbo', Kimmie?," Anne asked.


"It's a Southern dish with broth, sausage, chicken, shrimp, and a large array of spices and seasonings."

Everyone turned to Ben, who was looking back at them over the back of the couch with half-lidded eyes.

"What? A guy can't like to cook?"

"I... like to cook...," Ron wheezed.

"Oh, great. The buffoon and I share a trait. Whoop-dee-doo."

"Uh...," Ron trailed.

"Sheila! Control your child! He should not be calling my husband a buffoon!"

"Look, he must've found some of our old tapes, and--"

"Wait, you have tapes? Of what?"

"Our take-over-the-world attempts."

"Yup. And Dad calls you a 'buffoon' at least once in every one of them," Ben said, pointing to Ron.

"Ben, that was a long time ago. I wasn't in my right mind then. It's not a nice thing to call someone," Drew said. "Even if you don't remember their name...," he mumbled.

Ben was silent.



"Apologize to Mr. Stoppable," Drew said.

"I'm not a baby! I'm 10 years old! I know when to say sorry! I know I should be! I just didn't choose to!"

Everyone was shocked at Ben's sudden outburst.

"I'm leaving!" Ben got up and stormed out of the house, slamming the door shut behind him.

Sheila hung her head and rubbed her temples with her thumb, index finger, and middle finger as she grimaced.

"Is he gonna be okay, Mommy?," Sally asked.

Sheila looked down at the concerned 4-year-old girl tugging on her mother's pajama pants. "I... I don't know, sweetie..."

Sally ran towards the door.

"Sally!," Sheila shouted.

"I'm goin' out to find hiwm, Mommy," Sally said before closing the door behind her.

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