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Chapter twelve: Choices

Yami felt his stomach lurch as gravity took over. It had been simple to whisper a quick spell to weaken the glass enough to break it upon impact. Yami heard Yugi scream his name but there was nothing he could do. He had to get Malik away from Yugi and Joey. He would not endanger their lives. The wind screamed in Yami's ears as he fell. It snatched at his clothes and hair and made his eyes water. It was hard to breathe as the air was forced into his lungs from their downward fall. Malik formed another ball of light in his hand his violet eyes burning with the light of battle. Yami let go of Malik's waist and shoved the angel back before opening his own wings. The soft white feathers caught the air like a living parachute jerking Yami upwards. Yami gasped in pain as his injured wing sent fiery bolts of pain through his body.

"You don't look so good Yami, maybe you should quit while you're ahead?" Malik shouted from below Yami. Malik had opened his wings as well and was now hovering a few meters below Yami.

"Never," Yami snarled forming a ball of purple fire in his right hand and hurling it at Malik. Malik dodged the attack and forced his wings downwards to gain altitude. Yami shot upwards trying to stay above the blond angel but his wing throbbed again making him jolt. Damn I'm in no condition to fight right now. Yami dodged an attack from Malik and glanced back at the hotel where Yugi was held captive. But I have to save him.

"Where are you looking Yami?" Malik shouted throwing another attack that hit Yami square in the back. Yami screamed as the golden light burned his skin. The force of the attack made him drop several feet. "Pay attention on the battlefield or this won't be any fun at all!" Malik laughed and Yami glared at him in pure loathing.

"You think this is fun? You think kidnapping Yugi and terrorising him is fun?" Yami yelled forcing himself upwards towards Malik. The closer he was the better chance he had at hitting Malik and the more effective his attacks would be.

"We are doing as we are ordered to by God!" Malik shouted back dodging Yami's attack. "Or have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten whose order's you are meant to follow?!" Malik swooped around behind Yami using the fact that Yami was injured to his advantage. Yami barely dodged the attack by folding his wings against his body and letting himself drop. It was a risky thing to do in any condition but it was made even more so by Yami's injured wing. He had to open his wings at the right moment otherwise he risked dislocating a wing.

"Damn," Yami gasped as he snapped open his wings and was jerked upwards for the second time. The city was still warm from the sun so it easy to find a rising thermal and let it lift him higher without much effort on his part. Yami turned just in time to see a fiery golden ball the size of a bowling ball flying towards him. Yami spun around and the attack shot past him into the night. By now he was far above the city and cars had shrunk to the size of toys. The blazing lights of the city made the city look like a ship of light sailing on an ocean of darkness.

"You disobeyed Yami! Seto and I are just following orders like good little soldiers." Malik hovered opposite Yami watching him closely.

"You can't tell me that you are ok with this! Since when did angels kidnap people?" Yami shot back almost desperately. "I just want to be with Yugi, is that such a crime?"

"Yami, you are an angel and Yugi is a human. You are dead and he is very much alive. You could not stay with him even if God was willing to let you go." Malik sighed and shook his head. Yami jerked back as if Malik had struck him. He's right, Yami thought closing his eyes. Yugi was a living breathing human and he was a spirit; a mere representation of life. "It's time to go home Yami."

"I am home," Yami threw another ball of purple fire at Malik and their battle resumed.


I had never been so terrified in all my life. Yami had just jumped out of the freaking window! True he could fly but his shoulder and wing had been injured pretty badly in his last fight. How could he put himself through this?

"I don't know what the hell is going on," Joey spoke, "But nobody kidnaps my friends and gets away with it!" Joey launched himself at Seto who caught his fist with ease. I watched open mouthed as Seto causally twisted Joey's arm behind his back and held the struggling blond still. "Hey let me go!"

"I don't want to hurt you Joey." Seto said quietly. My gaze flicked from one to the other torn between my concern for Joey and my concern for Yami. "Please don't fight me."

"What the bloody hell is going on here?" Joey struggled but Seto just tightened his grip making Joey gasp in pain.

"I cannot answer that question."

"What the hell kinda answer is that?" Joey snapped his brown eyes flashing with anger. I knew Joey didn't like being bested in a fight and being held in place with just one arm must be killing him. I tried to loosen my hands but the ropes were tied tight. My fingers were turning numb.

"I have no interest in you Joey Wheeler, I am here for Yami, so you should stay out of this." I saw a flash of pain go through Joey's eyes after being told that Seto had no interest in him. I wondered what the hell was going on between them. Where did they meet? When did they meet?

"You involved me in this crazy situation when you kidnap Yug'. I protect my friends." Joey twisted his head to glare at Seto. Seto watched Joey for a moment before doing something totally unexpected. He released Joey's arm. I stared in shock as Seto stepped back and Joey scrambled away from the angel his fists raised.

"Yami is here now the human has served his purpose." Seto said although he seemed to be talking to himself more than to us. I blinked as Seto turned and walked to the broken window and looked out into the night.

"You kidnapped Yug' just to get at Yami? Who does that?" Joey challenged. Seto glanced back over his shoulder and I could of sworn I saw regret in his eyes for a second.

"I follow orders," Seto answered simply. With that said Seto rolled his shoulders and his wings exploded from his back with a whoosh. Joey yelped and stumbled back his face white with shock.

"What the…" Joey stared with wide eyes at the pure white wings. They were larger than Yami's I noticed but Seto was taller so I guessed his wings would have to be bigger to support his weight. I glanced at Joey but he was too busy gaping at Seto's wings.

"Are you going to attack Yami?" I yelled as Seto moved to leap out of the window. Seto paused but he didn't turn around.

"What if I am?"

"So it's going to be two against one? That doesn't seem very fair to me, and Yami is injured as well!" I argued but Seto still refused to look at me. "Please let me talk with him."

"What could you hope to achieve?" Seto sneered and I glared at him.

"Why you –" Joey started but I stopped him.

"No Joey," I looked back at Seto, "I don't want Yami to suffer anymore. If being with me means he'll suffer then I'd rather he went with you back to Heaven." It hurt to say those words. It hurt so much. But I wanted Yami to be happy, I didn't want him to keep sacrificing himself for me. If Yami defeated these angels then what happened? Would more angels come for him? Would we spend our lives looking over our shoulders? Maybe parting would be difficult for both of us at first but I had to think of this in the long run.

"You would convince Yami to return to Heaven with us?" Seto did turn around this time. His blue eyes cut into me like lasers. I held his gaze without flinching.

"I am willing to talk it over with him. But I need him alive to do that."

"Yug'…" Joey gave me a look full of concern before turning his gaze back to Seto.

"Will Yami listen to you though?" Seto challenged me and I forced myself to breathe and not get angry. I may not be able to fly or shoot balls of fire and light from my hands, but I could protect Yami in my own way.

"I can't do much worse than you and Malik can I?" I stared at Seto and the angel watched me carefully before smirking.

"No I guess not," Seto turned to look out of the window again. "Very well, you have twenty four hours to convince Yami to return to Heaven with us. After that I will not hold back." Seto spread his wings once again and leapt out of the window. I heard Joey gasp and step forward out of reflex as Seto fell. Seto's wings caught the air and Seto soared upwards and out of sight. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and lay back against the wall behind me.

"Yug' what are you doing? You said you would convince Yami to go back to Heaven? What the hell is going on here?" Joey sounded like he was having a panic attack. I didn't blame him really.

"Joey I have to tell you something: Yami, Seto and Malik are angels of God." Joey stared at me as if I had just grown another head. There really is no easy way to tell someone that, I mused.

"Yug' angels do not exist." Joey said slowly.

"Then how do you explain all the talk of Heaven, God and the white wings?" I sighed suddenly feeling exhausted. Joey was silent for a moment.

"Ok so they are angels, but why is Yami here and why are Seto and Malik fighting him?"

"That is a very long story." I smiled at Joey, "first of all could you untie me? My fingers are going numb over here."

"Oh sure," Joey walked over to me and tugged at the knots releasing my hands before moving onto my legs. I sighed rubbing my wrists to get the blood circulation going. My whole body was stiff from being in one position for too long.

"That's better," I sighed gratefully.

"Oh man," Joey glanced from the still smoking hole in the wall to the broken window. "The hotel is gonna be pissed."


Yami was tiring fast. His left shoulder and left wing were now both throbbing in time with his heartbeat. He had a headache and he feared he would pass out at any moment. Even if he was an angel falling from this height would not be a good thing. Because of his weakened state his powers were also weakened. Yami had managed to hit Malik when the other angel was knocked off balance but a sudden gust of wind but the attack was less than half as powerful as it should have been.

"Maybe you should just surrender its kind of pitiful watching you try to fight me." Malik sighed not even bothering to dodge Yami's attack as it was far too wide anyway.

"S-shut up," Yami panted out. Come on Yami you can do this. Yami groaned as his wing let out a particularly painful throb.

"Sure," Malik drawled smirking at Yami. Yami was barely able to fly anymore and Malik could see blood stains spreading across his shoulder. Malik knew that this fight would soon be over. "It's nothing personal Yami I am just following orders." Malik raised his hands above his head and golden light began to expand and grow between them.

"Why are you willing to do whatever He tells you?" Yami gasped out making Malik pause. "Don't you have a mind of your own? Think for yourself for once!" Malik tilted his head to the side to regard Yami carefully.

"His law is absolute you know that Yami." Malik said softly.

"Aren't there things you want to do that He doesn't let you do? Why should we bow to His every whim? Why can't we express our dissatisfaction without fear of persecution?" Yami yelled his voice rising with every sentence. Malik shook his head.

"Wow that human really has corrupted you. Do you remember what happened to the last angel that disobeyed?" Malik looked closely at Yami and was pleased to see him flinch back.


"You and I attacked him much the same way Seto and I are attacking you now. If I remember correctly it was you who disabled him and brought him before God." Malik smirked, "You called him a filthy traitor."

"That was before I understood what he was talking about!" Yami yelled glaring at Malik. "I regret that more than you can imagine." Yami looked away guilt filling his heart. Did he have someone special on Earth whom he loved? Did he want to protect someone the same way I want to protect Yugi?

"A little too late for regrets Yami," Malik laughed and the golden ball of light, which had stopped growing during their conversation, began to expand again. Yami backed away the best he could and braced himself for impact. There was no way he could dodge such a large attack. Yami threw up his force field but he doubted it would hold in his weakened condition.

"Stop!" Malik jerked causing his attack to go wide of Yami. Yami felt the energy flash past him. Malik turned to see Seto flying towards them.

"What was that for? I almost had him you idiot!" Malik ranted. Seto ignored the blond angel and turned to Yami. Seto eyed Yami's bleeding shoulder and the way he could barley stay up in the air.

"You don't look so good Yami."

"You aren't a painting yourself Seto." Yami snarled and Seto smirked. Seto flew over to Malik and whispered something to the blond angel. Malik blinked in shock before looking at Yami. Seto moved backwards and waited for Malik to say something. Malik glanced back at Seto looking unconvinced but Seto nodded.

"What's going on?" Yami asked preparing himself to fight them both at once.

"We're leaving," Seto said and turned and flew away without another word.

"Huh?" Yami blinked his eyes round with surprise.

"You got lucky this time Yami." Malik scowled before turning and following Seto. Yami stayed hovering in the air for a few more minutes to make sure that they were really going before flying back down to the hotel. In truth, Yami was very glad that Seto and Malik and decided to withdraw. He knew he couldn't have lasted much longer against them. What he didn't understand was why they let him go. Malik was clearly winning the fight. Did God say something? Something was clearly going on and Yami intended to find out what. He just hoped Yugi was ok.


I walked over to the window and looked out. I noticed for the first time that I was about seven stories up. Looking down at the street from here gave me a sense of vertigo and I had to step back from the ledge. I glanced up but I couldn't see Yami or the others. Yami, please be ok.

"Yug' what did you mean when you said you would convince Yami to return to Heaven? I don't know or understand what's going on, but it seemed to me that Yami doesn't want to go." Joey tilted his head to examine me.

"I never said I would convince Yami to go, I just said that I would talk to him about it." I smiled at Joey over my shoulder. Joey blinked then laughed.

"You tricked Seto," Joey chuckled.

"Not really, I just let him assume I planned to convince Yami without correcting that belief." I turned back to the window and gazed out into the night. I couldn't see any of the stars because of the light pollution but I knew they were there. I had lived in this city all my life and I had never seen the stars expect in books or on the internet. The stars made me think of Yami. He was up there somewhere watching over the city but I couldn't see him. I knew he was there but I couldn't reach him.

"That was sneaky Yug' I'm proud of you." Joey chuckled and I smiled.

"I just hope I brought Yami some time, he really can't fight in his condition. Besides," I paused, "I want to know what Yami wants."

"What do you mean?" Joey asked stepping closer to me. I glanced at him before grasping my left arm with my right.

"I don't understand Yami's reasons for disobeying, he's putting himself in such great danger and I don't understand why. I want to understand his reasons; I don't want him to make a decision because of me that could cause trouble for him." I glanced back out of the window searching for Yami.

"You really care about him don't you?" Joey marvelled and I blushed.

"W-well I-I mean…" I stopped talking. Joey smiled and clapped a hand on my shoulder.

"It's ok Yug' I understand I think you two make a cute couple." Joey winked and I wondered if my face would self-combust it was so hot.

"So what's the deal with you and Seto? How come you two know each other?" I asked changing the subject. Joey's face went from happy and teasing to sad and withdrawn within seconds.

"That is also a long story," Joey muttered taking his hand off my shoulder. I frowned in concern but before I could inquire further I heard the sound of wings. I ran to the broken window pane and looked out. Yami was flying towards me looking like hell. His flying was lopsided and he was bleeding again. He looked like he could drop out of the sky at any moment. My heart squeezed painfully as guilt and worry coursed through me.

"Yami," I called opening my arms. Yami saw me and he smiled. It was a tired and strained smile but it still filled me with warmth. I wanted to be the one to always be there for Yami. I wanted to be the one to hold him and comfort him. Protect him from any and all danger that he may face. I didn't know if I could manage that but I was going to try.

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