Disclaimer: None of the wonderful Characters belong to us:)!

This story is written not only by me but also my three best friends Stefana Cullen and Ali Edward Cullen.

here's just a quick prologue to let you in on a few things.. hope you like.. please R&R :)



Precisely one year ago, my friends, Alice Brandon, Rosalie Hale, and I, Bella Swan, embarked on a dangerous journey evolving hormonal nightmares, known as... Middle School Preteens. Now you may be wondering what we were doing in a Middle School at the age of 23. Well it's quite simple. We were hired to teach a Sex-Ed course.

I'm pretty sure Alice and I were meant to be best friends. Coincidently our mothers were both taking a yoga-palettes-for-expecting-mothers-class. While assuming the position of "the downward-dog" they both went into labour, and were rushed to the same hospital. After giving birth to both of us, our mothers were transferred to the same room, where they spent the next 3 days bonding and becoming the friends they still are today.

Rosalie came into our lives, (more like rammed into our lives, but that's beside the point) while we were sitting in the cafeteria raving about the exceptionally God-like, Edward Cullen and his assumed to be boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. They claimed to be best friends, but people chose to think otherwise, you see, according to the laws of humanity, Edward was way too perfect to be straight, and Rob...Well he'd always had a tiny bit of gayness to him. But no one had ever had any solid evidence to their orientation. Either way, Edward had been totally off limits for our entire high school careers, and to be really honest, I pretty much couldn't accept that he might as well be fictional.

So there we were talking about how gorgeous he was and I had said something like "I don't care if he's gay Alice, I WILL jump him someday"

When Rosalie, who was sitting right behind us turned around. "Oh-my-God. Are you two really that desperate?!"

Of course, Alice's temper flared and she turned "She wasn't talking to you Rosalie Hale," she spat, "Why don't you mind your own business once in a while?"

Rosalie turned a dark shade of pink and tossed back her long blond hair, "I simply was pointing out to you how utterly idiotic you sounded, talking like that about a gay boy."

This time I turned red. Rosalie had no problems attracting the opposite-sex and she was very aware of that fact.

The arguments continued on for several weeks and eventually the criticism became compliments and finally resulted in civilised conversations. Long story short, she ended up becoming one of us losers, despite her great hair.

So here we are, entering the familiar doors of Forks Middle School ready to teach the most dreaded and embarrassing subject of our time, for the students that is. As for us, we simply can't wait!

We are truly sorry we made Edward gay.. we really are.. but dont worry it will all unfold later...:)

again were sorry.. but u still love it.. right?=]