Just a regular night out for Catwoman and Batman. Told from the point of view of Salina Kyle.




A Midnight Chase

The sky was pitch black as I crawled outside, stretching beneath the moon.

"Good evening," I purred, the smooth black leather tight against my skin. "Come on, Batsy, I wanna play." I leaped from the building to another, feeling the rush of wind sting my cheeks, uncovered by the confining leather. "Where are you?" I sang to the silence, awaiting the shadow on the moon, that would make my heart skip beats and leap to my throat. "Come on... I wanna play... Can't Cats and Bats get along?" I sighed as I sat, crouched, on the window ledge, eying the dark streets. I smirked, as I threw myself from the building, landing gracefully on a lower ledge. I scanned the street again- empty. "Poor me," I whined. "I don't get to play with the big, bad Bat tonight." I stepped silently towards a shop window, then easily lock-picked the door and slipped inside. All was dark and quiet, and it took no effort to take the jewels.

"Up to no good, are we?" I felt a grin form itself as I turned towards the dark, rugged voice and saw his shadow in the doorway.

"You're a little late," I teased silkily, eyes twinkling, as I moved towards him, swaying my hips. "Did someone else hold you up?"

"You're not exactly the only scum in Gotham." He replied. I smirked.

"Ah, but I'm the only one who's any fun, right?" I could have sworn I saw his lip twitch. I changed directions subtly and continued towards the back exit. "Well, as much as I'd love to do this tango..." I leaped through the door, and the glass shattered around me. I felt a small cut on my lip with my tongue, then rushed through the dark of the alley, looking over my shoulder briefly, to see him coming after me. I smirked, hoisting the bag of jewels higher on my back. "You'll have to be faster then that!" I told him with a coy smile, as I reached the end of the alley, then swung my whip to grab hold of a streetlamp. In seconds, I had swung myself into a back-flip onto a roof, and the whip was back on my waist.

"Come on, Salina. Shouldn't you be in bed?" He stood before me, as though he had been there all along.

"Where's the fun in dreaming about a midnight chase with you when I could live it?" I replied with a grin, before dashing away into the shadows. I waited behind a dumpster for him to come, but all was silent. A slow drizzle began, water sprinkling from the dark heavens, and I stood unhappily, wondering where he had gone. It wasn't like him to give up. I stepped from behind the metal, and began to walk towards the end of the alley, when I heard a dark, amused voice behind me,

"I thought cats didn't like the rain." I swung to face him and his sly smirk.

"Been waiting there, have you?" I asked, smirking, too. "I figured you couldn't resist my charm."

"I'm not the only one who was waiting," He said in the most casual voice I'd ever heard him speak in. I laughed.

"Good night, Batsy," I told him, before beginning to walk away.

"Give me the jewels, Salina," He told me in a stern voice, that sounded a little too forced. I laughed.

"Come and get them."


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