Oh, I'm such a weepy baby when it comes to Dr. Who. Enjoy!
Spoilers for the end of series four.

Wilfred Noble wasn't sure he'd ever seen the Doctor cry when the Time Lord swung by. Always a grin and a sense of adventure behind his smile, and a child-like glee. But now...

He was holding Donna in his arms, and the panic of a thousand years flashed through Wilfred's mind as he and his daughter scrambled to bring them both in from the rain. Sylvia shook and carefully took Donna away to change her into drier clothes as the Doctor slumped against the wall and held his head, heavy. It could have been just the rain (the Doctor did not seem a man given to cry), but as Wilfred handed him a towel and the Time Lord's face was patted dry, Wilfred watched fresh tears well and spill, and his throat clenched, so moved that the man cared so much for this stranger--a friend, really, but a fleeting stranger in the face of all the places he'd been. Wilfred sat beside the Doctor wordless, thanks in his eyes.

They had found out later, from the Doctor, what had happened--the Dalek plan that had towed Earth away from its proper orbit, and how Donna--wonderful sweet IMPORTANT Donna, the most important person in the universe--had saved everyone. But it was too much--too much to keep in her human mind and expect her to live long. He'd stolen her memories of anything regarding him, away from her so she could live. He had wept as he had done so, and only stopped his tears to explain.

Wilfred knows Sylvia does not care for the Doctor--where he goes there is always trouble--but Wilfred stands at the door, marveling at the rain and the lonely man in front of him. There'll be quite a lot of rain, but things will get better.

But he won't. The Doctor will be lonely, for a long while, with fleeting moments of happiness. Where's all your friends? Wilfred asks.

They all have someone else, the Time Lord answers.

I'll remember for her--every time I see the night sky. For her.

Wilfred swears he sees new tears, heavy and strong behind the eyes, and the Doctor manages a smile.

And like that he is gone, strange blue box gone away. Alfred hopes that the Doctor can be happy one day--such a selfless man surely deserves it. But Wilfred knows, the Doctor will forever be hurt, and there's nothing anything can do to prevent that. He will just have to let it happen as it may. Perhaps he's more comfortable that way.