Quetza: Hello again! This story happens during the 3rd season episode Utopia, what would have happened if Martha had told the Doctor about the watch instead of mentioning to Professor Yana?

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Martha frozen staring shocked at the watch in Professor Yana's hand,it was the same as the Doctors! She opened her mouth to ask him about it when she paused something gave her the feeling that mentioning the watch to Yana before telling the Doctor would be a very bad idea. She quietly left the room and went to the intercom and quickly set in to call to the one by the power station the Doctor and Jack were working on.


"Yes? anything wrong?" Said the Doctor she chewed her lip for a moments before adopting a falsely cheerful tone in case anyone else was listening.

"Ya i just found out something i thought you might want to know about Doctor.

"Well what?" He said sounding impatient.

"Well i just noticed that Professor Yana had a rather unusual pocket watch Doctor it looks just like the one you got before!" She said cheerfully ,there was dead silence on the other end for almost a minute before the Doctor answered.

"Really? You sure its the same kind?" He said in a mildly curious tone picking up on why she had spoken the way she had.

"Almost certain Doctor, not to many of those floating around."

"Riiighht......... well don't bother him about it martha ill talk to him about it later now i need to get back to help Jack with the power core before he blows something up ok?"

"Right Doctor i understand talk to you later!" She said before canceling the connection. So the Doctor thought Yana might be dangerous right no problem then she thought and made her way back to the control room.


The Doctor stared silently at the com for several moments taking in the implications of what Martha had just told him. This along with the drumming Yana had complained off gave it away. It figured really of all the people to survive it would be the Master.

The Doctor sighed and turned back to Jack who was standing by the door having just finished with the power systems.

"What was the about Doctor?" He asked as the Doctor opened the door for Jack.

"A rather large problem that if not dealt with will come back to haunt us." Said the Doctor darkly Jack frowned concerned.

"Hm just how serious are we talking here?"

"Another Time Lord Jack." He said sourly Jack frowned at him confused.

"But that a good thing isant it Doctor?" He said.

"Not if its who i think it is." Said the Doctor grimly, now Jack was worried the last time he'd seen the Doctor with that look on his face they'd been facing down a fleet of Daleks.


The Doctor smiled as the massive ship lifted free of the planet on its way to Utopia before turning his attention to Jack who had managed to steal the watch from Yana a few minutes before. Jack nodded and handed it to him the Doctor frowned at the watch turning over in his hand listening to the faint telepathic voice echoing from it. No doubt about it, it was the Master, the Doctor sent Jack a rather resigned looked telling him and Martha both that it was indeed who he thought it was and that this wasn't a good thing.

"Professor Yana?" Said the Doctor to the aging scientist who was monitoring the ship as long as he could.

"Yes? What is it Doctor?" He said brightly the Doctor sighed.

"I believe we have something to talk about Yana." He Said.


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