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This is a story about skiing, and about an avalanche(who would have though that...). I personally love skiing; but I must say, I'm German and I don't know all the English words which are used to describe the moves and so on. I do my best. I don't know if the colors which are used to describe the level of the tracks is the same there, so I wrote it down:
blue: for beginners
red: faster and steeper
black: very fast and very steep, mostly with hillocks (I searched the word for this kind of track in the dictionary, but it wasn't there )
For these who've never skied, there are colored signs on the track which show everybody if he's capable of using this track or not. I gets quite uncomfortable when you oversee such a sign; it once happened to me when I was 12, and I landed on a black one. In the end I walked down....*sighs*

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Avalanche : Prologue

Nothing can be compared with the view of the snow-covered mountains , the icy breeze of wind you feel in your face and the feeling of freedom which overwhelms every skier and snowboarder the moment he leaves the cabin of the cable car.

The digidestined were no exception. Stunned, they stood in the snow, holding their ski in the hands, unable to look away from the beautiful scenery. It was the first time for the most of them. Used to the flat land they lived in, the huge mountains, none smaller than 2000 meters, were something which seemed to belong to another world.

Finally Miyako decided to break the silence, which had lasted quite long for now: "Well, it's definitely beautiful, but I suggest we should do something. I don't want to stay here for the rest of the day!"

She glared at her companions. Ken, who had never stood on ski before, Kari, the girl who managed it to light everyone's mood, but who now looked uncomfortably at the two long things in her hands, and Davis, the only one in the little group who didn't make the expression that he belonged elsewhere..
It was weird; Miyako realized. She had never expected that the 'new Digidestined', how they were called so often by the older ones, would go on a ski trip, but well...it somehow happened.

It all started with Davis. The grand-parents of their small begoggled leader had obviously invited him to stay for a week during winter break, as a chance to fresh up his skiing abilities. Of course Davis, with his love for everything which had to do something with sports, had said yes. His grand-parents had told him that he could bring some friends – it didn't matter if they could ski or not, they had a good friend in town....
And, faster then Miyako could think, they were on their way to the small little valley somewhere in the mountains, where Davis' grand-parents lived. Unfortunately, TK and Cody couldn't come. Takeru had gotten an invitation to stay for the holidays in Paris with his brother, and Cody...he was too young, his mother didn't agree with the idea of her son skiing in the mountains. That left Kari, Daisuke, Ken – and Miyako.

Actually, the first two days had been great. They trained on a small hill near the house, and Miyako found that this sport was much better than the things they had to do in physical education at school.

But now she wasn't sure anymore. Sure, the view was great, but when she looked down the pistes which seemed to be all very steep, she didn't trust her skiing abilities very far. It had been Daisuke's idea, of course.
After all, he could ski much better than the rest. But they had agreed, eager to test out the new sport.

With a look on the faces of her friends, Miyako noticed relieved that Kari didn't seem to be happy, either, and well, Ken....he looked frightened. Only Davis seemed to be his old cheerful self, but Davis was always cheerful, so that didn't matter.

"I suggest we should start!", Davis shouted and walked to the next ski-run.

"Davis, don't you think it's a little bit....steep?", Ken asked, "After all, we are just beginners. I don't want to stay the rest of the holidays in hospital!"

"Steep?", Daisuke laughed, "That's not steep, folks. It's a blue ski-run, which means that it's extra for beginners.
They always look a lot of steeper than they are!"

Ken hesitated and changed a quick glance with Miyako. "Well,", she said slowly and smiled, "it seems that you need a lot of courage to do this." They both laughed nervously.

"Oh well.", Davis stated, "I will go now. If you want, you can stay here forever. I'll enjoy this skiing trip!"
And with these words, he pushed himself down the ski-run, leaving three stunned digidestined behind.
Miyako did one last sigh and then raced down the track, too, followed by the others in a very slow speed.

But very soon the kids realized that it wasn't that steep at all. In fact, they started to enjoy it – the wind in their faces, the sound of the snow under their feet and the feeling of speed.

It was like flying; or better: it was like they thought flying would be. And with every ski-run, they raced down, they gained more self-confidence, more courage to ski faster, to make some stunts, to follow Davis on his route – Kari even managed it to overtake him once, which earned her an annoyed glance.

This was a great day, Miyako decided, feeling totally happy. She noticed Ken right in front of her and smiled.
Days like that should be more common.

* * *

"That's so cool!", Kari cheered, when they stopped on a little hill. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were sparkling of joy and fun. "I never thought that I would like skiing that much!"

Miyako laughed. "I feel the same! It's the first sport I really like!"
They both looked at Davis, who had settled himself on the ground. "By the way, why did you never tell us that you can ski that well?", Kari wanted to know.

The boy looked at her and grinned. "Well, you never asked."
"That's very untypical for you, ya know", Ken pointed out, "Normally you would show off with your great skiing abilities and that you can beat everybody..."

"I never show off!", Davis protested immediately, "I'm just....proud!"

"And despite I didn't go skiing for years.", he continued. "We just hadn't the time for it. I guess I forgot about it.", he shrugged. "Anyway, Jun was always better and faster than me, so it never came to my mind to say that I can beat everybody."

Ken chuckled. "Seems that our Davis grows up, huh?" The indigo haired boy smiled, while Davis sweatdropped.

"What do you mean with that?"

"It was...nothing. The words you said just didn't sound like you.", and he continued to laugh, joined by Kari and Miyako. It was a friendly laughter, and after a few moments of confusion Daisuke fell in, too.

It was surely a strange view; four kids at the age of 14 standing/ sitting in the snow and laughing.
But the four didn't mind. It was their day and they were lucky. Nothing else mattered.

"Wow, it' so beautiful!", Kari sighed and closed her eyes. "We have to thank you, Davis, for this wonderful holiday!"

"You're welcome.", Davis said and stood up, brushing the snow from his pants. "It's me who has to thank – without you I would be terribly lost in this small village, only with my grand-parents and V-mon. I would have DIED of boredom! "

"Well, I hope Hawkmon and the others are okay.", Miyako wondered, the image of her feathered friend coming into her mind.

"They are save at my grand-parents house. I'm sure that they have fun!", Davis assured her.

"We just couldn't bring them; imagine a digimon on ski!", Ken added. "I bet they are making snowmen right now. Or maybe they have a snow-fight?"

"Snow-fight?", Daisuke repeated and an evil grin appeared on his face. "That's a good idea, Ken!"

"What?", the former digimon kaiser asked, "Davis, I hope you wo-hmph!" A huge snow-ball, thrown by a wide laughing Davis, had found his way into his mouth. He coughed, while the two girls burst out into giggles.

"Revenge!", he shouted, forming a ball on his own, aiming for his friend. "Wha-NOO!", Daisuke screamed, but the ball hit him on the shoulder, sending him to the ground, sliding down the hill with his ski.

"That's not fair!", he yelled, trying to hide a grin and to make a serious face. It didn't work, though.
Full of enthusiasm , he formed a huge snow-ball, bigger than his head and stood up on his ski (with some difficulties; it isn't that easy to stand on two boards which are longer than you are tall _and_ to hold an amount of snow in your hands!)

"Be ready for my killer-ball!", he warned and lifted his arms.

"I am, I am!", Ken replied and grinned. "Here you are!" , with these words he threw his own snow-ball at the surprised boy. Poor Daisuke was hit and instead of throwing his 'killer-ball' on Ken, it landed on his head, making him look like a snow-man himself.

The two girls couldn't stop it anymore; they were lying on the ground, giggling like mad, and even Ken couldn't stop his laughter. "I-I-I can't breathe anymore!", Miyako gasped, tears in her eyes. "Davis...and the snow..."
She wasn't able to continue, she just laughed.

Even Davis laughed, after he had cleaned his face. It was cold, the snow melting in his pullover, but he didn't mind. He felt so happy; there they were, his friends, the people he could always count on.

Daisuke Motomiya called himself lucky to have such a wonderful life, with such wonderful moments.
But unfortunately, luck never lasts long...

* * *

"C'mon, let's go!"

The four kids were racing again, making a contest out of it.

"Ha! I'm faster than you!", Ken shouted while overtaking his brownhaired friend.

"In your dreams!", Davis replied.

"You can tell what you want, but you never will beat _me_!", Miyako laughed and skied ahead the boys.

"Are you sure?", Kari teased, overtaking the tall girl herself.

This feeling of freedom was just brilliant. It was like sitting on Nefertimons back and riding through the skies of the Digiworld. But this time, there were no dangerous threats – it was just for fun, and boy! Hikari Kamiya had fun right now!

Suddenly Ken stoop and pointed to a small ski-run left of them. The others slowed down and gathered around him. "Hey, what's that for a track? I don't remember it."

He looked at the others. Kari shrugged. "I don't remember it, either. I guess we didn't ski there."
"A ski-run we didn't ski?", Miyako snorted, "Well, that can be changed! Let's go!"

"Wait!", Davis interrupted. "There's no sign; I don't know if this ski-run is official. It might be dangerous. Ya know, avalanches and such stuff. Not very nice."

Myako frowned. "But it doesn't look dangerous."

"Puppetmon didn't look dangerous, too.", Kari said, "But he was. We should ski nearer and look for a sign; maybe we just can't see it."
The others nodded and skied slowly down the hill.

"A sign, a sign, a sign...", Miyako mumbled and searched through the snow. The track itself wasn't big; maybe 10 meters broad, surrounded by many trees. It looked very beautiful, and in Miyako's opinion it would be the perfect end for this day to race along this path. Suddenly she jerked up. There....there was something red...

"I've found it!", she yelled and waved to the others. "Look, the sign! It says that the track is red, so we can ski there!"

"Great!", Kari said happily and inspected the sign on her own. "It seems to be okay; it just snowed on it so that we couldn't see it from the hill."

"I dunno.", Davis scratched his nose, "I don't know this track; I've never skied in this area before."

"But you told us that it's save when there's a sign.", Ken asked confused, "and besides this tracks looks really lovely. I'm eager to test my new skiing abilities on it."

"You're right!", Davis agreed, putting a hand behin his head. "I think my grandpa told me too much horror stories about skiing."

"Well, then let's go!", Miyako muttered impatiently.

"Yeah!", the others shouted and followed her.

If they had known what destiny had planned for them, they would never have taken this ski-run....even if it would have been the most beautiful ever....

To be continued....

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