The morning of the start of the investigation found one Hermione Granger curled up in her bed, hiding from the other girls in her dormitory. The news that she had been branded has spread like wildfire through the school and not a single person wanted to be seen with her. IF she was to be honest with herself, it wasn't the being alone that bothered her – after all, twelve of her seventeen years alive she has been alone. No, it wasn't being alone that bother her at all; it was the fact that the pure-bloods had been correct. As a muggleborn she had no rights. Everyone treated her as if she had leprosy – all because of something that had been forced onto her.

She was so deep in her pity party that she didn't notice her guest until she was lying flat on her back, pinned to her mattress looking up into the darkly handsome face of Blaise Zabini.

"What do you think you are doing?" she shrieked, trying to buck him off.

"You have been very very bad my pet," he chuckled, holding her with ease. "I know you have been told about the brand on you by that delightful head of house of yours and I also know you have been researching it on your own – yet you still fight against my orders."

Hermione froze, finding it hard to breath.

"I find myself asking why you are fighting so hard. It couldn't be for devotion to my Alpha – if it was then you wouldn't have done what it was you did to him. It could have been pride, but I ruled that out since you have never taken pride in anything but your schoolwork before, and thank Merlin for that or we would have had someone worse than Brown in the school. It also couldn't have anything to do with the Weasel since he has been spending all of his time trying to seduce younger female students into his bed. So that leaves only one option. You are doing it for the Estimable Headmaster."

Hermione winced at the weight of sarcasm that fell from the Italian-born wizard's lips when Albus Dumbledore was bought up, but found she could do little else.

"So that was it. I thought as much. You never change pet. I remember the first time you spoke. All we could make out was 'missing', 'toad', 'Gryffindor' and 'Albus Dumbledore'. Even back then it was obvious that you hero-worshipped the old fool and it is that reason and that reason alone that no one but your fellow Griffins could stomach you."

"What would you know?" Hermione managed to spit out viciously.

Blaise smirked and lay on her, keeping her pinned while being in the right position to whisper in her ear. "More than you know. I know your mind, Hermione Granger and what a pitiful place it is. It's not because you are Muggleborn that you have no rights – it's because you are a callous, malicious bitch – but I'm not here to discuss that."

He put his hand on the brand and inhaled deeply. "I, Blaise Zabini, remove my protection against physical harm to the person of Hermione Jane Granger in correlation with the oath of one Tobias Regulus Black previously known as Harry James Potter So mote it be, so mote it is done."

Blaise opened his eyes and looked into the tear-filled ones below him. "This is goodbye," he said with a large grin. "Believe me when I say you will not be missed."

With no effort at all, he rose from his position and walked to the door. Before the door managed to close fully, he whipped out his wand and one word left his lips with no one but his victim witnessing his actions. "Imperio."


Lucius grit his teeth so hard that he swore he could hear them creak with the strain he was putting on them as he was forced to listen to the high-pitched girlish voice coming from the pink-clad sadistic clown before them.

"We already know this Deloris," Amelia Bones piped up from the other side of the small group. "And if I remember correctly, I was the one who was put in charge of this investigation, not you. Now, does anyone – make that anyone of importance –" Amelia narrowed her eyes in the direction of the monster-in-pink as she opened her mouth, "have anything to say?"

"I do," Lucius grit out, making everyone who knew him to wince. "The reason for this inquest is to determine the suitability of the present Headmaster to remain in this position. To do this, we will have to talk to several students from each house whose parents have been worried enough about what their children have been writing home that they have bought it to the attention of either the Board of Governors or one of the high-ups in the Ministry. I have a list of names and the parent's concerns on me, however I believe that many more of the students may be noticing odd things and either not telling anyone or they have but it has been brushed aside as ridiculous."

The lady next to him nodded in understanding.

"You want us to talk to all the children then?" she asked.

"Not exactly, Lady Zleva. I request that all students be gathered by year before getting a thorough health check from an experienced Healer. I talked it over with the head Healer from St Mungos and she agreed to send though a handful of competent Healers if we agreed."

"Why?" Madam Bones frowned. "What bought this on?"

Lucius sighed and rubbed his temples. "The reason this enquiry is occurring is due to a good friend of mine. He blood-adopted one of the students over the summer break. It would have taken nearly seven months to heal the young man of everything that was wrong with him with the combined skills of Potions Master Snape, I, Lady Malfoy, my friend – who is currently going by Randal Black as it is too dangerous for us to use his real name at this point in time – and Randal's personal healer. That is, if the young man hadn't been chosen as a phoenix bonded. As it is, he has strong intolerances to a fair few foods and his bones are still easily strained."

Lucius cleared his throat nervously. "He and my son were soul bound this past Yule after which it was discovered that he is a natural bearer. There have been several attempts at forcing my son-in-law to abort their child – one in front of Randal and one before the Minister. I only want to ensure that no other child has been suffering needlessly."

A soft 'hem hem' entered the conversation. "If your son got another student pregnant, then both of them should be expelled for improper conduct in a school."

Lucius glared the annoyance down. "It didn't occur at the school – It occured the night after their bonding. I should know, the aftershocks of their magic combining blew apart my wards."


Lucius nodded his confirmation. "Only one left was the original one set the day the Manor was complete – and even that was reduced to about sixty-five percent."

"In other words," Lady Zleva said with a grin, "don't piss off your son or son-in-law."

Lucius chuckled. "I learnt the hard way."

She gave him a pitying look. "Hormones?'

"Hormones," he agreed.

Everyone bar Deloris chuckled softly.

"I got a note from the Unspeakables this morning," one of Lucius' associates stated. "It seems that a few of the students have been bound by something of a magical nature. The three I find troubling are two death oaths and one Master brand. There is an indication of why these have been placed, but they were accepted by magic and recorded so they must be honoured. If anything happens to either of them while we are there, we can do nothing.

Amelia sighed and rubbed her eyes tiredly. "I have a feeling that Hell is about to break loose. There is no doubt in my mind that something is going on in that school for death oaths to be involved. Lucius, contact the Healers. Everyone else, get ready to leave. You have ten minutes." She closed her eyes for a moment, desperately hoping that when she opened them again, she would find herself back in her bed. She opened them and exhaled dejectedly. No such luck.


Breakfast in the Great Hall was underway when the seven officials walked into the room, bringing instant silence with them. Ever eye in the room watched them as they made their way to the teacher's Dias ad turned. The lady in the centre moved forward a step and addressed the student body, making sure to remember to look at all four tables at various times while talking.

Good morning. For those who do not know who I am, my name is Amelia Bones and as Head of the DMLE or Department of Magical Law Enforcement I will be in charge of what occurs between now and the end of this enquiry. To my left you will find Madam Deloris Umbridge."

All the students who had studied under the woman hissed or groaned in annoyance as the dreaded pink-clad form tittered.

Lord Achalendra Patil."

A robustly built middle-aged Gentleman swathed in traditional golden brown robes stepped forward, pressed his palms together and bowed slightly, murmuring something not many people managed to catch.

"Wu, Xing."

A thin man bowed shallowly from his spot on the Dias, looking out of place in his expensive – but definitely muggle – three-piece suit, tie and glaringly brilliant shirt and shoes." And Zleva Williams."

A matronly-looking woman clasped her hands together and beamed as she looked out over the congregated students.

"To my left are Madam Elisabeth Greengrass."

Blaise gazed blankly at the woman he used to call 'Grandmother' before blowing air forcefully out of his lungs with contempt and looking away from her. He hadn't been lying when he had said that he didn't need anyone in his life. He had The Pack, anyone else was a bonus.

"Lady Ariandra Schmidt."

A nod from the fashionable lady beside Amelia was more than anyone expected.

"And lastly, Lord Lucius Malfoy."

The Pack either smirked or rolled their eyes as Lucius gave a shallow bow with his right hand fisted over his heart.

"The original plan was to talk to the few students, the staff then eventually to the Headmaster. Unfortunately our plans have been required to change. We are now cancelling all classes until this matter is dealt with. Every person in the school is going to be looked over by a Healer from St Mungos and the results will be duplicated. One copy will be cross checked with the file in the school nurses office, one will be kept at St Mungos. If there is cause for concern, then a letter will be sent to your parents or guardians telling them to come to the school at their closets convenience and we will discuss the problem to see if a logical reason is available for the anomaly."

The reaction of those in the Hall was immense. People groaned, shouted out in anger, fear or annoyance, some paled until they could almost blend in with the ghosts while others still just accepted it with a shrug of the shoulders.

Tobias, who had been cuddled into Draco's side and dozing with his head nestled on his husband's very comfortable shoulder, jumped at the unexpected noise.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he screamed, making those close to him wince and cover their ears. "HAVE SOME COMMON FUCKING CURTESY FOR YOU FELLOW TUDENTS, PROFESSORS AND GUESTS!"

The Hall went silent with the exception of the soft whispering that was coming from Draco as he attempted to sooth his temperamental husband.

"Thank you Mr Black …"

"Malfoy-Black," Tobias corrected absent-mindedly as Draco's fingers rubbed the flesh behind his ears soothingly.

"I apologise. Thank you Mr Malfoy-Black for silencing everyone so ... Efficiently. If they had waited a few moments longer than they would have understood why we are doing this."

Tobias nodded sleepily and snuggled back into Draco.

"We insist on this happening because it is what your parents wish us to do. The majority of them are worried about what they are hearing from their children and the children of their friends. All of the, however, are disturbed about just how much they are not being told by the Headmaster or the other Professors concerning their children's health, wellbeing and education. Your families are worried about you – as is expected of them when their world has been turned upside down and one of their children are away from the safety of their home."

The entire Hall muttered softly, shame-faced at the thought that they had forgotten about the family they had left behind when they headed off to school.

"We are hoping to get through the staff and the first years before lunch. I recommend remaining in your house common room, your dormitory, the library or the Quidditch Pitch. If there's a place you know you will be for a long period of time, then please tell one of us so we will know where to send a patronus to fetch you when it is your turn. WE will begin as soon as breakfast is complete."

"A moment before you continue with your morning," Minerva called out as she stood. "As classes are cancelled until further notice, you Professors will spend today setting a list of things each year level will need to cover by themselves. I will also be setting aside time in my day for each ear level for a tutorial if anyone needs aid. I believe you other Professors will also do the same. You are all responsible for picking up those worksheets and guidelines yourself AFTER you are through your appointment with the Healer."

A fifth year prefect from Ravenclaw stood as the transfiguration professor sat. "Remember you can also ask people in higher years and other houses for help if you are unable to – or are unwilling to – ask a teacher."

"What are the plans for today?" Neville asked The Pack as the student body gradually returned to normal.

"I want to spend this morning outside as a group, if possible," Draco stated. "Bi has been spending far too much time inside lately. It may be a bit chilly, but it looks to be a good day for a picnic in the snow."

"That sounds wonderful to be honest," Millicent smiled. "It has been a while since we've had a Pack fun day."

The rest of The Pack grinned excitedly, making Tobias chuckle softly.

"What?" they chorused, tilting their heads to the side like a littler of curious puppies.

"Nothing really," he grinned at them, pulling out a sheet of parchment and quill. "So who is doing what?" As his Pack playfully argued over who was doing what, Tobias found himself thing that he wouldn't have it any other way.

'Yes,' he thought as Draco placed a possessive arm around his waist and rested his hand protectively over where their child had been found the day before, 'life is perfect.'


Amelia sighed in exasperation as she turned away yet another student who wanted to be excused from the medical check-up. She looked up when a throat was softly cleared close to her.

"Sorry to bother you Madam Bones," the teen before he said shyly. "I just wanted to ask permission for myself and a group of friends to spend the morning down by the Lake. There are a few of us and we are from different houses, so it is difficult finding places large enough to hold us all in an area that is neutral."

She blinked a few times then smiled slightly. "That is fine with me, Mr Longbottom. Sorry for not answering straight away, I didn't recognise you at first."

Neville laughed softly. "I understand. Sometimes I don't recognise myself when I look in the mirror."

Amelia chuckled at the lad's bashful smile as a tall, muscular girl strode up to him with a small handful of parchment. The two exchanged nods and a smile before the girl walked away, leaving the parchment in Neville's hand.

"These are for you," Neville explained when he caught the question in Amelia's eye. "The top sheet is a map of where we will be in the event that one – or more – of us are needed. The sheet under that is a list of who is in the group, followed by a rough schedule. The last sheet is to go to Professor Snape after his physical is over. It's just a note telling him where he can find his godsons since they won't be in their room, in his office or in Professor McGonagall's office. He'll panic if he doesn't know where they are – not that I blame him, what with what has been happening lately."

"I'll be sure to pass it along to him then," Amelia stated, eyes slightly wider at the organisation and preparation that had gone into the plans in such a short amount of time.

"Thank you," Neville chirruped, making her laugh as he walked towards a rather large group standing by the doors to the Great hall.

She chuckled again as a soft cheer reached her ears as the group left the building. She carefully put the parchment to one side and looked up at the next person who had come to see her.

"And how can I help you Miss …?"

"Granger, Madam Bones," Hermione said, slightly snobbish. "These are for you, even though it is against my better judgement to give it to you, I am being forced to do so."

'Back to business,' Amelia snorted internally. 'No rest for the wicked and all that. Still, it's better than sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.' She turned her attention back to the girl before her.

"And how exactly were you forced and who was responsible?"

When the girl opened her mouth, Amelia found herself thinking longingly of the students who wanted to avoid a visit to the Healer.


Minerva stared at the ceiling as the Healer did an in-depth scan on her body. She knew that she would take longer than the other staff members due to her age, so she asked to be done first and requested a cautionary scan of her mind. When the Healer cleared her of mind manipulation, she heaved a sigh of relief, much to Amelia's confusion.

"There are two problems I can see," the Healer announced eventually. "You have a few blocks on your core that will need to be removed as soon as possible. I'm sorry to say that I can't do anything about them due to their age."

"What else?" Minerva asked, not at all surprised.

"Your heart is very week."

I knew about that," she barked before sighing in frustration. "I was in St Mungos for the entire summer. The newer blocks were added while I was there since my heart was giving out. I have started having the bonds on my magic removed slowly so my heart is strengthened slowly by my magic and a potion our resident Potion's master makes for me."

The Healer smiled gently. "Then I will leave their removal to whomever is doing it."

Minerva nodded her head once and strode to the entrance of the sectioned off space she was in.

"Before you leave, Minerva," Amelia stated "Do you mind explaining a few things to me?"

"If I can answer without putting someone else in harm's way, then I will."

"Why did you ask for a mind scan?"

Minerva sighed and turned, returning to one of the seats that were present. "On Sunday I received two owls. One from Tobias' Father and the other from Augusta Longbottom. Both letters stated that three children were being removed from school grounds – Tobias and Draco for an appointment with their personal Healer who specializes in all things Neo-natal and Neville due to something concerning his parents."

She stopped and sipped at a cup of water that Amelia poured for her. "Both letters were addressed to Albus and it was obvious they hadn't been opened before they got passed on to me. I signed the correct forms and the port keys that had been given to them went off. I got a report from the Healer stating that it was vital that a few precautionary steps be taken to ensure Tobias' health later in the pregnancy. One step was him needing a certain type of chair for extra support."

"I wrote to both the Healer and Tobias stating that I would be picking them up from where they were and taking them shopping for said chairs. Mr Longbottom's duties found him and us returning to the school at about the same time and Augusta explained the situation to me in further detail. When I was guiding Draco and Tobias into the Hall for lunch, I was waylaid by Albus who insisted on me giving them a detention. I refused on grounds that I had allowed all three excursions and reminded the man once again that it was Mr Malfoy-Black and not 'Potter' like he insists on still calling the boy. I got the boys into the Hall and was heading there myself when Albus hit me with an oblivaite from behind."

Amelia gaped at the older woman in shock. Minerva nodded slightly.

"He then 'reminded' me of the detentions I had given to the three boys, stating he would 'find someone else to cover them' while I 'recovered' form a slight dizzy spell. He also said some very … disturbing things about Tobias and the child he is carrying. I needed to know if I had been obliviated before by him due to learning something he didn't like.."

"What was it that he said?"

"I would rather give you the memory to view after all the students have been tested. I could not live with myself if something had been occurring to them without knowing about it."

"I understand Minerva," Amelia soothed. "That is one of the reasons you are a good teacher – you care for the students. I'll come to your room with you after this evening's meal so you can give me those memories. Can you send Severus Snape in for me?"

Minerva nodded and walked out of the room, head held high and her heart lighter than she thought possible.


Severus remained silent through his entire examination – something that unnerved the Healer working on him to a great degree. When she was finished, she handed the results to Amelia and just about ran out of the area set aside for the patient's privacy.

"Good Lord man!" Amelia exclaimed as she flicked through the results. "Just how many times have you been hit with the cruciatus curse?"

Severus gave a tired grin. "I lost count after the three hundred and ninety-fifth time and I'm not entirely sure that number was entirely correct to begin with. It is surprisingly difficult to keep track of numbers while in pain."

"Oh I'd believe it," Amelia stated, glancing at the papers once more. "You've also been bitten by a werewolf?"

"It's not a changing bite," he assured her, "it's a claiming bite. Were's mark what is theirs in one of two ways – Urinating on it or biting it. I am the chosen mate of a Dominant werewolf and I refuse to be used as a urinal."

Amelia couldn't help the soft chuckle that escaped her control at just how disgusted the young man sounded at the mere thought of being marked in such a way. "Two more things then you may go, I promise. The first is your lack of a Dark Mark, even though I know that you had one a few years ago."

Severus looked down at his arm and gently ran his fingertips over the spot the original mark had sat, a soft smile on his face.

"I received that mark before I had even left school. I had been promised protection from my Father and I got it, along with a family. You have to understand that back then, the Dark Lord wasn't about violence and world domination. He was against muggles finding out about us and was trying to get magical children born to muggles taken from them and exchanged with either a squib born around the same time or a child from an orphanage."

"Pure-blooded wizards don't understand muggles. They see them as idiots – the peasants, slaves, servants and jesters of the realm while they are the nobility. Muggles are much more dangerous than they believe. Many muggles don't care about their families. In the wizarding world, children are treated as gifts to be treasured. No matter what crime a witch or wizard commits, they do not harm a magical child. Not even the Lestrange trio – who are without a doubt clinically insane – harmed a child. They went for Frank and Alice, but left their son alone. In the muggle world there are people who prey exclusively on children."

Severus swallowed hard. "My Father was one of them – he targeted anyone weaker than he was and wouldn't stop until he had broken them. He did it to my Mother and he tried to do it to me – but I had something that made me fight it. I had a solid friendship with 'Tobias' birth mother and it wasn't until I lost that friendship that I even thought about joining the Dark Lord."

Severus went quiet, still stroking his arm with pain-filled eyes focused intently on the bare skin. Amelia waited patiently and in utter silence. She had not expected this when she had bought up the lack of dark magic coming from him, but she was happy that it was her that was overseeing this one and not someone else.

"It was five months, three days, twenty hours and fifteen seconds after I was initiated that the Dark Lord's attitude changed. It was instantaneous – no warning what so ever. It was terrifying to see the change in him. Where we could once call him by name and be teased about non-existent eye-batting men and women after our bodies, we would be hit with the cruciatus cures and had to prostate ourselves before him as though we weren't fit to lick the dragon manure off the bottom of his shoes."

"He started killing aimlessly – men, women, children, muggle, magical … none of it mattered. Then came the day a prophecy was made to Albus Dumbledore in my hearing. It concerned the Dark Lord so I ran and told him what I had heard. When I discovered he was targeting Lily, I went t\straight to Albus begging him for their protection. He agreed on one condition – I was to spy for him. I agreed and so began my life on the side of light."

Severus looked up suddenly, making Amelia jolt slightly in her seat. He smiled genuinely, eyes misted with remembrance.

"I first met Randal - Tobias' adopted father – a few years before I joined the Death Eaters. He had found me after I had run from the house after my Father got drunk. He talked me into allowing him to fix the cuts and bruises I was covered in, then he left, leaving me his address just in case I ever needed to escape. I didn't see him again until the day before the Dark Lord vanished."

Severus smiled with sardonic grimness. "He had been very generous with his hexes and curses that day and Randal found me on his doorstep, unable to stand, talk or stop shaking. He wheedled the entire story from me over a week and sent a letter to Dumbledore telling him where I was and what shape I was in. He got a reply that I never got to see, but it caused him to destroy everything in his office in an attempt to control his anger."

Severus shrugged. "Since that day he has kept me and Lucius lose, examining and testing the magic in and around the mark, trying to figure out a way to remove it. With Tobias' help, I have been brand-free since Sunday afternoon."

Amelia smiled widely. "Thank you for explaining it to me, Severus. I have only one more thing to say before you can go. Mr Longbottom wishes for you to read this before you leave the room." She handed the still sealed letter to the man and looked away politely while he read its content.

"Thank you for holding this for me Amelia," he said. "Now I won't panic when I can't find them." He stood and strode out, oozing confidence, but she finally saw through the mask and saw the real man behind it.

"You are most welcome, Severus Snape," she muttered before preparing for the next staff member to enter her little make-shift clinic.


Luna and Ginny were the first members to get to the door separating them from the watery sunshine. With a joyful laugh, that was echoed in the group behind them, the two girls threw themselves at them before taking off at a playful run. One by one the other Pack members joined in until only Tobias, Draco, Theo and Pansy were not running.

"That is a sight for sore eyes," Tobias said with a gentle smile. "It's wonderful to see a family that is as close as ours."

Draco glanced over at his partner and winked at him with a roguish grin. "It's wonderful for all of us Bi," he said, reaching for Tobias' hand. "Nothing in this world could make me happier than I am right now – except maybe having our cub here with us."

Theo and Pansy exchanged amused looks before moving until they were at a respectful distance from the loved-up couple.

"It's enough to give you a toothache, isn't it?" Theo asked, amusement written all over his face as he watched the married couple.

"You sure you're not saying that due to jealousy?" Pansy teased, knowing her friend was completely asexual.

Theo snorted n answer, making Pansy grin wider.

"I never thought I would see the day that Draco Malfoy would become the proverbial mother hen," she laughed, watching as Draco hovered over Tobias as he walked through the snow covered grounds.

"I don't think any of us expected him to be like this with anyone."

"To be honest," a new voice from in front of them said, making them both jump in shock. "I think that Alpha is the only one who Beta would ever act like this with."

Pansy and Theo scowled at the new edition. "Did you have to do that Neville?"

Neville laughed. "Yes, yes I did. Luna sent me to get you to hurry up. Beta is settling Alpha into his spot as judge. The games will start soon."

Both Slytherins swore heatedly and sped up slightly. Neither of them wanted to miss out on today's activities.

To begin with, most of t
The Pack had been against the idea of holding a Winter Olympic Games – it was a muggle orientated thing after all – but when Ginny had explained that Alpha would be included by being the person who decided who won instead of being left to sit and watch while everyone else had fun, they had conceded. It had been Alpha who had pointed out that they would only be copying the muggles so far as holding a competition between teams comprised of a variety of smaller competitions.

When the three stragglers reached the area set aside for their Alpha, they were met by teasing jeers and playful banter which had everyone laughing within a few minutes.

"Okay people!" Tobias yelled after everyone had calmed down. "I have two boxes here. One has everyone's name in it and the other has a selection of colours. I will pick a name from the first container. Whoever I call will come up and chose another name. That person will be your team mate. The second person called will chose a colour. Hat will be your team colour. Once everyone is teamed up you will have a moment to change your clothing to said colour or to transfigure something in said colour. Everyone understand?"

Once everyone had cheered or grunted their understanding, Tobias chose the first name. "Blaise."

Blaise sauntered up to Tobias and reached into the container once more. "Draco."

Draco playfully pouted as he moved to stand beside Blaise. He threw a wink at Tobias who grinned and shook his head at his playful mood, then reached for the box of colours. He blinked as he read the slip of paper before sighing in resignation. "Luna Dearest?" he called. "Were you the one in charge of colours by any chance?"

"Yes, how did you guess?" was the innocently curious response.

"A lucky guess," Draco smiled, showing their colour to Blaise who tried his hardest not to laugh.

Eventually all teams had been chosen and Tobias transfigured a large chalkboard and its necessities out of a few sticks that had been gathered for the small fire that was burning in an empty drum.

"First even is the snow angel making competition. This event requires only one team member to participate. Rules are: No magical aid and no sabotage.

The winning team will receive five points, second will get four and so-on and so-forth down to fifth place that receives one point. The winning team of each event gets a small prize and the overall winners will get a larger prize. Now teams, choose your contestants."

In a matter of only moments, Tobias had the information he needed. "First up is Blaise of 'corpse Grey, second is Pansy of 'Jaundice yellow. Third is Theodore from 'Asphyxiation Blue'. Forth is Vincent from 'Pus white and last, but not least, is Neville from Mucus Green. On my signal …. GO!"


Everyone in the Great Hall looked up in shock when the doors opened to allow the eleven missing students, all of whom were adorned with garlands of spruce, holly and perovskia and two of them with a delicate tiara each that seemed to be made of the purest crystal with a dull light emanating from the centre.

"It comes as no surprise to me that Luna and Pansy won today," Blaise said, shaking his head with a defeated smile. "Both are beautiful, intelligent women with a very sadistic outlook that seems to complement and build between them."

You are just annoyed at the fact that they beat you by bluffing in the last game of the morning," Draco teased, loving the sight of the healthy flush on his husband's cheeks.

"Of course I am!" Blaise exclaimed to much laughter. "I'm never trusting that innocent look every again!"

Luna looked at Blaise with her head tilted to the right, innocence plastered all over her face. "What innocent look?"

Blaise looked at her and blinked. "Never mind," he muttered as he turned and walked to the table, missing the amused smirk on the blonde girl's lips.


Achalendra – Lord of the immovable:- the Himalayas

Perovskia – Russian Sage