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Chuck and Blair Holding Hands

She tried not to sulk but was failing miserably as she sat at the corner of her bed in amidst her presents. Sure she had tons of gifts and okay, maybe it wasn't her real birthday but she was annoyed that Chuck hadn't gotten there on time. In fact, he hadn't even made it to her party.

"You're 10 minutes late."

Chuck stood at the door and eyed her, "But it isn't even your real birthday."

True. Chuck had a point. She didn't really have a valid reason to be mad at him because her birthday was a week from now.

"It doesn't matter. It was a party and you should've been here. I invited you. I actually invited you to something for once and you fail to turn up. When I DON'T invite you, you gladly crash my party.

"I was caught up with stuff." he told her. He had had issues with Humphrey and his dad. He hadn't forgotten about her party, but he had been too caught up in everything else. After his talk with his dad, he had quickly rushed to her place. He didn't think being 10 minutes late was such a big deal especially since it wasn't even her real birthday.

But apparently with Blair, everything was a problem.

"I'm sure you were. There's no reason for you to be here now. It's late and I'm tired. You can go." she said bitchily. Alright, she knew why she was mad. Her entire party had gone well (with a few minor glitches). It had been fun and all, but the only thing she wanted was him and he hadn't even come to the party.

She should be happy now that he was here, but she felt like he had forgotten completely. What surprised her though, was Chuck's less than reluctant attitude towards her nagging. He just shrugged tiredly and agreed with her.

"Well, fine. As you wish m'lady, it is after all your birthday." Chuck said, as he turned around to walk out the door.

Clearly he was annoyed and she wasn't about to call him back. She wasn't. So what if he looked breathless, like he had just run up many flights of stairs? So what if he had a box (that looked very much like a present) with him. So what?

Did she care?

No. She didn't.

"Chuck, wait."

Okay, maybe she did. Plus he looked tired…

"Took you long enough." he smirked.

"I just want my present. After you give it to me you can go." she told him curtly. It was a lie though. She didn't really care if he hadn't bought her anything. She just wanted him to be with her.

"What? Not even an invitation to sleep over? Where are your manners?" he teased.

Blair sent him a glare, "I'm not in the mood to entertain you Bass."

"Rough day?" he asked her, as he took a seat next to her on the bed. She was painfully aware of his close proximity to her.

"As always. Now what did you get me?" she just wanted to get it over with and escape him because whenever she was this close to him, all she wanted to do was touch him.

"Impatient are we?" he grinned. "Don't get too excited, it might not be something you expect."

"Trust me, I didn't expect anything that happened today."

"Not even me?" he asked, giving her a naughty smirk.

"Do I have to remind you, you're 10 minutes late to my birthday?"

"Do I have to remind you, it's not your real birthday?" he countered back.

"You know what? I don't want your present anymore. Take your box and your Basshole self with you."

It was then that he decided to open the box. It shut her up instantly and all her anger at him faded away.

A Harry Winston choker. Blair almost choked when she saw it. She had wanted a Harry Winston choker but she didn't think she'd actually get the wreath necklace because it was extremely expensive. It was sold at a price of $78, 000.

"How…how…" she touched it gently while it was still in its box. The freshly cut jewels felt lovely under her fingertips.

"How? I'm Chuck Bass." he answered her simply, with his signature smirk lacing his features. He was pleased that she liked his gift. He was also pleased that it had gotten him out of trouble.

"Are you insane?" she looked at him, her fingers refusing to let go of the necklace.

"For you, yes." He gave her a devilishly handsome smile that melted her to the bone. Taking the necklace out from the box, he proceeded to place it around her neck when suddenly she stopped him.

"No, I couldn't." she said again, instantly remembering what she had said a year ago.

"Yes, you can." The same answer escaped his lips. "This time with good reason." he assured her. She looked at him, her brown eyes interlocking with his; her eyes silently questioning him.

She wondered if that good reason was because they both had insanely genuine feelings for each other and this was just Chuck's way of confirming that. She longed for his confirmation but all she got from him was a silent answer.

A smile.

She smiled back as she allowed him to continue placing the necklace around her neck. It felt so cool and lush around her neck. One of her hands went up to touch the bright jewels.

"You're so beautiful." he commented, looking at her. His hand came up to touch the necklace and their hands brushed. She missed his touch; that was for sure. It always gave her a tingling feeling. Like the year before, she automatically held his hand in hers and stroked it.

For a few minutes, they basked in the moment, their eyes transfixed on the necklace.

"Chuck…" Blair said, interrupting the moment when she noticed something that had just occurred to her.

"Yeah?" he asked, looking at her.

"Look, Chuck and Blair holding hands." She gestured to their joined hands in happiness. It didn't feel awkward nor did it feel forced. It had just happened naturally without either of them thinking about it.

Chuck looked down at their joined hands and it felt so good, so real, so natural… He smiled softly at her, trying not to smile any wider at her expression. Blair looked back at him, happy that he hadn't pulled away

Yeah, so they were holding hands. And they kept their hands intertwined. They were silent for a couple of minutes, both of them staring at their hands. They were sharing a sacred moment, right here, right now.

She loved this moment and she didn't want for it to be disrupted.

"This feels familiar." he told her as he rested his forehead on her shoulder and planted a kiss there. Blair smiled. It did feel familiar. Just a year ago in this same position, they hadn't been in love. They had had carnal urges and maybe a teensy bit of feelings for each other…

But this was different. It was different because they both loved each other but couldn't say it because they weren't ready. Blair sighed a little. But that wasn't the case. She was as ready as she could ever be whilst Chuck…

She sighed again, breaking the moment.

"Is the romantic atmosphere too much for you Waldorf?" Chuck teased.

"Huh?" Blair looked at him as he pulled back from her.

She rolled her eyes, "You don't know what romantic is, Bass." she said, lying out of her mouth. Oh she knew exactly how romantic he could be.

He chuckled; quirking a brow, "Really? Shall I jolt your memory for you?" he asked her as he leaned closer to her face. Blair's heart thudded against her chest.

Oh my God is he really going to do it?

They hadn't kissed since the time they had promised each other to wait. After that, all they had done was a great amount of talking and texting; doing their usual flirting yet bitchy bantering… Slowly building up a relationship which they both saw but wouldn't admit or embrace.

But they hadn't kissed, which bugged her. She was like a bitch in heat every time she was around him. She kind of hated his idea to wait, but loved it for the values that it held. Who would've thought Chuck Bass would be capable of anything…

Including love?

"Will you?" she asked, her eyes pleading for him to kiss her. They both stared at each other for the longest time, thinking about the same things; thinking about kissing each other and taking each other right then and there. It was obvious in both of their eyes.

Then Chuck bowed his head.

"This is tough Blair." he told her sincerely. "I suggested we wait, but it's hard being around you so much and not doing anything."

"Then do something!" she told him, unaware of how desperate she sounded.

He looked back at her, his eyes beautifully serene. "I wouldn't be a gentleman if I went back on my word. If I kiss you now, I won't leave."

"What if I don't want you to be a gentleman?"

"Then you wouldn't be my lady."

She sighed, taking in what he was trying to say. He was right. They had promised to wait. Were they ready to say those three words? She was, but Chuck… Chuck was being difficult as always. Thinking about him strained her mind, so much that she was unaware when her mouth emitted a yawn.

He laughed at this, "Long day I presume."

"Ugh you don't know half of it. My mother is dating a gnome! And he's a hugger Chuck, a hugger!" Without missing a beat, she began complaining to him. He chuckled.

"Is there some plotting we need to do?" he asked her. This time, he was stroking her hand to calm her down.

"Not yet. I managed to make peace with him. As long as he doesn't pop into my life constantly, I'm alright. I will be alright. I just…can't believe my mom is dating a smurf!" She breathed in, "I am Grace Kelly." She started her mantra, "Grace Kelly is me."

Chuck looked at her, puzzled, and then proceeded to laugh again. "And I'm Cary Grant." he teased her.

Blair glared at him and hit him, "Out!" she shouted.

"What? Grace Kelly doesn't shout. It's so un-lady like. She asks."

"She orders, fool. Now out!" she pointed to her door.

He laughed again as he stood up and felt her push him towards the door. Before she shut the door in his face, he leaned down, grabbing her hands so that he could pull her against him and capturing her beautiful soft lips. When their lips met, they both felt like they had gone to Heaven. The feel of their lips on one another was bliss. They had both missed it and it was clear that they both urged for more from the other. But Chuck, trying to be the better man, pulled away, leaving Blair breathless.

"Happy birthday, Blair." he told her softly before turning to leave. He didn't even let out a crude remark about how today wasn't her real birthday.

Blair smiled as she watched him walk away.

Well, this would definitely top whatever she had planned on her REAL birthday next week. That was for sure.


Chuck & Blair Holding hands Check.

Next on to do list.

Chuck & Blair going to the movies.