Chapter 56


Tobias looked up at his bonded and smiled thankfully as he was handed a mug of his favourite Chi drink.

"Now where was I?" he mused out loud.

"You were about to tell us how the mean old man was dealt with Grandpa Bi," one of the little delinquents around him said.

Tobias chuckled in amusement. "So I was, so I was," he leant back against Draco with a happy sigh.


Tobias' eyes narrowed at Lucius as he finished his report to his father. In his arms was a nursing Melody.

"You mean to tell me that somehow Albus Dumbledore managed to escape capture from the Aurors and they only just now decided to tell the rest of the Ministry?" Tom asked incredulously.

"I do My Lord," Lucius growled, frustrated with everything. "The Head Auror … Scrimager I think his name is … decided to use Aurors who were a part of the old man's Order believing that they would be loyal to the Ministry first, even after it was bought to his attention that they were exceedingly close to the insufferable old man."

"This means Draco and I can't go to lunch in four days, doesn't it?" Tobias asked, resigned. He and Draco had decided to take Melody to the Ministry to introduce her to Cornelius, Amelia and Achalendra. The man was going to be back in England for only the one day to talk to the Minister about his transfer to the Indian Ministry for a year and to catch up with his daughter and her intended.

George had requested that his Alpha come since it was vital that the two of them have a chaperon. Tobias had agreed and Draco had invited himself along so he could take Tobias for lunch when the couple was with Padma's father.

"Of course it doesn't!" Tom exclaimed, shocking Tobias into looking up at him. "I refuse to hold you prisoner in your own house because of that old bastard!"

Lucius' jaw dropped at the language his Lord was using.

Tom placed a gentle hand on his son's cheek. "None of us are going to allow that man to dictate how you live your life again," he said softly, "You didn't deserve it the first time and you don't deserve it now. All I request is that you have a guard with you."

Tobias hugged the man as best he could without disturbing his daughter. "Love you Pateras," he whispered. "I'll talk to Dobby about coming with us."

Lucius carefully removed his granddaughter from Tobias and silently left the room, allowing the Father and son to their bonding.

-Timey Whimey stuffs-

Tobias smiled at Draco as the blonde played with their daughter while they waited on their meals. Dobby was seated under their table and invisible to all eyes, keeping his magic confined but ready to act should he be provoked into defending his master's family.

While they waited, several of their school peers saw them and came over to congratulate the couple and see the small bundle for themselves. Draco acted the part of proud parent and bragged about the past two weeks with obvious joy and love.

Tobias looked at the babe in Draco's arms and almost cooed. When she had first been born, she had no hair, black eyes and was an angry red, wrinkled alien-like creature; not that it made him love her any less – and now she was still hairless, a fact that was hidden by the cute knitted cap on her head, her eyes were slowly starting to lighten and her red, wrinkled skin had started to pale slightly and smooth out. She had also started smiling that very morning, brining tears to her Grandpa Tom's eyes when she smiled her precious first smile at him.

"Are you planning on having more?" an unknown female voice bought Tobias' attention back to the present.

"Yes," Draco said with a look of love and pride at Tobias. "I wasn't convinced I would want more than one in the beginning," he admitted. "Firstly I wasn't sure I would be good with them and secondly, but more importantly, I knew nothing of male pregnancies and it concerned me. I love Tobias," he said firmly, "and if he was going to be endangered, I would not have more than one."

"Hello Tobias! Hello Draco!" a familiar voice called.

"Hello Sally-Ann," Tobias smiled.

"I see congratulations are in order," she grinned as she spied the now sleeping bundle in Draco's arms. "She's beautiful."

"Thank you," Tobias said. "The Pack have already started taking bets on who she will look like, her personality and how long it will take Pateras to AK someone who looks at her wrong," he added in amusement.

Sally-Ann giggled softly. "My sisters are doing the same, except it is involving me, father and a shot gun."

She blushed slightly at the look Tobias gave her.

"One of Father's business associates from Rome bought his son with him when he came to a business function. Father mentioned that I attended an exclusive boarding school in Scotland and when we were away from the crowds; his father asked me how I found Hogwarts. He, the Father, is apparently going to ask father about a contract between our families – a courting contract, not a bonding one."

"Does he treat you well?" Tobias asked softly.

"The only male who has ever treated me better is Father," she admitted. She looked up and saw a waiter walking towards the table she was standing at. "We'll talk to you another time," she said, grabbing Tobias' unknown female. "It was lovely seeing you so happy Tobias."

"Dobby," Tobias muttered quietly as their waiter walked away after placing their plates down," remind me to ask Miss Perks to tea in the next few days for a proper chat."

A gentle pat on his foot told him that he had been heard and he turned to his meal with a slight grimace. Dobby's food was better.

Half-way through their meal, Draco excused himself, stood, handed their daughter to her mother and headed to the area where the lavatory was hidden. After another few mouthfuls, Tobias found himself unable to move due to the ropes that had sprung up and tied him to his chair. Looking up, he glared at the person before him, finding a stranger with Draco's face holding his screaming, yet silenced, daughter.

"Who are you and what do you think you are doing?" he asked coldly, knowing that Dobby was prepared to move in an instant.

"Forgotten me already Husband?" the imposter said with a smirk.

"You aren't Draco," Tobias stated, noting that the other Patrons were watching them closely while acting like they weren't; including a dark faced George Weasley. "You got several things wrong when copying him. First, his eyes aren't that colour. Second, his hair is longer, shinier and not as white and third, he never sneers at me neither does he ever silence our daughter, no matter how much she screams."

Imposter Draco smirked. "It doesn't matter. As far as these people around us know, your loving husband decided to do a runner with your child." A flash of blue appeared in the Imposter's eye, causing an idea to form.

"Dobby, remove the glamour around the one holding my daughter," he whispered softly. It wasn't a potion being used, nor was the person a metamorphmagus. He knew this because there was only one metamorphmagus in the UK and she had been warned away from him when it came to light that it was her who had allowed the headmaster to escape and a person's true eye colour would not reveal itself through a potion.

"Remove it without letting the person under it noticing and get my daughter away from them. If possible, get her to one of the Patils because I suspect that George will react before I can escape the ropes."

Dobby pat his foot in understanding and made his move.

Just like Tobias had thought, as soon as Dobby succeeded in removing Melody and the glamour from the man, George snarled and attacked viciously. Everyone in the restaurant quickly left the area once they saw who the culprit was, with one young man, running in the direction the real Draco had taken to ensure the blonde's safety.

"I should have known it was you," Tobias growled as the ropes holding him vanished when George was blasted into the wall behind him. "You are, after all, the only person who fucks up my life." He turned to face his opponent, nodding gratefully at George who limped his way back to his betrothed.

Albus Dumbledore scowled at the child before him. "I deserve your respect boy," he spat, ignoring the incredulous looks he was getting from the spectators.

"Tell me just what you've done that makes you worthy of my respect?" Tobias countered with a slight growl to his voice. "So far all I'm getting is you putting me with the muggles, you denying Sirius his rights as the heir and Head of an ancient pure-blood Clan, you ordering my parents death when they decided to go neutral, you leading me through the nose for five years of schooling and you were the one to use those bands on me, amongst other things."

Tobias sneered, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring. "Well, I'm waiting."

Faster than anyone expected, the ex-Headmaster sent a sparkling black ball of magic at the teen, sending him into the wall with a crash.

Tobias curled around his stomach, gasping in an attempt to stop the pain while still listening closely to the old man's footsteps as he got closer.

"You aren't so smart now are you?" Albus sneered, kicking the boy in the ribs to move him onto his back. "Turns out that without the school and those followers of yours: you are nothing." The ole man smirked and put his foot on the boy's lower abdomen where a healing C-section scar would be.

"I've taken out your loving husband," Albus spat out as he slowly increased the pressure on what he believed was the weakest part of his victims body, "and as soon as I've damaged you enough, I will take your daughter away and put her somewhere not one of the people close to you will be able to find her."

Tobias curled up around the foot on him and growled deeply. Nothing made him angrier than someone threatening his family. Forcing himself to breathe through the pain he was experiencing and blocking out the old bastard's words, he triggered his side of the bond he had with his phoenix.

He grinned viciously as Dumbledore yelped as flames appeared around his hands. He began to laugh.

"Thank you for revealing your plans to us," Tobias said, grinning viciously. "Everyone in the establishment has known who you are from the very beginning."

Albus jolted and looked up in shock as he took in the dark looks that were being sent his way. He had been so intent on getting rid of the brat that he had forgotten the people around them. He pushed his foot down harder in a last desperate attempt to do damage and froze when instead of screaming, the youth laughed breathlessly.

"It's no use doing that Alby-Bus," Tobias sang out, watching with relief as the stranger who had vanished re-appeared with Draco who, while a bit unsteady, was moving on his own. "Only males who use the potion get cut open to give birth. There is no wound for you to re-open and since you openly attacked ME after taking on the visage of MY bonded, harmed one of MY PACK and threatened MY DAUGHTER in front of all these witnesses, then THIS," Tobias curled tighter around the leg that was holding him down and grabbed just under the old man's knee, "is self-defence."

In one movement, Tobias' hands flashed with green flame and he rolled towards the man's other leg, making the disgraced man fall heavily on the ground with a deep crack of something breaking.

George leapt forward and grabbed hold of the back of Dumbledore's neck, his nails, still in their claw-like state, dug deeply into the skin with ease.

The stranger quickly appeared at Tobias' side once the older man had been detained.

"Mr Malfoy-Black," the man stated calmly. "I'm Healer Daniel Black – muggleborn so no relation."

Tobias chuckled softly through a wince, "Nice to meet you. Thanks for going for Draco."

"Not a problem. I've checked both him and your daughter. Both are just fine and are being watched over by Miss Patil while her father aids with the old man. Your house-elf vanished just a moment ago to get your Healer, father and the Aurors. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Can't you heal him?" George asked.

"I'm afraid I can't. I am a general Healer. I am the person to come to for vanished bones, broken bones, burns and mild spell damage. I can run a test on him, but I would not be able to understand it like his personal physician would. I'm still in the process of becoming a specialist and I could do more damage if I tried healing him."

"Good answer," a familiar voice said, making Tobias relax slightly.

"Hello Algernon," Daniel said as the older man knelt on the other side of the downed teen.

"Glad to see you Dan. Good to see that some people of sense are still in Mungo's."

Daniel chuckled as he helped the man uncurl his patient.

"I'm not in Mungo's," he admitted. "I'm working in Japan at the moment in one of their clinics. I'm specialising in addictions – Potions, muggle drugs, alcohol, and stimulants; anything that affects the mind."

Algernon nodded and shot spells at the now straightened patient and smiled in relief.

"Good news is the only damage done is slight bruising," the older man said. "Better news is that orders from the Minister are that Dumbledore goes to you after his trail."

"Wonderful," Tobias winced as he sat up with help from the two healers, "Now I want my daughter and my husband if you don't mind."

Both men chuckled and moved the younger to his family, which now included his Father and godparents.


As his children and grandchildren put the young ones to bed, Tobias thought back to the darker memories he had withheld from the now popular bedtime story.

That night Tobias had finalised the plans to ensure he and his father were free to do what they wished … well … within reason naturally. While Dumbledore was held in the magic-depleting cells in the Ministry, Tom, Tobias and Severus were planning the end of the war.


"I'm sorry," Severus stated, "I think I am hearing things. I thought I just heard you say you wanted to end the war within the next two days."

"I did," Tobias said, looking at the man from over the rim of his teacup. 'We have everything we need except for one thing."

"And what is that?" Tom asked in amusement.

"The followers you no longer want nor need," Tobias replied, "And a bit of your hair," Seeing the looks being sent his way, he sighed and told the two men his plan and was rewarded by two astounded faces.

-Timey Whimey Stuff part 2-

Tobias relaxed into Draco's side as he watched his Pack interact as a whole once again. It was only three days since Dumbledore had attacked the small family so not only were his entire Pack – including the older Weasley boys – in attendance, but his father, godparents, Padma and Augusta Longbottom were also with them.

Draco sent a smile down at his bonded as he felt more than heard him sigh in contentment. It was then that the screaming started.

Tobias opened his eyes with a smirk only those beside him could see. "Showtime," he muttered just as one of the other patrons of the café they were at ran back into the shop yelling about Death Eaters.

"Get Tobias and Melody out of here!" Tom yelled as he and the older members rose, drawing their wands.

Augusta – who had been holding the babe while making her grandson blush by alternating between telling stories of when he was a babe and hinting at wanting great grandchildren – hurried through the floo holding her precious bundle close to her chest. She knew that Tobias wouldn't be following her through the fireplace and as the spinning stopped, she sent her thoughts to those left behind in the café.


Just as they planned, Tobias fought against leaving before any other people with young children left. AS the last child vanished, the door of the building slammed open to reveal a tall, skeletally thin, pure white man with a snake-like appearance. Everything, including time, seemed to stop.

"I sense traitors," the man said, revealing a smooth, sibilant voice. His eyes landed on Tobias' group and an evil sneer graced his lips. "You!" he hissed.

Tom stood, placing himself between the man and his son. "Me," he said in complete boredom. "The next time you decide to kill someone to steal their identity, my advice would be to do it yourself rather than sending idiots."

The man's sneer vanished to be replaced by a scowl that got darker the more Tom spoke.

"CRUCIO!" the man hissed, aiming for Tobias, who was making his way to his father, avoiding the other people around him.

Without a thought, Tom jumped in front of the curse and he fell to the ground, gritting his teeth together so hard that you could hear them creaking.



"Incendio," a voice hissed. Everyone stopped panicking and looked at the teen that was glaring at the man who held his Father under that curse. In one hand he held his wand and in the other was a black and silver flame and his face was one that everyone in the Pack, as well as every married man, was familiar with.

"How dare you," Tobias spat as he flicked his wand enraged, ignoring how his Pack fell into formation around him. The figure moved and Tobias threw the flame at the man, not reacting as it stretched and solidified into a whip of shadow and flame that the man had to dodge.

"Harry Potter," he hissed, narrowing his eyes.

"It appears you missed the memo," Tobias snarled, "It's Tobias Regulas Malfoy-Black and you are the very annoying Holie-shorts."

The man, now positively identified as Voldemort – hissed at the boy.

"Did you spring a leak?" Tobias asked, allowing his irritation to surface, "Here, allow me to finish the job. BOMBARDA!"

Voldemort quickly put up a shield and fired off his own attack, hissing insults at his opponent.

Tobias ignored him, focusing on attacking and defending himself as his Pack protected him and themselves from the present Death Eaters.

A pop from outside alerted everyone to the fact that Aurors had arrived. With the added help, the Death Eaters that were scattered throughout the area were swiftly captured and delivered to the newest cells at the Ministry. As these cells literally glowed with charms for soothing rage, dampening magic and compulsions for telling the truth when a set phrase was uttered, there was no hope of them escaping.

A loud CRACK! Was heard and everyone turned and stared as an unknown figure dropped to the ground from the side of the building he had been blasted into. The figure started to rise, only to come nose-to-muzzle with a snarling white wolf while the rest of The Pack surrounded the fallen figure.

It wasn't until the white wolf began to change that Amelia began to move as fast as she could, somehow knowing instinctually that this would be the end, one way or another.

"You are a disgrace to your family line," Tobias sneered. "Not only that, but you are a disgrace to Mother magic and the world of wizardry."

Amelia stopped and watched with wide eyes as the no longer pregnant teen stepped towards the man. Seeing him up close had Amelia breaking into a sweat: There was no denying that the man-like creature that was being held down by a web-like chain of pure magic that was locked to the wolves surrounding him was Voldemort himself.

"You tried killing my adopted father to steal his identity and you killed many innocent people while poisoning the minds of many more: All because of jealousy," Tobias continued, spitting the last word making all who knew his history with muggle relatives flinch.

"Are we sure that's You-Know-Who?" one of the Aurors who had followed her asked suspiciously.

"It is," Amelia stated, shuddering slightly as she remembered her one face-to-face meeting with the insane man in the first war.

"Then he must be extremely weak to be defeated that easily."

"How about we do to you what Tobias did to him," a female voice sneered.

"Lady Malfoy," Amelia said with a nod, her eyes not leaving the sight before them.

"Madam Bones," Narcissa responded before her eyes returned to the out-spoken man. "That … poor excuse of a wizard managed to get on my son-in-law's bad side rather quickly."

"That's an understatement," a shaky voice stated.

"Tom," Narcissa huffed as she spun around, "Should you be up?"

"For this … yes."

Just as Narcissa turned away, no longer able to stand the sight of the strongest man she knows standing only because of the arms of her husband and his best friend wrapped around his waist, a brilliant blue-white light flashed and a dull THWUMP was heard.

Everyone gaped at the sight of fourteen wolf-turned humans bowing to a Tobias who was surrounded by black and silver flames while his wand was covered in green and white flames. No one moved as the flames combined and leapt from Tobias to Voldemort then spread to the Death Eater bodies that had been placed in a line in the middle of the street.

The wolves smoothly transformed back into their human forms and silently they turned and walked towards their audience. The gathered crowd separated and watched as the fifteen youngsters who ended the second war against Voldemort walked through them to the café they were originally at. No one said anything as five distinctive adults joined them.

"If you have trouble with funds to re-build," they heard Tobias say, "Ask for a meeting with me through Gringotts: It's the least I can do. But for now, I need a shower and my daughter."

Before the owner of the establishment could stammer out his thanks, all twenty people before him vanished in a lick of flame. By the time the Aurors turned back to the burning husk that was Voldemort, they were too late to see the spell/potion combination break and the visage of a snake-creature vanish to be replaced by the annoying features of a red-headed, blue-eyed idiot who was consumed by the flames.


~~~Linelinelineline. Linelinelineline. Linelineline.~~~

Draco watched his bonded of the last three hundred and eighty five years lovingly as he trapped himself within his own thoughts. The two of them had the ups and downs that every couple in a relationship had, but they had always had each other's back when it was important. He sighed and allowed himself to also go travelling down memory lane.

First had been Dumbledore's death. Many people said that his death should have taken longer or been harsher than Tobias' way, but Draco understood where his husband was coming from when he stated that he wanted to focus more on life – specifically the life of their daughter – rather than the old man's death, so the most manipulative man in wizard history had a very peaceful ending of being sliced vertically in half by Tobias using a samurai-type sword that Kyria had designed – though the young woman had been very put out that the Dementor blood she had added into the melted metal before its crafting hadn't had any effect on the victim.

Tobias had then spent three hours explaining to her that a reaction might have occurred if the victim was only injured by it rather than being bisected. After several minutes in deep thought, the blonde-haired female had agreed that yes that might have helped, and dropped the matter.

Draco smiled sadly as his thoughts turned to their Pack. A month into the year after they had graduated, Luna and Vincent had been bonded in a double ceremony with Ginny and Gregory. While both bonding ceremonies had occurred between only two people, because they had been held at the same time, the four of them had obtained a fierce comradery between them that only deepened over the years.

Vincent and Luna had, in the end, given The Pack two cubs: a set of twins who had their mother's mind, their father's dependability and both of their loyalty.

Ginny and Gregory had birthed only the one cub that, to the regret of many, formed a close bond with his identical twin uncles and kept all his adopted family on their toes with his pranks and rambunctious attitude.

The next of The Pack to bond was, to no surprise, George when he and Padma fulfilled their duties the week after Padma had graduated. T the happiness of the couple and the relief of both families, the two of them had grown to deeply respect each other over their two year engagement and it hadn't taken long for the two of them to find that they were content with each other as a marital partner and while they never grew to love each other as deeply nor as strongly as the first three bonded couples did, they did share a special kind of love all their own while adding a set of triplets to The Pack's growing number of members.

Next announcement was from Remus and Severus who had decided that a full bonding was unnecessary and so had done the were-version of eloping. As neither man was young nor healthy, they provided no cubs for The Pack's continuation, but they doted on each and every little miracle that came along.

Neville had finally gathered his courage and asked for Millicent's hand in bonded bliss five years after graduating. The robustly-built female had blinked at the younger man the shy Gryffindor had become and nodded after several moments. It had seemed that Millicent had come to terms with the fact that no-one would be interested in her at a young age and the thought that an attractive young man would voluntarily ask for her to spend the rest of her life with him had caused her to momentarily panic once her shock had passed and had resulted in Neville spending the first hour of their relationship in Algernon's care as the older Longbottom tired containing his laughter long enough to fix his nephew's broken jaw.

The oddly fitted couple had a very unique relationship and though it was difficult … and oft-times impossible … to see just which one of the two wore the pants, no-one could deny that the two loved each other and their two cubs dearly.

Pansy, to the surprise of many, found a lovely bonded in one Susan Bones. When asked about their relationship by someone outside The Pack and Amelia, it was Susan who tore into the nefarious gossip, verbally shredding the woman's hide and reputation with such precision that Pansy, Luna and Narcissa took notes. Amelia, who had been spending her lunch break with the four of them, just smiled proudly at her niece. To the joy of both girls, they had welcomed two cubs of their own into The Pack and were responsible for the idea of The Pack taking in young victims of child abuse from muggle-born populations.

Fred had married – not bonded – Angelina Johnson after a six year relationship, only for her to leave him a year later when the glamour of being married to a man of success wore off to reveal that, even though he was successful, Fred was still the same person he was while at school. The thing that everyone in the know – including Fred himself – believed to be the breaking point in their relationship was Fred's close relationship with The Pack.

Unlike the other outsiders who married into The Pack, Angelina didn't want to join The Pack and therefore didn't try to assimilate into what equalled as ta major part of Fred's life. In the end, Fred was thankful when the divorce papers arrived the day after she had left. Unfortunately for him, he didn't find a companion to bond with until he was about seventy five, so he had no cubs of his own, but he was one of the people who voluntarily submitted himself to the horror of babysitting duty and took his position of 'Uncle Gred' with an ease and enthusiasm that reminded everyone of a puppy with a new toy … only more disastrous.

Bill, when he eventually decided to settle down, surprised no one when he introduced a familiar face as his soon-to-be bonded. Fleur had decided on joining Gringotts after leaving school and had quickly become one of the best Ward Mistress' in Europe. The two bonded within two months of gaining their Alpha's blessing and had contributed six cubs to the ever-growing Pack.

Tom had devoted the rest of his life to ensuring that he, his son and their family never had reason to feel as though they were unloved. When he had passed away forty years after adopting Tobias, it wasn't alone in a dark, dank room as he had always feared, but in his own bed surrounded by family and friends with the last thing he saw and heard was his beloved son gently kissing his forehead with a soft 'I love you Pateras. Thank you … for everything."

Theodore told The Pack straight out that he was asexual when questions started flying around about him bonding. To his amusement, no one reacted in the way he thought they would and within a few hours they had informed him that he was now married to his job.

Lucius and Narcissa were thrilled with their new role as grandparents, soon discovering the benefit of not being responsible for the children 24/7. It was to no-one's surprise when, on days the older Malfoy couple baby sat, the cubs were returned to their parents, aunts, uncles, guardians or older siblings high on sugar and armed with some new toy or another.

To the relief of everyone, the couple didn't overly spoil the cubs unless it was an important occasion and as they grew they discovered that it was far more rewarding to get a smile, pat on the head or warming hug with a softly spoken word of encouragement, congratulations or declaration of love than obtaining all the material goods in the world. It was something that had Lucius pouting over and Narcissa proud of when they were told by a four year old Melody that her mama's gift had been better than theirs.

The person that had shocked everyone to silence, however, was Charlie. One day the second oldest red-head walked into the estate with wide blank eyes and shaking hands. It had taken almost two hours for him to snap out of his state and the first thing out of his mouth was 'I've been bonded.' His eyes then widened and he hastened to explain before Tobias exploded.

It turned out that on odd occasions, a Dragon handler would, for some reason, gain the interest of a specific dragon and sometimes the dragon would choose to bond with said handler. No one knew how or why it happened, but it was considered to be the highest of honours to be the chosen bonded of a dragon in Dragon-Handler law. Needless to say, Charlie did not contribute to the enlargement of The Pack, but in his own admission, he was happier being the bonded companion of the Peruvian Vipertooth that chose him than he would have been had he bonded with a human.

To no one's surprise, Blaise was The Pack's unapologetic bachelor playboy and Tobias got many complaints from those outside The Pack because he wasn't reigning the Italian male in. Tobias always replied that as long as both parties were willing and Blaise made it very clear to his partner that it was only an exchange of physical graduation, then what made it their business what his single, therefore unattached, protector did in his free time?

What did surprise them, however, was that one of his conquests had volunteered to carry his issue and he had accepted. It was later discovered that the woman in question and her husband had been trying for an heir since they were married and had recently discovered that the husband was infertile. The pair had approached Blaise with a proposition – he give them a child and sign the kid over to them fully and in the future, when he felt ready for an heir, the woman would do the same for him. The arrangement, though somewhat surprising, worked out well for the trio and Blaise doted on his daughter, as did the rest of The Pack.

Draco blinked himself out of his thoughts and smiled at the photo his eyes had moved to. He and Tobias were in their early sixties and looked to be in their mid-thirties. In front of Tobias was Melody, smiling alternatively between her parents and the camera. Beside her and in the gap between the chairs holding the two oldest members knelt a delicately built young man with a slightly rounding stomach who was identical to Draco except for his hands, his hair and his temperament. This was Remi; their youngest and the picture had been taken two months before he had birthed his first born.

On Remi's other side, with an arm around the pregnant male's waist, and in front of Draco was a beautiful young woman who looked identical to her Grandma Lily but with one hazel eye and one grey-green eye. She was their middle child and had been named Mary-Lou; a name that Tobias had allowed Tom to come up with to honour their great grandma Merope.

Behind Tobias and Draco stood three identical black-haired, silver eyed men who resembled their Grandpa Lucius more than their father. They were Orion, Jaxon and Domnic. Tobias had been unlucky to have fallen pregnant with triplets the year Melody had turned five and no one, not even the infamous Weasley twins, were game enough to push the pregnant man's buttons.

Sitting on the outer arm of each chair was a female with strawberry blonde hair and bright emerald eyes winking at the camera before gently kissing the closest parent to them. Jessamine and Kilandra were the Marauder's legacy and were known most commonly for their habit of wearing headbands with fox ears and a belt that had two fox tails attached. They had been born two years after Mary-Lou.

Last, lying on his stomach on the ground before the pregnant man and being used as a foot rest was a doe-eyed male with Platinum blonde hair whose mind was obviously far away from the matter at hand. That man's name was Lars and was born only four months before Remi.

"I never thought I would have this," Tobias' soft voice said, breaking Draco from his thoughts once again. "I'm glad to have shared it with you."

Draco smiled at his husband with as much love as he could muster and wrapped his arms around the slightly more frail man. "Let's head to bed Love," he said, nuzzling his face into the previously black hair of his bonded. "It's been a long day."

"That it has," Tobias agreed with a smile as he slowly led his beloved to the bed they had shared since their bonding so many years ago. With one last kiss for the day, both men fell into dreams where all their loved ones still lived.

At a late hour, everyone on the estate jerked awake due to the sound of shattering glass and the eerie sound of a wolf's howl on the wind. After a quick check of the wards, the household settled down to sleep once more. It wasn't until the following morning that anyone discovered anything different. Remi walked into his parent's room with their regular pot of tea, only to pause before walking back out without a word.

There, in the middle of the mattress, lay the entwined bodies of Tobias and Draco. Tobias' head was rested on Draco's still chest and his left hand was gripped tightly in Draco's right and on both faces a small content smile lay. One by one the family entered the room to pay their respects and each left with tear-filled eyes and a small smile on their lips. The sound of wolf song once more entered the estate and all who entered the room released the hold on their tears and, on the shore of a distant lake in the middle of a wondrous garden, a pair of wolves – one white and one black – watch on and howl their emotions into the air.

It was their time to answer The Mother's Call.


Tobias' Family

Tom Riddle/Randal Jones/Voldemort – Pateras [Father]

Remus Lupin – Lykos [Wolf]

Severus Snape – Nonos [Godfather]

Lucius Malfoy – Anadochos [Godfather]

Narcissa Malfoy – Nona [Godmother]

The Pack

Harry Potter/Tobias Riddle/Tobias Regulas Black – Skotadi [Darkness] or Gios [Son] - Alpha

Draco Malfoy – Drakontas [Dragon] - Beta

Neville Longbottom – Skoteinos [Dark] – Tobias' Second

Pansy Parkinson – Arketa [Pretty] – Draco's Second

Theodore Nott – Pontikos [Mouse] – Scholar

Blaise Zabini – Arpakitiko [Predator] – Weapon's Specialist

Fred Weasley – Ateria [Mischief] – Espionage Specialist

George Weasley – Ateros [Mischievous] – Espionage Specialist

Charlie Weasley – Hemerotes [Tamer] – Beast Speaker

Bill Weasley – Katara [Curse] – Dark Mage

Millicent Bulstrode – Bouno [Mountain] – Guard; best with one-handed sword

Vincent Crabbe – Dynamo [Strength] – Guard; best with bladed staff

Gregory Goyle – Skia [Shadow] – Guard; best with dagger

Ginny Weasley – Epikindynos [Dangerous] – Light Mage

Luna Lovegood – Kyria [Lady] – Torture Expert

The Daemons

Schozogglan [Zog] – Earth Daemon

Boonifiphelus [Booph] – Shadow Daemon

The Ministry Crew

Lord Lucius Malfoy

Madam Amelia Bones

Madam Deloris Umbridge

Lord Achelandra Patil

Wu, Xing

Zleva Williams

Madam Elisabeth Greengrass

Lady Ariandra Schmidt

Tobias and Draco's Family


Jaxon, Orion, Domnic


Jessamine, Kilandra