Hey guys. I just wanted to say, thank you to all the people who have been dedicated to me and read with me through this all. Lol

I always love to see that people the same and new have looked me up and read my stuff.

I know its prolly just cause its bleach, but still. Im glad that so many people think my writing is funny, cause I have 3,687 views from you guys! You left me 40 reviews and I have 41 faves. Now im guessing that, 40 of those reviews was done each by 1 person and someone was feelin a little lazy, which I already know is not true, lol but 41 separate people adding me to faves? I feel so loved.

Again, thank you for being so loyal, and I might have a rough time updating. School season and all. Im gunna be a sophmore!! My freshman days are over! =)

But I hope you guys keep reading and reviewing, and I will update again soon! Hopefully.

see ya!!