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'The winner is....'

Booth was quick to make his way across town to Brennan's apartment. A copy of her story next to him in the passenger seat as he maneuvered through the heavy traffic.



"You know this for me then tell me who you think the winner should be!" said Angela as she handed the paper to a very questioning Booth.

He sat back on the stool and read the words that clearly came from his lover's heart. Tears threatened to spill but he fought them back as he finished reading her story.

He stood and looked back at Angela clearly seeing her eyes outlined in red as the tears fell from them.

"You're good Booth...but compared to that, you didn't have a chance." she said softly.

He looked at her then back at the paper.

"I need to go!" he yelled as he half ran out of the lab to his car.



Running up the stairs as fast as he safely could, he came to a standstill in front of her door. Taking the few extra seconds to catch his breath and collect himself before knocking on the door.

It didn't take her long to answer and when she did the sight before her almost broke her heart.

Booth… standing in her door way panting for air, face stricken with tears unable to speak. Before she could say anything he held out a piece of paper clutched inside his hand, she recognized it immediately as her story and her eyes filled with tears.

Booth finally caught his breath and walked into the apartment closing the door with his foot. He watched how her demeanor changed and before she could speak he pounced at her knocking them both to the floor.

Holding on desperately to each other as they kissed, fondled and stripped one another they finally broke apart and smiled.

"This is the best thing you have ever written. God Bones...I...."

She silenced him with another kiss then pulled away.

"Thank you...and its ok you don't have to say anything. I know its good, that's why I came home early to clear out some space for your stuff when we start to move you in here." she said with a giant smile on her face.

He lowered his head to her ear and growled seductively. "You played me...again!"

"Like a cheap" she laughed when he looked at her dumbfoundedly. "Shall I draw a bath and you can sneak up behind me and live out your story?" she teased and laughed again as his eyes widened.


"Oh please… like Angela didn't call me as soon as you ran out of the lab to give me every minute detail." she smirked. "Now I believe we agreed on having a makeup day for our time apart, care to start now?"

Oh...yeah baby." he said before crashing his lips to hers.

Rolling him on his back so she could take control she broke away momentarily looking down at her future.

"After our day of debauchery is over I have a proposition for you."

"Yeah...I'll do whatever you want just come here." he said pulling her down to him.

They spent the rest of the day christening 'their' apartment in every room, on every piece of furniture possible, on every surface imaginable. Finally conceding in the wee hours of the morning Booth turned to the woman he loved and finally asked.

"So what is this proposition you were talking about?"

She smiled wickedly at him and for the second time that day he felt a little scared.


Six and a half months later

Angela finds Brennan standing on the platform finishing the final report on some bones from limbo.

"Sweetie...I can't believe your new book comes out today! When is your publisher getting here with our copies?"

"Soon Ange. Patience is a virtue."

"No its not! It's an annoying inconvenience!" she countered.

"Your just dying to know what the surprise is." came the voice of Booth as he made his way up to join them.

"YOU LET HIM READ IT BEFORE ME!!" she screamed.

"Calm down Ange...and not exactly." Brennan said looking innocent.

"What do you mean not exactly? Either he did or he didn't!"

"Look here is my publisher, you will see what I mean when you get the book." She assured her friend, pleading with her for understanding.

"Here you go Dr. Brennan. Hot off the press and heading straight to number one on the New York Times Best Sellers list." boasted her publisher.

Angela tore her way pass him taking a copy of her new book and admiring the cover. Bones and Booth shared a knowing smile when they saw the look on Angela's face.

"What's the matter Ange? Cat got your tongue?" replied Booth.

Angela looked between Brennan and Booth then back at the book before she spoke.

"Bone Matter by Dr. Temperance Brennan...and Boneprotector35!?!?"

"Yes well after everything that's happened Bones came up with a brilliant idea to do a collaboration and use my screen name to keep most people from finding out that I write." he said before giving Brennan a hug.

She was in shock, her best friend was now in a strong relationship with a man that she is head over heels in love with and she wrote a book with him??

"Am I in the twilight zone?"

"No Ange your not. It's just after everything that's happened I am finally learning to express my emotions and I couldn't think of a better way to express my feelings for Booth than to share one of my favorite things with him. home and now in recreation. We also decided to dedicate our first book to you, for always supporting us and helping us see what's always been right in front of us.

When Angela flipped to see the dedication made to her she wept and pulled Brennan and Booth into a hug.

"I really do love you guys you know that...HODGINS come here and see what they did for me." she cried making her way over to her 'boyfriend'.

As she walked away Booth pulled Bones into his arms and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"First book huh. Does this mean you will be enlisting my services in the future on more books?" he asked showing that cocky grin.

"I would hope so. Our...brainstorming techniques to figure out which scenes to use are very invigorating."

"Really...well in that case I want a contract stating that I receive half of the royalties made from the books and a balloon payment on all future publications. I also want and accountant an-"

She silenced his crazy talk with a passionate kiss.

"Sorry. All you get it me." she informed him.

"Man....just take away all my fun and-"

She pulled him back down kissing him senseless.

"Ok, I think I can live with just you." he smiled.

"Good, now be a good partner and take me home so we can work on our sequel!"


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