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Long blue shorts and an oversized t-shirt was the only thing she felt comfortable in. Dresses, skirts, and short shorts were a no in her eyes.

Born and raised in Augusta Maine, along with her four older brothers. Her mother died when she was only four years old, and she can barely remember her. Not one to excel in school, she turned to sports at an early age. It started with baseball with her brothers, to the all-star softball team in high school. A little bit of basketball and soccer thrown into the mix. College after high school? No way.

The first year after she graduated consisted of multiple part time jobs. Her brothers had long since moved out, but she still lived with her father. At twenty one, she found a full-time job at a clothing store. Of course she hated it. She turned her attention to training. She worked out constantly, and quickly began building muscle.

That's how she was introduced to wrestling. They played it about four times a week at the local gym, and happened to catch an episode of it. That was all it took. She was hooked. Her main focus was now wrestling, and that's exactly what she was going to do, wrestle.

It only took three years, five months, and eighteen days. Oh yeah, she kept count. She wasn't even discouraged when Vince McMahon thought she was man the first time she met him. She decided that having all her hair up with a hat on her head would give anyone that perception.

She was offered a contract, and spent only seven months in FCW. So on April 10, 2006, at twenty five years old, she debuted on Raw to compete in the women's division.

Two years later, and four championships later, she was well on her way to being a wrestling legend. Was it ever mentioned she never dated anyone in her life? It was no secret that everyone thought she was a lesbian. It didn't bother her though, because she wasn't.

She got along with just about everyone she worked with, the men and the women. Of course she wasn't obsessed with clothing, make-up and dresses, she got along really well with the divas. She loved hanging around the guys, because they reminded her so much of her brothers and growing up with them. Constant pranks and jokes, and she always participated in them.

The one thing everyone seemed to overlook though?

That even tomboys fall in love.

And Caylin was head over heels for John Cena.


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