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"Angela, I really don't feel like going out this weekend. It's been a long week, this case took a lot out of me and I just want to relax." The over worked Anthropologist tried to explain to her friend over the phone.

"Sweetie, that is exactly my point! You need to come out dancing with me and cute guys...have some fun sweetie!" Angela retorted.

"Sorry Angela. I'm going to take a nice bubble bath, drink some wine and try to write down some notes and ideas for my next book."

Her friend let out a long exasperated sigh. "Fine! More men for me, you just enjoy working on the imaginary one. Make Kathy and Ay suffer for your lack of intimacy. I swear the less you get the more your characters do!"

"Have a good time Angela. I will talk to you tomorrow."

"Bye Bren."

About an hour later Temperance emerged from her bathroom after her nice hot bubble bath. She felt extremely relaxed and ready to work. She opened up her laptop and as it was starting up she went into the kitchen to pour another glass of wine. The red flashing light on her answering machine indicated that she had 3 new messages. She put her glass down and pressed play. The first was from her father, wanting to know how her week went and if she was doing ok. It was weird having him around and checking up on her but she was greatful to have him there. The next message started to play and as soon as she heard Booth's voice she skipped to the next message.

He had really gotten to her this week, as if the case wasn't horrific enough, he was constantly undermining her questioning every finding her and the team had discovered. Not only that but the bickering and constant dismissal of every thought or word that came out of her mouth. She couldn't deal with that right was to much, she needed space from him and a weekend of avoidance would hopefully do the trick.

The last message was from her publicist, Bones expected the message to ask for an estimated time for her new manuscript but to her surprise it was to inform her of a new website where fans were writing and discussing her latest book. After the last incident where a few fans banded together and killed people as they were in her book she was a little apprehensive but figured what the hell. She typed in the web address and pulled up the page on her computer.

She was shocked at her findings, there were so many stories as well as fans of her book. Tempe knew it was popular but reading people's reviews and thoughts...she was just awestruck. Although some of the more mature stories made her feel like an amateur or cringe just a little, she took it all in stride and brushed it off as that person's interest or point of view.

She spent 2 hours on the site before deciding to take a break. She glanced at the clock noticing it was only 9:30, she decided to read one more story before she started on the things she needed to get done. She scrolled through the pages and saw one that caught her eye 'Bone Matter' by Boneprotector35. The story so far had a lot of reviews, she started to read it and was in complete shock at what she was reading.

' Andy was beside himself, his partner the woman he took a bullet for was standing in his bathroom telling him that his actions 'only go so far?'

"SO FAR!" Andy yelled as he stood up forgetting that he was naked as the day he was born, but that is what this woman did to him, drove him up the damn wall. He never hated yet wanted something so bad in his life. The very thought of her, scent, sound anything of her made him hard and now that she is standing less than 3 feet away was not helping him control his body's reactions.

"Would you like a towel?" she asked trying hard to keep her eyes from looking over his wet body.

"No." he snapped. suddenly feeling the air around him. 'SHIT! What to do?...What to do? I am naked standing in front of the woman I have wanted for years! Control yourself...Control yourself...Fuck!! NOT WORKING!!! God I can't take this anymore!'

"Kathy, I never meant to betray your trust. I should have told you myself and I'm sorry. I can't change what has happened but Kathy I..."

Andy gets out of the tub removing his beer hat as he stands in front of his partner. To his surprise she doesn't back away.

"Besides my son, you are the most important thing in my life and I can't be myself or do my job unless you are right there with me...all the way. The center." he whispers.

He takes her hand and places it over his heart.

"Is that still only going so far?" he asked suddenly nervous that he has put to much emotion on her all at once. He looked back up to see her face but her eyes were fixated on the hand resting over his heart. A small smile graces her lips as she feels the rapid beating beneath her hand.

Andy closes his eyes revealing in the feeling of her touch and the moment transpiring between them. He hopes she won't run, hopes that she will stay and they can talk about where this will lead next, where they go from here.

He feels her hand slip away from his chest, it lightly hovers over his hypersensitive skin.

'Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have pushed that much.'

A sharp intake of air is sucked into his lungs as Kathy glides her hand over to the bandaged area of his chest. She places her left hand lightly on the bandage as her right comes back over his heart. Andy's eyes are still closed, he can't believe that this is happening. He's not really sure what this is exactly but he definitely doesn't want it to stop!

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"WHAT??? NO, this is bull shit!!! I want to know what happens. I want to know WTF this is doing on this website. I want to know!! Only one person knows the details of this very private moment and I am going to kill him!!!!


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