Present Day

Everyone continued to eat their dinner in silence. Jack was angry that Bobby was being such a brat. Grace was in shock at the way Jack had called Bobby out, it had never happened before but then again there had never been a need to. Bobby was moving his potatoes around with his fork, his plan to push his family away was working. The fact the plan was working out was good, however the effort of fighting just drained the little energy he had, he was now exhausted. He knew the tests were coming in tomorrow, he was so nervous and he wished he had told his mom and brother what was going on because he had so many thoughts to express. But that would be selfish and he didn't want to burden his family.

That night he was lying in his bed when Jack came in the room and started changing.

"Where are you going?" Bobby asked.

"To a party with Courtney and Marcus," Jack replied.

"Can I come?" Bobby asked timidly. He knew it would be the perfect way to get his mind off of the test results.

"Absolutely not. Do you know what kind of reputation I'm starting to get letting you come to these parties with me? Not to mention with your attitude lately, I'd really rather have nothing to do with you," Jack said the stinging words and left the room, not noticing the tears that started to fall down Bobby's face.

Later that night, Bobby knew he needed a distraction and his mom was always up to the task. So he went downstairs to get his Mom, "Hey, Mom, Mom! Do you want to go out to the museum with me?" he yelled when he smelled something familiar coming from his mother's office.

His mom's head popped out of the crack of her office door, "Now's not a good time, honey! -Haha, stop that tickles!"

Bobby could put two and two together, his mom was with the Teacher's assistant and she was also doing pot. Two things she had promised Bobby she was done with.

He left the house without another word. He travelled down the street thinking of everything that had happened this past week. He hadn't told Grace or Jack about the possibility of leukemia because he wanted to protect them from being hurt by it but really now that he thinks about it, they probably wouldn't even care. Jack has his own life with his own friends and he's made it very clear that Bobby doesn't have a part in it. His mother was the one person who was always there for him, always told him the truth and had been his best friend. But that whole image was ruined for him last year when Jack let out the truth about all the lies she had told.

When he finally got to the park, he collapsed in an abandoned part of the park sobbing. He couldn't do this alone, if he had leukemia which he was pretty sure he did, he didn't want to do it alone. But what he had was a brother that only put up with him because he had to and a pot-smoking, student banging mother who didn't have the time of day for him anymore.

He loved them with all his heart, he really did but he was scared that if he told them, they would just turn their back on him. So he called the one person who seemed to always know what to say and do.