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I woke up the next morning to find that Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, had not been a dream. I woke up the next morning to find that I had, indeed, met three new school companions; Alicia Gnuse, who rarely spoke a word unless compelled to by God knows what; Rothew Devons, who has no fashion sense what-so-ever; and Aria, who has no true idea of her own name. I woke the next morning to find I was surrounded by magically pampered, pompous Britannians. I woke up to an entirely new life.

The first morning was extremely hectic. Kids awoke with shouts of fright as ghosts flew through the walls screaming bloody murder. I, sadly, was no different. I found out later that it was a sound tradition for the 'Host Ghost' of the House to be the first year's alarm clocks. If only on the first day, and maybe on special occasions, such as Halloween. I made sure to keep that in my memory for when the event came around.

After taking proper care of personal hygiene in the morning, Roth and I managed to find ourselves in the Common Rooms, waiting for our female friends. As we waited, we watched others our age and older scurry around, finding lost pets, making new friends, and even a few of the prefects were seen reading something akin to a newspaper. Sadly, unlike a normal newspaper, these had magical moving pictures on them. A pity; I was hoping something as small as a newspaper wouldn't have changed so drastically.

As the girls came down the stairs, their robes billowing behind them, I and Roth rose from our seats. "Everything go okay your first morning?" I asked.

"Everything but the ghost running about screaming its head off." Aria said with a small smile on her rosy cheeks. Alicia nodded, opting to lead the way out the portrait, down the corridors to the Great Hall for some breakfast. We saw Harry Justyse talking to a couple older girls, probably trying to get them to pose for a picture.

"How do you remember the way here?" Rothew asked the raven haired wonder as we traipsed through the large, open doorway connected to the Great Hall. I was wondering the same thing.

"Photographic memory," was all Alicia said, sitting down underneath the large Ravenclaw banner and making a move for the toast and jelly.

That seemed to satisfy Roth for the moment, as proven when he grabbed a large batch of pancakes, slathering gobs of syrup over them. Aria opted for the cold milk and cereal approach, along with myself.

We sat in silence after that, once again enjoying the near silence of the Hall this early in the morning. First year classes didn't start until tomorrow, allowing us to search the castle, find our classes, and get to know the teachers. Sadly, from the gossip that could be heard while eating their meal, most, if not all first year students, forwent this to get to know their fellow peers better.

"You guys think we should go talk to the teachers, or try to get to know the rest of the student body?" Aria said after her second bowl of cereal, starting a third. For as lean as she was, I didn't know where she was packing it all.

"Well, I was wanting to get a better look around the castle," stated Roth, his eyes just now seeming to notice the candles up in the sky. "Were those there last night?" Alicia nodded, although whether it was to agree with the first statement or the second, I'll never know.

Aria seemed to agree as well. "I bet this place has a huge library, with tons of books on who knows what." That comment seemed to put here in her own little dreamy world. Odd, I thought to myself, I never figured her for a bookworm.

Suddenly all their eyes turned to me expectantly. "What?" I asked. "It doesn't matter what I think. I'd be out voted."

As we all left the hall, bellies full, we headed off in a seemingly random direction, following the girl with a photographic memory. Besides all of the talking paintings and ghosts popping in and out of wall, which we still weren't used to, it was pleasantly quiet. All the older kids had long ago gone to their first classes, nearly deserting the halls and leaving them barren. Every once and a while a kid rushed by us with a hurried 'hello' before disappearing around a corner.

We eventually came to learn the floors in a decent light. Potions class, we found, was to be held in the dungeons with Professor Terra. Obviously we avoided said dungeons. The ground floor held few classes, mostly History of Magic and Muggle Studies. These two classes seemed to be the least used. I made a note to ask if the four us could get into the classes. History of Magic would be fascinating and Muggle Studies would be easy to pass.

The next few floors up held more challenging classes as you rose higher. From Charms and Transfiguration with Professor Aqua, who I made sure to introduce to Roth and Alicia, to Arithmacy and Ancient Runes.

The pattern broke as you hit the top towers. Divination and Astronomy were here. The classes seemed like a joke to me. Being able to see into the future with the use of tea leaves, crystal balls, and the stars in the heavens. Seemed like a bunch of bull to me. Not to mention the crazy looking Professor teaching it. As we walked into the empty class room, she was sitting on a chair, straining against her massive weight, staring into a crystal ball, reciting mumbo jumbo. She had on a classic witch hat and wore tattered gloves.

She turned to us suddenly and cocked her head to the side, as if she was an barn owl looking at a group of mice scurrying across a field. "May I help you?" she asked in a pleasant tone.

"We were just taking a look around the castle and thought we'd come in. Is that fine?" Aria asked, staring intently at the crystal ball. I made a mental not to talk to her about not taking this class in the future.

"Yes, my children, please do. Would you like some tea? Or maybe a croissant?" She seemed to pull these things out of the air as she spoke them. I take back a little of what I said about her. A little.

Roth took the croissant and tea while the rest of us just settled for the tea. After an initial sip, I realized it was the worst thing I'd ever tasted. The second the woman took he eyes on me, I was going to empty the tea cup's contents into the conveniently placed rose bush nearby.

"I am Professor Gentling. As I'm sure you have guessed, I teach Divination and Astronomy. However, fewer and fewer students have been attending the classes. They seem to lack the enthusiasm of learning the future than those of my generation." The Professor sighed heavily.

"Maybe they're just too caught up on the here and now to worry about the future." Rothew said in a sage like voice, even stroking where an imaginary beard might be. Alicia and I both nodded. Aria stayed strangely quiet.

"Perhaps," the overly large professor said, taking another sip of her tea. I seemed to be the only one out of the five us to have any taste buds. "Only time can tell, correct?" I didn't fail to miss the irony of this statement.

Professor Gentling turned to pull something out of her bag and I took the chance to pour the vain liquid in my tea cup into the conveniently placed rose bush. Nobody seemed to notice, and the Professor arose from her bag with a small vial of what looked like a translucent liquid. It had a the words 'Phoenix Tears' labeled on it. She handed it to me.

"You'll know what to do with it when the time comes, dears." The Professor seemed to look past my shocked face and notice the rose bush behind me. "Oh dear, she doesn't look well. Seems someone has dumped tea in her soil again." Roth, Alicia and Aria glared at me. I looked at the vial. Before I knew it we were being rushed out of the quant little room. "Please, do visit again sometime. I wish to get to know the four Americans better." With that she closed the door on us, leaving us with no choice but to trudge down the seemingly endless flights of stairs to the ground floor again.


Sitting back in her chair, Professor Gentling went about reading the children's individual tea leaves. The blonde Devon would turn into a healthy young man with a bright future in magic. The brown haired girl would take an interest in many magical studies, taking great care with those around her. The girl with the long, raven colored hair, however, was harder to read. It was as though she had no set future. Every time the professor tested the leaves, a new future was being produced.

However, the oddest reading was from the last boy. Much like the girl with long dark hair, the boy was excruciatingly hard to read. It was almost as though the stars didn't want to tell of his futureā€¦


"Wait a minute," I said as we sat about that night in the Ravenclaw Common House, "I don't remember telling Professor Gentling we were from America."


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