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Angel's dice

Chapter one: Fateful Encounter

Keep running, mustn't stop. Keep running. My breath came in heavy panting gasps and my throat felt sore as if someone had been rubbing it with sandpaper. But I couldn't stop. Never stop. If I stop, they will get me. And no matter how much pain I'm in right now, they will make it ten times worse. My thighs burned and my legs felt weak and heavy. I tried telling myself that it was only little bit to go, until I was safe. I could hear them right behind me, their breath panting down my ear. I turned into a side ally and stumbled to a halt in dismay. He was there, the leader of the group. He gave me a toothy grin. I turned to run away but his cronies blocked my exit. They were great hulking boys who followed their leader without question. I turned back to the leader, my shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Hello Yugi."

My name's Yugi, I am seventeen years old and I live in Domino City in Japan. I go to Domino High school and I've been there for about three years now. I have no brothers or sisters and my parents died when I was very young. I'm told it was a car accident. My grandpa, my mother's father, took care of me from that day on. I love my grandpa. He's so funny and he always finds time to help me out with anything. My grandpa runs a card game shop and sells all the latest card games including Duel Monsters. I've never been very good at the game. I find it fascinating but I lose every duel I ever play. At first I enjoyed school. I was close friends with a boy in my class when his parents decided to move away and took Joey with them. Once Joey was gone, things started to get bad. The bully in school started to pick on me and I found it was just easier to give in to what ever he wanted. Then things went from bad to worse. He began to ask me for more money then I could give and he would get his followers to beat me if I didn't get the money. I wanted to tell my grandpa but he was old now, and I was afraid as to what the bullies would do to him if he tried to stop them. Rob was the bully's name. He was huge with an ugly face and an ugly personality. Everyone either feared him or was part of his gang. And he had decided to choose me as his next victim.

I was walking home from school when I heard someone calling my name. I turned to see Rob with four of his group walking towards me, smirking and cracking their knuckles. I didn't wait to see what they wanted, I turned and ran. I am short for my age and the goons soon began to catch up with me. I zigzagged and ran this way and that to try and get them off my tail. But they kept coming. Then they corned me in an alleyway.

"Why Yugi, why did you run from us? We only want to have a friendly little chat with you." Rob's grin grew wider as he stared at me. I was terrified. If Rob had been shouting it wouldn't have been as scary, but he spoke in a calm soft voice that spoke of pain to come. "Come on Yugi, answer me. Why did you run away?" Rob's voice dripped with sarcasm. I trembled but said nothing. Rob shook his head with a sigh. "I guess we have to teach him some manners boys." Rob's goons came closer laughing evilly. Dear God, I prayed, help me.


In the Kingdom of Heaven the peace and stillness was broken by a female angel as she raced towards a large two story house. Her brown hair flapped around her chin as her blue eyes darted this way and that. It was clear from her actions that she was looking for someone. Her plain white dress shone in the sunlight and her wings beat a steady rhythm against the air. "Yami, Yami, where are you?" The angle called as she flew around the house. God had told her that it was important for Yami to be found as soon as possible. "Yami," She called again.

"Over here Tea. What's wrong?" Another angel appeared, male this time with tricolour hair arranged in gravity defying spikes.

"Yami! At last! God wants to speak with you at once."

"Why, what's happened?"

"I don't know but he sounded very worried about something."

Yami nodded and, spreading his large white wings, followed Tea to the palace. They flew over houses and gardens more beautiful than anything on Earth, but neither Tea nor Yami stopped to enjoy the view. The palace soon came into view, resting on top of a hill overlooking the angel's city. The palace was huge with grand towers and sweeping gardens. Built of golden stone it seemed to glow in the sunlight as if alive. Angel guards stood in front of the massive iron gates armed with spears, which were more for decoration than for actual fighting, but they recognised Tea and Yami and did not stop them.

Yami flew down a wide hallway covered in paintings of Earth throughout the ages with Tea at his side before arriving at God's throne room. The throne room was a large square room made of white slabs of marble. The only decoration was the red carpet on the floor leading to God's mighty throne. God turned to look at them with a welcoming smile. Yami saw at once that there was something wrong. Although God smiled, his eyes showed worry. Crowded around him were several angels who helped with the day to day running of Heaven and the palace. Yami and Tea bowed before God and God stood up.

"Everyone, I must speak with Yami alone, please leave us." After giving Yami an odd look, Tea followed the other angels out of the throne room. God turned to Yami. "You may stand Yami. Don't worry you're not in trouble."

God waved his hand and a small visual portal opened showing a back ally with six people in it. One was standing separate from the others and the other four had encircled a smaller person between them. As Yami watched one of the four punched the smaller boy in the stomach causing the boy to double over in pain. Another punched the boy in the face throwing the boy to the ground. Yami felt anger rise at the appalling scene in front of him. How could those boys do that to a boy smaller than themselves? There are four of them and only one of him. One of the boys kicked the small boy sharply in the ribs, and although there was no sound, Yami could see the small boy cry out in pain; tears were glistening in his eyes. God waved his hand again and the image faded away.

"Yami, I want you to go to Earth and help the boy you saw being beaten up. You are to be his guardian until you feel he is strong enough to stand alone. Remember this, you can not stay on Earth for over a year otherwise you will begin to find it difficult to get back to my kingdom. The sins of the mortal world will affect your purity if you remain among humans for too long. If you stay for longer than two years you will not be able to return here until you die and your spirit is set free once again." God smiled gently, "so please finish your task before two years are up. I don't want to lose any of my angels."

"I remember my training, My Lord." Yami nodded.

"You must not speak of your true persona to the humans. They must never know you are an angel nor of your purpose on Earth. You know the law Yami; we cannot interfere with the free will of humans." God's voice was serious. Yami bowed once again.

"I understand God, I will make you proud." Yami said proudly. God nodded and smiled at Yami.

"I know you will, now go. The boy needs your help." Yami bowed and left the palace. Tea at once flew up to Yami to bombard him with questions. Yami just shook his head.

"I have to go now Tea. I have a mission to perform on Earth."

"A mission on Earth? How long will you be gone?" Tea gasped. Angels didn't often travel to Earth so Yami's mission must be something important.

"No more than a year Tea, now I really must go." Yami unfurled his wings and took off towards the mystic portal that would allow access to the human world.


"Ok, that's enough now boys." Rob walked to where I was cowering in the dirt and grabbed a fistful of hair. I yelped in pain, tears sliding down my face. "Come now Yugi be brave. All I want is the cash, that's all. I don't know why this is taking so long. It's really very simple."

"I, I don't have that much money." I gulped and sniffed. Rob eyed me for a second them laughed, loud and long.

"No money? You have loads of money. I've seen your fancy shop and its fancy games. Don't you try to pretend now that you don't have any money now."

"It's true Rob. I don't have that kind of money." I pleaded.

"Really? Well I guess your going to have to take it from your granddaddy aren't you?"

"What, s-steal?" I squeaked.

"Yeah," Rob put his face close to mine so I could smell the tobacco on his breath, "I want you to take it from your granddaddy. It's not as if it's not yours anyway."

"N-no I will not steal from my grandpa. Stealing is wrong." I tried to sound brave, I really did. Rob just glared at me.

"I don't think I heard you right, little Yugi." Rob's voice had gone dangerously soft. "I think I heard you say no, maybe you should correct me."

"I, I said no. I'm not g-going to steal for you Rob." I was terrified but the thought of stealing from my grandpa had given me a burst of courage.

"Ok kid, you asked for it."

Rob straitened up and nodded at his cronies. They nodded back with wide grins on their ugly faces. Before I could draw breath the tallest had pulled back his fist then punched me in the face. I cried out in pain but that only excited them. As the bullies started using me as a punch bag Rob watched with a smirk on his lips. A bully put his hand over my mouth to prevent anyone from hearing me. Not that anyone would care. One kicked me again in the ribs and a commanding voice sounded through the alleyway.

"Leave the boy alone." I jumped in surprise at the voice. I couldn't see who the owner of the voice was as he was standing behind me. The four bullies stopped what they were doing, turned towards the stranger in behind them and then glanced at their leader for orders.

Rob frowned, "Who the hell are you?"

"That is of no importance, let the boy go." The stranger said. His voice was deep and commanding. The sort of voice you found yourself obeying because it carried the weight of authority.

"Ha, you can try and stop us. Daisuke, Riko, lets show this upstart what happens to those who mess with us." My heart jumped in my chest. I had been glad at first for the stranger's offer of help, but now I was worried that I was going to get him killed.

As soon as the hand was taken away from my mouth I shouted, "Run, get away while you still can! I'm not worth it!"

"The boy's making some sense, huh? You should do as he says." Rob commented lightly. There was a pause then the stranger spoke again.

"Thank you for your concern young one, but I will be fine."

"Ha, that's what you think! You two carry on with what you're doing." Rob spoke to the two guys who still had a hold of me. "I'll handle this." Rob walked towards the stranger with two of the bullies following him. The remaining two bullies nodded and one pulled out a wicked looking knife. I screamed again but the bully clamped his hand over my mouth again. As I struggled pitifully I could hear Rob talking to the stranger in low menacing tones I didn't catch the words but I heard the stranger reply.

"Then let me show you your true self that the evil inside your heart has turned you into." I was confused, what did that mean? I didn't have time to figure it out as at that moment the bully cut my arm with the knife pulling it slowly through my skin. The pain was terrible; I screamed past the other bully's hand and jerked. The bullies laughed in delight seeing my blood and hearing my pain. Then as suddenly as it had happened, the knife left my arm and the weight of the bullies left me. I curled into a ball and was vaguely aware of the bullies shouting.

"What happened? Boss, are you ok?"

"Leave now, and never bother this boy again." The commanding voice of the stranger washed over me. Looking up I saw the two bullies running away and the others lying on the ground, apparently unconscious. I glanced up at the form of my saviour. He was a tall handsome man wearing a white jacket with gold trimming, a black sleeveless top, white trousers and black trainers. He looked rich and important. He wore a sliver chain with a gold upside-down pyramid on the end. Around his neck he wore a black collar. My breath hitched in my throat. He looks just like me, only more handsome and taller. His hair had the same gravity defying style that mine did and was also black and red with gold streaks. I wondered why he had bothered to help me. He looked at me, his bright violet eyes looking into mine. The stranger then walked up to me, a warm simile on his face.

"Are you alright?" His voice was soft and for some reason I felt safe with him.

"I, I think so." I tried to stand and fell down with a loud yelp. That bully must have kicked me harder that I thought, I thought to myself as I clutched my side. The stranger kneeled down next to me and reached out with his hand.

"May I see?" I hesitated then nodded. The stranger lifted my shirt and sucked in a breath sharply. I looked down to see the skin around my side cut and swollen. The stranger shook his head obviously angry. He reached out a touched the sore red area causing me to whimper.

"I'm sorry, its looks bad. Maybe you should go to the hospital."

"No. If I go to a hospital then they will call my grandpa. I don't want him to know about this." The stranger frowned and shook his head.

"Why would you want to keep this from him? Don't you think that he will notice if you turn up at home like this?" The stranger ran his eyes down my various injuries. I knew that my skin was scraped and bleeding, and I could feel my left side swelling rapidly. I looked up at the stranger feeling fresh tears form in my eyes.

"I can't let my grandpa see me like this. He might do something stupid. Those bullies would hurt him badly." The stranger sighed. I tried to stop myself from crying but the sobs forced their way out of my throat. The stranger watched me his gaze gentle and I wished I could act more like my age instead of like a ten year old.

"Boy, what is your name?"

"My name's Yugi and I am not a boy, I'm seventeen." I saw the stranger's eyes widen. I knew what he was thinking. He is seventeen? He looked closer to fifteen; or words to that effect. I looked up at my saviour.

"Who are you? Why did you help me?"

"I'm Yami. I helped you because I thought that what those boys were doing to you was terrible and immoral and that I should help in anyway to free you from their crimes." I nodded, not knowing why but trusting the stranger. "Yugi, do you have some medical supplies at your house? Maybe we could go there and tend to your wounds?" I hesitated for a moment. Although this guy had helped me I had no idea who he was and I had always been told not to bring strangers home. But there was something about this guy that made me feel safe. Somehow, I knew with total certainty that he wasn't going to hurt me.

"Yes, that could work. We have a medical kit in the bathroom." I took a deep breath and flinched as pain shot up my side.

"Good, although I really think you should go to hospital." Yami sounded concerned. I forced a smile onto my face.

"Don't worry about me I'll be fine, it's not the first time I've had to deal with injuries like this." I explained. Yami looked horrified and at once I wished I hadn't said anything.

"You have suffered a great deal." Yami murmured gently and for some reason I didn't think he was just talking about the beatings. I felt my face flush. There was no way this guy could know about my parents.

"We all suffer; it's a part of life." I tried to stand but I fell down with a yelp of pain. Yami rushed to my aid and helped me to my feet. As I leaned against him I felt very strange. A sudden rush of heat passed through me and as it left I realised I wasn't hurting as much anymore. I frowned at Yami in confusion but he just smiled at me.

"So where do you live? I confess I haven't been in this city for long so I don't know my way around yet." Yami was still smiling. I put the peculiar feeling down to momentary madness and pushed it away.

"It's not far, take a left down here." I pointed out and we walked away side by side. I had no idea where my saviour had come from but I was glad that he had appeared. He was still very much a mystery though, and I was determined to find out more about him.

*End Chapter*

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