Chapter 1

"I'll going to Akatsuki!"

"…You're in."

"She what!?!" yelled a bunch of teens. "Yes, it's true Naruto has join Akatsuki." Tsunade sighed. "But their after her demon! She's probably dead!" yelled Sakura. "No... We got word, 4 days ago, that Naruto is the newest member in Akatsuki." "So Naru's in Akatsuki." Shikamaru said. "Are we going to get her back?" Kiba asked. "We don't have to. Only if you want too." "Of course we want to!!" yelled Sakura. "First Sasuke-kun leaves now Naruto, she's my best friend and we are getting her back!" "Calm down Sakura. We can't go and find her now, we're not strong enough. If you can convince everyone to train to get Naruto back, I'll let you find her." Tsunade purposed. Sakura turned to everyone, they all nodded. "Their all in so we can go find her?" "Yes but you all are not strong enough, as I said before. Now go! Train! Whatever, just get out of my office!" Tsunade yelled turned around in her chair. So everyone left to train.

~*3 years later*~

"Ok everyone, it took us three years but I think we're ready to get Naruto back." Sakura yelled to the group. (Just to tell you their all 16 now) "Hmm, so this is team that's trained to get Naruto back." Tsunade said walking up to the group. "Tsunade-sama!" Sakura jumped. "I guess you guys look strong enough to get Naruto back. But I'm assigning you a new member tomorrow." "I don't think anyway in this village even anbu or the elite are at our level, they'd just slow us down." Shikamaru stated. "That is true but I just got this letter today about him and I assure you he will be good." Tsunade smiled. "C-can we at l-least know h-his name?" (I think you know who that it) "Hmm… I think this letter will do. It's from him." With that handed Shikamaru the letter and left.


"urgh!" said a orange hair man as he got up from the ground, "hmm" "You have grown so much since you got here… Naruto." Said Pain as he sighed in defeat. Naruto just smirked. Naruto was totally different from the way she use to be. She wore the Akatsuki uniform that came in at her waist line making it look more feminine. Naruto's blue eyes were now red and she kept them like that. Her hair remained the same length and at two sides. "Leader? If Naruto-san can beat you easily then why isn't she leader?" Zetsu joked. "Shut up Zetsu." "I wouldn't want to be leader anyway." Naruto said as she walked to her room.

Naruto opened the door and walked. "How was training?" "Why are you always in my room, Itachi?" "What? Your boyfriend can't chill in your room." He said lying on Naruto's bed. "hm" She said as she sat beside Itachi. "You didn't answer my question, how was training?" "Same, no one can defeat me so far. Pain's thinking of Everyone vs. Me since 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 3 on 1 and 4 on 1 haven't defeated me yet." "Well if he does do Everyone vs. you, don't think I'll take it easy on you." Naruto just smirk, like he could bet her.

"So you hear the news?" "What news?" Naruto looked at Itachi confused. "Konoha Ninja's have been training for three years straight." Itachi turned to Naruto. "To get you back." Naruto's eyes widened. "Yep, the lot of them are coming to get you." Naruto got a little teary and hugged Itachi. "I don't want to go back… I want to stay here with you." She said into Itachi's chest. Itachi hugged her back. "Don't worry my little Kitsune I won't let them take you." "… I don't want to hurt them though but I know I'll have to." "Don't Naru-chan we'll think of something." Naruto and Itachi looked up at the door to see the entire Akatsuki member standing there. Naruto blushed a little and got up, Itachi still on the bed. "We'll never let you go." Said Sasori. "You're the strongest member here, it would be too big of a lose." Said the leader. "If you left I'd be the only girl again." "Aw, thanks guys." Naruto said hugging then all.