Chapter 24 (The missing part of Chapter 23)


Sasuke groaned and pulled away from Naruto and opened the door.

"What-… Sakura?" Sasuke said looking down at the girl.

"Gomennasai." Sakura bowed. "If Sasuke is happy, then I should be happy even if that means you're with Naruto."

"Did you just get out of your punishment?"

"Yes, and I see now how immature I was being." She turned to Naruto, who glaring at her. "I'm sorry for everything I did to you, Naruto. I know you can never forgive me but… well I just wanted to say that I was sorry." Naruto remained glaring at her.

"Sakura, I can never forgive the shit you put me through. The old me would of just killed you." Sakura flinched, she saw Naruto didn't have her bracelets on anymore. "But that's not me anymore. I'll spare you this time, but do that ever again and I will kill you." Sakura smiled.

"I won't. And maybe one day we can become friends."


Sasuke smiled, they were finally getting along. And he was free of Sakura's fan girl-ness. Things were turning out get. After they all collected Naruto's stuff and moved it into Sasuke's house. Naruto and Sakura became great friends just like back when they were kids. And after a week or so Sakura asked Lee out and fell in love with him. Sasuke and Naruto stayed together through thick and thin loving and caring for each other. They went on missions together and team 7 was reunited. But this wasn't one of those happy ending stories because true love doesn't have an ending, true love doesn't end. This was just the beginning and nothing was gonna stop them this time.

"Hello little brother. Naruto." Itachi smirked.

"Itachi." Sasuke glared.

"My, my, Naruto you've grown. Why not come back to Akatsuki we could use you?"

"Never." She glared.

"Well then, if you won't join us… then I'll have to take the other mission and capture the Kyuubi holder." Itachi smirked getting into fight stance. Naruto and Sasuke smirked and looked at each other. They nodded.

"Bring it." They said in unison before charging at Itachi.


The End.

I am soooooo sorry! I guess this part of the story was cut off on Chapter 23. This was supposed to be the end of Chapter 23 but well now it's 24. Likely people reviewed cuz I was like "What? I told them the story ended, why do they want more?" I was sooo confused, but now I see my mistake, I'm sorry readers! :D

But now I can't believe it's finally over *sigh*. Or maybe it's not? I'm think of a sequel but I wanted to start another story oh well whatever. :D hope you enjoy "Akatsuki Naruto."