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May 22, 1988, Highway 90. Marianna, Florida. An eight-year old Patsy Neal was told a story.

Dedicated to all Dill Pickle Club members past and present.

It was a clear afternoon on visiting day when Patsy's great-grandkids came running though the door and into her room, though Samantha tried to sneak away with her boyfriend.

"Oh boy what I wouldn't do for some catfish!"

"A catfish Grams?"

"Yes I great big one, one just like that women must have let go."


"When I was just a girl around Rose's age I would gather, I met an old women who caught one so big she couldn't even pull it out of the water!"

"Really?" the younger one's who hadn't hear this one from their Grams were hanging off her every word.

"Oh yes! She even told me it was so big that the picture she took of it weighed eighty pounds!"


"Oh my yes! And the man with her said that it would hurt his back if he tried to lift it!" Patsy still had her straight face, all the younger children believed her every word, but the older one wondered why did the fish get heavier with each telling?

"Did that really happen?" The older ones wanted to know,

"Oh yes it did. Is this the face of a liar?" She looked at them with her serous eyes.

"No, Grams it's not." But it is the face of a story teller.


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