All right, here I go with my first ever Harry Potter story, though it's not really about Harry Potter at all. In fact, all the characters are mine along with the plot. Some settings such as Hogwarts and various others belong to J. K. Rowling and will probably stay there for quite a while.

This story is meant to be a little bit like a soup opera, but I hate them so it will be just an ongoing 7 story thing that I will write for your enjoyment. More will be told throughout future Author's Notes and I would encourage all viewers to tell me if they find something wrong or off about this story. This was sort of a spur of the moment thing, but if my viewers enjoy it, then I am more than willing to keep it going.

I'm expecting to at least try and get 30 chapters a book/story, but if it just gets lengthy and boring and dreadfully uneventful then I will try and speed things up and put more into it.

For being a plot less story, there will be a hopefully very good plot starting in the second book probably. This book/chapter is really just for you the readers to understand the characters and what they are all about.

I apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes that you may run into while reading this. I have to write it on all of this on notepad, which sucks. That's the absolute last thing I want my readers to have to go through, but there is no other choice in the matter.

Okay! Now on with the story!



Harry Potter and all of it's franchises and places do not belong to me. However, just about all of the characters here do, along with the plot of this story.



Two days ago, my mother brought me a letter. Out of curiosity, I decided to open it and was surprised to find what had been written on the parchment. In curly, handwritten letters it stated,

Dear Mr. Jonathan Allen Peter Stone,

You have been invited to attend our school this year. You have been specially picked, along with three other children, in what might be called a ''Transfer'' if you will. Your grades and attendance show that you are an excellent student.

As said before, you and 3 others will board the first flight to London, England to attend as first year students at our renowned school. Your supplies, luggage and flight payment have already been paid for in advance. You must have your parents sign the permission slip that goes along with this letter or you will not be allowed to stay.

All the rest of the information you need to know will be on the page behind this letter. I hope that you will come and learn at our school.


Headmaster of Hogwarts

Allen Scriptaire

And that was how it all started... (insert Harry Potter theme song here)


The train rumbled loudly as it made it's way down the tracks and whistled annoyingly. I sat in a somewhat spacious compartment with three other kids pretty much the same age as me, around 10 years old. We all sat quietly and stared at each other. Well, that is, everyone but me and the girl opposite of me. We just looked lazily out the window watching the view as trees and shrubs passed by.

It wasn't my first time on a train. I used to ride them all over the states with my grandma when she was alive. That was probably three years ago, with my last trip with her being to Washington D.C. It was fun seeing the sights: the Washington Monument, the Abraham Lincoln Statue, even the White House! I always had fun with grandma. After she died, my mother told me I lost that 'spark' that I had always had in my eyes. That wouldn't surprise me; I loved my grandma very much. Seeing a loved one die isn't exactly helpful to ones health.

"So... Whats your name?" hesitated the shy girl pointing at me from the other side of the small room.

"Name's Jon," I replied flatly. I kept staring out the window.

Seeming to not notice my tone of voice, she continued. "What about you?" This time she was pointing at the other boy sitting next to me.

"My name's Roth," stated the boy. His voice seemed to indicate that he was drowsy, or just bored to near sleep. I decided to take the time to look at "Roth." His face portrayed that, indeed, he was about to fall asleep before the girl startled him.

"And you?" the same girl that was mentioned before now pointed to the girl that sat next to her.

The girl looked at her, then turned to look at us, seeming to be debating whether or not we could be trusted with that kind of information. Apparently we couldn't, because she turned her head back to the window she was staring at previously and stayed silent. The rest of us stayed silent as well, which got my curiosity going as to why the interrogator hadn't said her own name yet.

Finally I got fed up with waiting and said dryly, "And you?" to the girl that had previously questioned me.

She started, as if she forgot other forms of life were with her. The girl stared at me a bit perplexed for a moment, then said in a small voice, almost a whisper "I don't know..."

The atmosphere in the small trolley changed slightly by this. "Roth" as he said his name was, looked curiously at her. The silent girl opposite of me shifted slightly in her seat and turned her head just a fraction to hear better. I was a bit taken back, but I did my best not to show it, which it seemed to work because no one caught the slight twitch that escaped my body without my approval.

"You don't know your name?" asked Roth in a hushed voice.

The girl looked down, as if studying her shoes and said slowly, "It's not that I don't know my name," there was a long pause here, "It's just that... I was never told my name."

That statement even grabbed the silent girl's attention away from the window and awoken Roth from his stupor. My eyes narrowed slightly in confusion and curiosity. Why was this girl not told her name? Who did her parents think they were not telling her something as important as that?

With all the attention put on her, the girl-without-a-name started her life story. It started simply, the usual life of a city girl "falling in love" with an abrasive, rash alcoholic she found in a bar one night. A one night stand and she was born at home because her "parents" didn't have health insurance. 10 years passed of them calling her "it" and "that thing" and occasional other things. She told her "mother", if that's what she could be called, that this was a camping trip with a new friend she had made recently.

"And that's the story. That's why I don't know my own name." And with statement said, the no-named girl broke down and started bawling like a baby. Not like I could blame her. That's probably the saddest life story I've ever heard. I thought I had had it hard, but this was just heartbreaking. The girl got up and raced out of the compartment and down the hall. After about a minute of no one moving, I decided to do the honorable thing and try to help her.

I probably can't do much for her, after all, I'm only 10 years old. But I was going to try. I'm a very tolerant kid about many things, but what I can't stand is seeing someone cry.

I slowly raised myself from my seat and walked out the door. I walked down the hallway I had seen her run to and crossed over to the next cart. Nothing really changed. Walls on one side and a few doors to trolleys on the other. The shaking of the train made me have to keep my hands on the sides as I made my way to the next cart.

After I made it to this cart, I saw two bathrooms. Girls and Boys were written on the doors. I knocked on the Girls' door thinking it the obvious place for a girl to cry in private. Sure enough, I heard a small voice squeak "Yes?" on the other side.

"I need to go to the bathroom," my small joke apparently had it's impact and I heard a small giggle. I let her have a few moments to finish whatever she was doing in there and step out. Her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks were red from the tears; she also had the hiccups from crying so hard. She was wobbling a little because she wasn't hanging onto the wall like me.

As expected, she fell forward because of a particularly harsh bump on the tracks and right into me. We both fell backwards with me on bottom and her on top of me. To any passer-byer it would seem a little... improper of a position. I had one arm around her waist and one on the floor holding us both up while she had both her arms on each of my shoulders to support herself. Our faces were probably 3 inches away from each other and had a shade of red that would rival a tomato.

In a way, it was scary having a girl this close to me. But in another way, it made me feel warm inside, and a little tingly. We sat there like that for countless seconds until a sound drew both of our attentions. Coming out of a compartment room was a girl, no older than us, holding her hands up to her mouth as if she had seen some kind of killing.

"Oh my god! They're snogging in public! That's so gross! You two need to get a room for that kind of stuff! EEEEWWW!!" By this time, students were peeking out of there rooms to see what was happening in the halls. A few grown-ups had heard the commotion as well and had come to check out what had happened. The two of us had gotten up as fast as we could after that embarrassing situation but we hadn't made it up entirely before a balding man came from the cart in front of use and saw the "position" we were in.

The man was obviously overweight and had a combover to try and hide his premature balding, but he had one heck of a grip. He grabbed our arms and pulled us both up roughly and taking us to where he had just come from shouting things like "Hoodlums" and "Young love my foot."

After leading us about ten carts up the train he stopped at a slightly larger compartment than ours and tossed us roughly onto the leather seats of one side of the small room. He sat down himself and just stared menacingly at us. The stare really was evil, like it was trying to get information from our eyes.

Holding my arm tightly, the still no-named girl quivered from the gaze of the older man. I sat unafraid, although slightly shaken from the tough treatment we had previously received, but I tried not to show it. I reached over with my other hand and put it protectively on the girls shoulder, hoping it would help the girls nerves.

"What were you two doing out there a few moments ago?" the man asked in a low, scary voice. I stayed unfazed as the girl's shaking only increased.

"I went with her to the bathroom and got done first, so I waited outside for her. She came out soon after and after a particularly hard bump from the train we fell to the floor like that. That other girl didn-"

"LIAR!" the man roared, "That girl was my daughter. Whatever she says is obviously the truth, thats the way I raised her!" The girl tightened her grip on my arm restricting most blood flow, but I just kept staring at the now red-faced man.

"I never said your daughter was a liar, sir. I just meant that she didn't know all the facts before she-"

Interrupting again, the man screamed, "HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT MY DAUGHTER! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!" and with that he pulled a stick out of his pants pocket and started saying something funny when the door flew open and another, simpler word was uttered and the man's stick flew from his hand to the corner of the room.

"Professor Terra! I helped you get this job because I trusted you and here you are about to attack two small children!" It was an old woman's voice. I looked at the doorway and saw an old woman with robes and a funny magician's hat standing there. Unusual; yes. Convenient; extremely if she meant what she said about the man attempting to attack us.

"Proffesor Aqua! They were insulting my DAUGHTER! How do you expect me to act! THEY MUST BE PUNISHED!" If it wouldn't have looked suspicious if I did so, I would have laughed. It looked like a screaming cage match between a balding baboon and a tall spider monkey.

"And punished they shall be! But not by you, you are not fit to punish anything in my eyes Professor. Children, come with me," and with that, she turned and started walking. Knowing that if we stayed here any longer Professor Terra might try to attack us again, I hurried my scared friend along and out the door in a rush to try to catch up to the other professor.

About two carts back we stopped at a room and went in. I was a bit wary about staying with a grownup in a small room, but the old woman sat down and smiled at us. This helped settle my nerves and almost completely stopped my third arm's shaking fit. The woman gestured us to sit down opposite her and we did.

Our teacher adjusted a little in her seat until she seemed to settle in a comfortable position than spoke with relative calm in her voice, "That, children, was a new teacher at the school you are going to. His name is Professor Terra. He will be your Potion's teacher. I am Professor Aqua, your Defence against the Dark Arts teacher," She seemed nice enough, and she saved us from that man's attempted attack. She can't be all that bad I supposed.

"So, let's have it then," she said slowly, "what happened in the hallway on that cart that I heard about?" Great! She won't believe us just like that other teacher!

After a deep breath I recalled to her the same thing I had told Professor Terra. After I was finished retelling the short tale(it wasn't really a lie, just a small fib) she looked at us firmly for a few more moments.

"I see," she stated simply while rubbing her chin in deep thought. The girl sitting next to me had loosened her hold slightly feeling safer in this woman's company, but she didn't remove her arms from mine. I didn't mind all that much, it felt nice being held, even if it was by a girl that I didn't even know the name of. "I believe you children, so let's just forget this incident ever happened and go to bed. Get back to your compartment and have a good night," and with that, she shooed us out of her compartment and down to our room.

I hadn't realized it before, but it was actually quite late. It was already pretty much sunset when I looked out the window before, but now it's pitch black outside. The girl had let go of my arm after we had left Professor Aqua's room, and now it felt sort of cold, but that's probably because of how cold it is outside tonight.

When we arrived at our trolley, the lights were off and it was quiet. We slowly walked in and noticed that Roth and the silent girl went ahead and sprawled themselves comfortably across the seats. I really didn't feel like waking either of them up at the moment, so I sat myself on the floor with my back on the door. It wasn't the most comfortable position ever, but I thought I could sleep there for one night. The girl on the other hand had no idea what to do, so she sat down on the opposite side of the small room with her back on the wall. After about ten minutes, I was about to fall asleep when I noticed that the girl seemed to be shivering. I looked closer and realized she had shorts and a sleeveless shirt on. That was not the right clothes to be wearing when your in a train crossing the mountains.

I tried to think about what I could do to help her get warm: my clothes wouldn't fit her petite form, I didn't have any blankets with me. That left me with really very little options.

I sighed deeply and motioned for her to come over. She hesitated slightly, unsure if it was a good idea to trust me, but she ended up coming over and stood in front of me shivering. I could see her breath from my spot on the floor. It hurt me to see her like this.

I slowly reached up, took her hands in mine and lowered her to sit in between my legs while I put my arms around her in a hug. There's no doubt about her shivering now that I had her this close to me. Slowly her shivering died down, but I could tell that she was blushing even though I couldn't see her face. Sadly enough, I was blushing as well. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I did this, but it seemed to have done the job nicely.

Suddenly, I had an idea. Well, it wasn't an idea, it was more of a word that suddenly hit me.

"Aria," I whispered.

"What?" The girl in my arms said curiously.

"Aria was my grandmother's name before she died. I want you to have it. Use it as your name," I explained.

"But, I couldn't. It's your-"

"It's alright, I want you to have it. It fits you perfectly in my opinion." I interrupted.

There was a short pause before a small "Thank you" was heard. Then her breath took to being slow and steady, showing that she had fallen asleep.

"Good night," I whispered before letting sleep take me as well. The last thing I remember is the warmth I felt when sleep overtook me.


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