Chapter 42

Everyone in the Hall watched horrified as Tobias leapt at the newly released girl, transforming into his wolf form before colliding with her. The younger years suddenly found themselves unable to see or hear anything other than the same woman who had threated Granger humming a gentle song that slowly put them to sleep.

The older years, visiting dignitaries and Professors, on the other hand, couldn't remove their gazes from the sight of the white wolf latching onto the girl's throat and tearing it out, ignoring everything as her terrified screams were joined by those of the students around her at the sight of the white wolf's canine grin in a face stained red with blood


The screams froze in everyone's throats as the bodily remains of the former brains of Gryffindor became surrounded in pure white flame as the red-stained wolf slowly shed its fur and returned to human form. "I announce the fulfilment of the blood oath to magic against one Hermione Jan Granger. May the Mother continue her punishment in my stead. So Mote it be."

The people in the hall that knew the full story echoed the ending and watched as the body was fully consumed by magic. Once the flames vanished, Tobias' knees slowly began to give out on him.

"TOBIAS!" Lucius, Severus and Minerva shouted as Draco leaped forwards and slowed the slightly younger male's fall.

"I'd better get him back to bed," Draco sighed from his position on his back with Tobias collapsed on his chest and stomach. "I know that it isn't good for him to skip a meal, but he can't eat like this."

Greg, Vincent and Millicent stepped forward and picked the two boys up off the ground. When Severus appeared beside Greg – who head hold of Tobias – the boy handed his bundle to the normally dour man.

"Go and eat," the man told the group. "I'll take him back with me to my rooms. You won't be much good for him if you start missing meals as well," he stated calmly as Draco opened his mouth.

"When you have eaten all of you come by my office. I will need to check up on Miss Lovegood to see if she needs another blood replenisher a." He looked at the awake and aware Pack members sternly, his eyes telling them to look after the blonde girl.

With a sharp no, The Pack – minus Tobias - turned and gathered around the still slightly dazed Ravenclaw who had her head resting on Ginny's lap while the red-headed girl hummed softly and ran her fingers gently through the blonde's hair. With everyone's attention on either Luna or Ginny or on the retreating back of the feared potions master, no one noticed the dark eyes filled with pain watching every small movement that came from the girl.


Tobias woke to a small body crawling into his bed with him. He sleepily opened one eye and took note of the long blonde hair and slightly protruding eyes in a paler than normal face and moved around so he was spoon in the younger female who had protected him, his mate and their unborn cub with her own body. With a sigh of happiness he fell back into a deep sleep with his new cuddle-toy not too far behind.


Severus chuckled softly as he looked up from where he was writing out a parchment full of potions-related activities on it and glanced over at the transfigured bed where Tobias and Luna could be found. After eating, the rest of The Pack had guided Luna to Severus' office and the blonde had sleepily climbed into the bed with her Alpha, mumbling a soft 'thankyou Pap' before falling into a deep healing sleep only moments after Tobias.

He was forced out of his thoughts by a sharp knock on his door that made him jump. With another quick glance at the pair on the bed, he rose and hurried to his door.

"Keep it down," he hissed acidly as he opened the door. "I have two sleeping students here and I refuse to let anyone interrupt their much needed rest!"

Two of the people before him blinked in shock at the protectiveness of the man.

"Sorry," they murmured as they walked in past the man.

Severus squeezed the bridge of his nose as he closed the door behind the trio. "What can I do to help you?" he asked after he checked on the still sleeping students.

"I'm here to check up on how the young ones are," Minerva said softly, knowing how protective the man was of his godson. "Not that I don't trust you to look after them," she continued hurriedly, "I just want to know for my own peace of mind."

The tension that had formed in the younger man relaxed significantly as he registered the older woman's words and he rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"Tobias is going to be fine. He isn't supposed to shift while in his condition. It isn't harmful to the babe since he doesn't shift into a smaller form, but the amount of magic it takes is more than he can comfortably stand. To all extents and purposes, he is only drained magically. It's enough to make him exhausted and to feel uncomfortable, but not life threatening to either him or the child."

He absent-mindedly reached for the cup of tea that the transfiguration professor handed to him and took a decent mouthful, disregarding the temperature of it.

"Luna on the other hand is quiet the quandary. She reacted well to the healing spell, but the blood replenishers I give to her aren't working all that well. I don't know if it is because she has built up immunity to them or if she is allergic to one of the ingredients in it. Neville and Pansy have taken it upon themselves to write Xenophillous and inform him of what has happened and ask about her reaction to the potion. At the moment, she is comfortably wrapped in Tobias' arms, deeply asleep."

Minerva nodded her understanding and raised her cup to her lips.

"You seem to have put most of my students into shock," Filious stated, eyes twinkling mischievously. "I've had to have several of them get calming drafts from the Healer's in the Great Hall or from the lady who has temporarily replaced Poppy."

Severus chuckled. "I was wondering who would be the first to catch on. I'm going to make myself clear. I am a Potions Master – and a damn good one at that," he stated. "I believe that if you are going to teach Potions then it should be done properly. I was forbidden to teach my lessons the way I wished, so I didn't bother to do much more then give them enough homework and supervision so they could do the best they could without killing themselves. With Amelia and the other Ministry officials here, they gave me the permission I needed to change the way potions is taught. The students who did as they were told and went to their professors were the first to get the new schedule."

"Do you mind if I have a look at what you've got so far?" Filious asked, almost bouncing in joy.

Without a word, Severus handed over seven rolls of parchment to the deminiuative older man and turned to look at the last person in the group.

"Don't mind me," Lord Patil said, raising both hands in the air. "I just came along to get away from the brats. You wouldn't suspect that they were all over the age of thirty, the way they're acting at the moment."

Severus snorted in amusement as he pictured his blonde friend lying on the floor throwing a temper tantrum with yelling, screaming and kicking because he didn't get his own way.

Minerva and Filious exchanged amused looks, the same thought going through their minds.

A soft whine from the bed made the four adults freeze before another whine made Severus run to his two cubs without a word to his visitors.

"Nonos?" a sleep-laced voiced muttered, a slight amount of pain evident in his tone. "I need my potion. I haven't had todays and it hurts!"

"Okay Neogennito," Severus soothed. "You just keep a hold of Kyria and I'll be back soon."

Tobias nodded and tightened his hold on one of his most loyal friends, not reaching when the girl woke at his movement and started to run her fingers in gentle strokes through his hair and down the sides of his face. When Severus returned with the potion, it was Luna who got him to drink it, making Severus and Minerva chuckled slightly when she insisted on cleaning the small amounts of spillage and residue with her tongue, her mind still slightly more wolf then human if the growls, whines and whimpers she was releasing were any indication.

The four adults watched the two until they fell asleep once more. Severus covered them with a blanket, a small smile on his face. When he turned to the others, his smile disappeared when he met the raised eyebrow and crossed arms of the Patil family patriarch.

"Explain!" she ordered, making Severus sigh.

"We will explain what we can," the dark-haired man said with a sigh, much to everyone's shock, "but I will NOT break the trust he has given me, so don't even think of asking for more."