"Bella is that really you?" He asked as soon as I said hello.

"Yes. It's really me. I'm in Forks and now the question is where are you?" I asked him.

"I'm in Arizona still hoping to find you. How, and when did you get to Forks?" He responded

"It's kind of a long story. It would be great not to have to explain it all over the phone. When can you come back here?" I asked. Part of me was hoping that it would be sooner rather than later. The was another part of me was hoping that it would be later. I really enjoyed staying with Edward.

"I will be on the next flight out. In fact, I'll call you back once I get my ticket and know for sure." He sounded so happy.

"Ok I'll talk to you later dad." I replied with a smile.

"Oh, two more things Bells. Where are you staying?" He asked and I almost groaned.

"With the Cullens. Dr. Cullen and his family offered to take me in when they heard my situation. They've been really nice to me." I finished.

"Ok I think Billy has...uh...mentioned them before. Lastly, if you would want to there's a key hidden under the plant by the front door. You don't have to but I thought that if you wanted to stay at the house, you are more than welcome." He said gruffly. Charlie was never good with expressing his feelings but he always tried to make it clear.

"Thank you dad. I might go over there and clean it up before you get back. I'm sure it's a disaster zone." I laughed.

"It probably is but listen Bells, you don't have to do that." He said.

"Well I want to and it is the least I can do." I felt so guilty for putting him through all of this worry.

"Ok. I'll talk to you later, after I call and get my ticket. I love you Bells and it is so good to hear your voice." I almost started to cry when he said this.

"I love you too dad." I said as I hung up the phone.

I sighed and laid back down on Edward's bed.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked me.

"Yeah. It's just I feel horrible for putting him through that. I should have called him before I even left Phoenix. I was in such a hurry to get out of there. I remember thinking 'oh I'll call him once I'm on the road and closer to him.' I didn't want to worry him. It seems so stupid now." I felt Edward's arms pull me close to him. I sighed in relief. It was weird but when he held me it was as if I had been nervous, or anxious before, and now I could breathe again.

"It wasn't your fault. How were you supposed to know that you would end up in a coma before you even reached him?" He asked me.

"That's not the point. I still should have at least warned him that I was coming here." I argued. "I'm the reason he isn't here now and he has been so worried lately." I was starting to get angry at myself.

"Stop. It is not your fault. Charlie is fine and he will be on his way back soon." he held me tighter if possible.

The phone rang again and I assumed it was Charlie.

"Hi dad." I answered and then looked to Edward.

"Bells, I will be home tomorrow night." He still sounded so happy and that made me happy.

"Ok, I can pick you up from the airport." I smiled.

"No it will be really late." He tried to argue.

"Really dad? Then how will you get home because I assume that you're flying into Port Angeles and that is a good hour away." I replied with a laugh thinking about how stubborn he was.

"Ok fine but, it will be really late. I don't want you coming out here by yourself. Would it be possible for one of the Cullens to come with you?" Charlie asked. I then turned to Edward who was already nodding. I quickly mouthed a thank you to Edward before answering Charlie.

"Yeah dad. I'm sure one of the Cullens will come with me." I said.

"Ok The plane is supposed to land tomorrow night at 11. I'll see you then and I love you Bells." He said.

"Love you too and see you tomorrow." I said and then hung up. "Are you sure you're ok with going with me?" I asked Edward. It was then I realized that I was still being held by Edward.

"Bella, as if I would let you go by yourself. Also, it's not as if you would be disrupting my sleep." Edward replied with a laugh.

"Alright." I sighed with a smile that way he would know that I wanted him to go with me. I looked at the clock and saw that it was now 7 at night. "Would you mind if we went downstairs to get some food?" I asked and as soon as I did he was off the bed and holding a hand out to me.

When we got to the kitchen Edward started to cook me dinner, against my protests. The rest of the family was in the living room, at least that is what it sounded like to me. Alice and Rose came into the kitchen and were soon followed by Emmett and Jasper.

"Edward, Jasper and I were going to take a hunting trip, care to join us?" Emmett asked Edward.

"No thanks." I heard Edward reply as Alice and Rose joined me at the counter stools.

"Ok, let me rephrase that. Jasper and I are going out to hunt and you are going with us." Emmett smiled.

"Well, Bella since all of the boys are going hunting, Rose and I thought that we could have a girls night. What do you think?" Alice looked to me.

"Edward go hunting. You're eyes are getting quite dark. Alice, yes I would love to have a girls night." Once I said this Emmett laughed and I looked at him questioningly.

"You have no idea what you just signed yourself up for." Emmett answered. Then the next thing I knew Rose was over by Emmett and smacked him on the side of his head. She then returned to her seat.

"You noticed the eye color change?" Edward asked me.

"Of course. Then once you told me about being a vampire I just figured it had to be because you needed to feed." I shrugged.

"You are amazing." He said with that crooked smile that made me smile.

"Thanks. Also, once you get back I need to talk to you." I had no idea where this courage was coming from but I hoped it would last until I talked to him.

"I'll hurry home then." He replied.

"No you won't. We need our girl time." Alice said and crossed her arms across her chest.

"Plus, we were told to stay away from the house until tomorrow." Jasper said with a chuckle.

"So now shoo. Girl time starts now!" Alice said and shooed the boys away. They all laughed and ran out the back door.

Girl time consisted of manicures and pedicures, movies and of course pushing for information. That last part was Alice and Rose pushing me for information.

"Bella I know what you're planning." Alice smiled and looked up at me. Currently she was painting a design on my nails.

"What?" I asked. I honestly had no idea what she meant.

"Did Edward not mention my power or how it works?" Alice asked as she continued to paint little flowers on my nails.

"Powers? What are you talking about? He never mentioned anything like that? I..." I went into shock and started to ramble before Alice finally stopped me.

"I'm going to take that as a no." Alice answered with a small smile.

"He probably got distracted." Rose said.

"Ok so sometimes vampires have powers outside of the normal ones. We all have incredible strength, speed, hearing, vision and smell. The strength of these traits can sometimes cary as well. Some are stronger, like Emmett, and some have a better sense of smell. It depends on the vampire. Also, we are all fairly attractive, some more than others." She gave a glance at Rose who just smiled. "However there are those like Edward, Jasper and I that have a gift on top of those." She continued.

"Wait, Edward has a gift. He didn't even mention that." I was now kind of upset with him.

"Yes. Jasper's gift is with emotions. He can feel them and manipulate them. I can see the future. Edward can read minds. All of our powers have certain limitations of course." She said the last part as if that would soothe me.

"That means that Edward has been able to hear my thoughts from the start?" I was truly embarrassed now.

"No. As I said there are limitations to our gifts. You are the only one immune to his gift so far." Alice grinned. "What do you think?" She asked and moved my hand so I could look at my nails.

"They look great but, can you please continue explaining this power thing to me?" I asked.

"Of course. I am limited because I can only see something once people make the decision to do something. Even if it is a minor decision, it can lead to a chain of events that cause a certain outcome. For example once Edward made the decision to move back and work with Carlisle, I saw you in his future. I didn't know how but, you were definitely there. I couldn't see you're future clearly because I didn't know you. I can see vampires easier than I can humans, another limitation." She huffed in annoyance.

"Ok. Edward can't read my mind though right?" I wanted to be sure.

"No and he has been confused by that since he was assigned you're case. In fact that was why he would..." Rose started to say.

"Anyway," Alice cut Rose off but, it was too late now I was intrigued.

"What were you going to say Rose?" I said and looked to her. Rose then looked to Alice and Alice sighed and nodded.

"That was why he would go into your room at the hospital and sit with you. It was a peaceful space for him." Rose replied.

"How often would he do that?" I asked them.

"Every time he could. Anytime he had a break or there was a moment he could escape he would." Alice answered.

"Wow." I was shocked.

"Back to what led us to this conversation, I know your plan." I was snapped out of my thoughts when Alice said this.

"Alice, I honestly don't have a plan." I answered.

"So then what were you planning on talking to Edward about once he comes home?" She asked with a smirk.

"I was planning on talking to him about what to do when Charlie gets back." I replied and looked at her curiously. She then zoned out and I looked to Rose for help.

"She is checking her visions." Rose answered.

"I see now!" Alice exclaimed.

"See what?" Rose beat me to the question.

"That's what leads to it. Bella mentions going home and Edward..." Alice stopped, paused for a minute and then smiled. "Sorry Bella. I can't give you any more information. It changes the outcome." She said.

"Ok." I answered simply.

"Wow. The others still argue with me and yet you don't?" She questioned.

"No but, I think I'm still in shock a bit." I laughed.

"It's ok. You have every right to be." Rose said and patted my hand.

"Had I known that Edward hadn't explained anything to you, I would have eased you into this." Alice said and looked apologetic.

"It's fine." I yawned as I said this.

"Bed time?" Rose asked.

"Yeah I guess it is." I laughed and looked at the clock that informed me it was now 1am.

"Don't worry by the way." Alice said to me as we all walked upstairs. "He will be home before you wake up." She smiled and then went into her room. Rose said goodnight and went to her room. I didn't know which room to go to. Did I sleep in Edward's room again or did I return to the bedroom that had been set up for me? As I was debating this I heard Alice call from downstairs.

"Edward's room." She answered my internal debate.

"Thank you." I sighed and walked into his room. I went straight to the bed and fell asleep to Edward's scent, the smell that had become so comforting.

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