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The first movie was a great day out. Motoko was not able to hide her pleasure in the movie. She had read the book and while the film bastardized it just like any book is bastardized by a film with the same name, it was a decent action film, and it didn't completely trash her family's honor and traditions. And better yet, she hadn't had to watch it alone. She was with her husband. And greater than that, she didn't have to ask him to go; he suggested it.

Lunch after the movie was pleasant as well. The duo found a quaint restaurant that served a grilled chicken over her favored garden salad. He even ordered the same, and found it agreeable, further validating him to herself. As expected of him, he paid the bill, but he did not make a show of the pleasant tip he left for their server who was kind enough to be scarce when it was convenient for the couple to discuss life.

When their mid-afternoon lunch was finished, they walked and talked some more, aimlessy heading toward Motoko's cram school. When she realized that they had gotten so close to her place of employment, she made an effort not to bring up their locale and hopefully have him forget that she worked in this area in a swimsuit. Her luck was not with her that day it would seem, however, as the senior instructor to the place noticed her face and called her in from the street as they passed the establishment.

Keitaro was not quite quick enough to realize that Motoko wanted to spend the time with him rather than with her boss, and much more in her clothes than in a swimsuit, and he found himself bringing his wife to greet the woman that greeted her. The senior instructor, a woman about 23 years of age with the name Aiumi embroidered into the fabric of her single piece swimsuit, greeted her employee with the pleasantness of a sunny day in spite of the younger woman's dismal countenance. When introduced to Keitaro she didn't quite keep to herself some of the attitude that Motoko expressed to her about her husband when she gave the man the backhanded compliment she gave him. She also didn't take the hint Motoko was giving her that she didn't want to show her husband in her work attire.

No, Motoko was coerced by her boss's cheery outlook and her own self-defeated attitude to put on the rather skimpy bikini she was provided by the employer. She took more than the necessary time to change into the swimsuit due to her embarrassment and was more than once told to not keep her husband waiting to see her in the ridiculous garments, and after nearly 5 minutes, Motoko was standing next to the pool in a swimsuit that felt more like lingerie than a legitimate set of clothing, wearing a deep shade of crimson on her face, neck and chest. He was stunned with the display as for the first time ever, he had seen her not naked and still nearly, and the effect was astounding. The redness in her face and the normal alabaster of her flawless skin almost perfectly matched the bikini's colors and she soon felt the need to run back to the changing room to hide for the rest of her life.

He stopped her a few seconds before she hurried back, and hugged her, telling her that she is gorgeous, even though she thinks that it looks terrible on her, or that she looks terrible in it. She pulled back from her after a few moments and this time took a bit more time to get back to the changing room and heard that the suit was hers to keep as a gift for all the long hours she put in with the young children, and decided to wear it under her clothes instead of changing back into her bra and panties as well; after all, it is comfortable and it's not like anyone will see it anyway under my clothes. And it did truly feel good that he liked the way she looked in it, even if he didn't know she'd wear them back. It occurred to her only as she was leaving the changing room that he could see her panties and bra in her hands, and that he could see them in her hands, but she already was blushing heavily from just wearing the damnable thing and shoved the undergarments into his pocket. Thanking the woman for the gift, Motoko tried to make her exit, but her boss stopped her this time.

"I hear from your husband that you might be coming into a fairly large sum of money. Will you be staying on with us?"

Not knowing what to say, she said that she plans to stay for the rest of the season and see how things work as time progresses. That was sufficient to get the duo out of the pool hall and back onto the busy street they were taking back to the Sou. Conversation between them was limited to their short-term plans, including the next possible outing or date. The tram they took was rather empty, but Motoko sat by her husband because she seemed to forget her promise to herself to be stern with him and make him earn his love. By the time they got back to the Sou, Haruka had been locking up her shop and popped in for dinner, and because it spiked her curiosity that Motoko and Keitaro were coming back so late and both seemed to be in good spirits. Dinner was no different from normal, if you counted Naru's absence as normality. People talked and Kitsune teased and probed and her targets this time were the married couple, who for the first time in a while, were seen in the same room together. Kitsune needled them with questions of where they went and suggestions that they were getting cozier than they had in fact been. Keitaro did his best to defend Motoko's honor, but she was too concerned with the redness on her face to make his attempt meaningful.

After dinner, Keitaro made an attempt to go give Motoko back her undergarments and this time he knocked. He knew that she'd be getting ready to take a bath and while the wonderful image of her naked did wonders for his arousal, he was genuinely interested in her personality and spending time with her for the time being. If things went well for the next few months, he could consider that, but now was the appropriate time to act like a gentleman. And he was rewarded for doing so. The swimsuit that she had been given was still adorning her fair skin and she had stepped out of her hakama and gi when she answered the door. His face wasn't far from drooling, but he did manage not to. The light from her room bathed her in a pleasant glow from the hallway that made her seem like an angel taking time off for a swimsuit contest. She blushed and cleared her throat a moment after she realized she had let him stare at her like this and he was roused from his thoughts.

"Um, may I come in?"

"Yes, you may enter."

The door behind them closed gently and she stepped a few steps back. With the space he was granted, he found himself better able to think why he was there and grabbed the bra and panties from his pocket and stretched out his hand.

"I uh, I thought you'd rather me give these back to you in private. I didn't think you'd want Kitsune seeing me give them back."

"For once you used that brain of yours that got you into Todai. Thank you for the consideration. Was there anything else, or may I go get my bath now?"

"Um, well, I wanted to say that I had a great time spending time with you. It was nice. I'd like to do it again sometime."

"I enjoyed myself as well. I had not expected to have such fun with you, nor did I believe the film would be as engaging as it was. I would like to do something similar soon as well. But may I get my bath now, or did you have something else to say?"

"Um. Actually, yeah. For one, I think that that looks great on you. Err… You look great in it. I, I, I mean, um. Nevermind."

"What is it you mean, Urashima?"

"I guess, um, that you don't have to feel embarrassed about wearing that. You look great in it, or out. Err… That came out wrong. I don't stare at you when you're naked! Please don't hit me!" His arms covered his face in record time, but it didn't hurt that he knew that what he said was liable to get him belted. When he didn't get a hit in the face or thrown violently from the room with a burst of ki, he lowered his defenses. She was looking at him, almost as though she was boring into him with her eyes.

"What do you mean, Urashima," she repeated with a tone that carried a bit of acid.

"I mean that, I've seen you a lot, and sometimes I see you accidently naked, and other times, I see you in your gi and hakama, and when we went to the summer tea shop, you wore that school suit. You're gorgeous. You don't have to hide how you look under all the clothes you wear. I'm not telling you not to wear it all, but I don't want you to feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that show off how good you look."

Smack. It was more the shock that she slapped him than the force of the slap that surprised him.

"That was for lying. You cannot expect me to believe you did not stare at me in the baths all the times you found yourself in the springs when I was in there. You always got a nosebleed from being in there and you are not prone to them otherwise."

Kiss. The kiss to his cheek also stunned him, but it did keep him quiet while she spoke again.

"That was a thank you for the compliment. Now, may I please get my bath? I am tired and today has been a long day."

"Well, I was hoping I could get you to show the other girls the swimsuit and have them give you their thoughts. I think they'd all agree that you look good in it."

Motoko made a point to look as though she was considering it heavily. In reality, she liked the idea, because Naru was not going to tell her she should change, and Kitsune would likely be stunned. The younger girls would shower her with praise, and she'd be able to tell them all about the job she had been doing, and even the watermelon girl would probably give her a compliment, and today had been too good a day not to get the compliments on her looks now.

"I suppose I could, just this once. But do not expect that I will wear this thing whenever I am swimming. It is so improper to show one's body so much."

The fashion show and tell event went just as she expected. Unfortunately, it quickly became a contest for Kitsune who found it appropriate to change into her own bikini and the busty Okinawan found herself in her own swimsuit not long after. Moments later Suu announced that she needed a bath and that they should take the show to the springs, where Kitsune got grabby and wanted to compare herself with the kendo woman and the watermelon woman. For Keitaro, he had enough sense to be in his bath when his wife and the other girls went to the springs, and because of Suu's horseplay, he was done long before the girls.

Standing outside Motoko's door again, he waited a short while before she arrived. They talked a moment before he was politely told she had to change and he found himself staring at her door again for a few minutes. Her door open again, he said again how much he enjoyed the day he spent with her and was wishing her a good night, trying not to focus on her pajamas. He was walking away when he realized that if he ever had a chance to get a first date kiss, it was right then and stopped himself in motion. She had hoped internally to get one, but when he started walking away, she was sure there was not going to be one. She was somewhat stunned when she found herself being kissed and for a second, she didn't respond. Then her brain caught up to her and her hand was at his cheek and then it was over. It wasn't the kiss she had expected when they were married, but it was the right kind of kiss for the situation; the kind you get that sends fuzzy feelings throughout you and makes you realize that you are getting a second date.

Both of them in very short order found themselves red as a ripe cherry and Motoko's door was shut very swiftly, but not angrily. Keitaro hadn't noticed because he was high-tailing it to his own room where he could consider the kiss. Neither slept very restfully that night as they pondered what the kiss meant.

The following morning didn't seem any more unusual than the dinner from the night before, although being a Monday, the school-bound girls were finding themselves off to their trams at about the time that Keitaro was stirring from his bed. The day was par for the course at the Sou, and things calmed back down again over the next few days. It was about three weeks later that Motoko and Keitaro had their next date, and it was again an outing meant to please Motoko; a museum of Feudal Japanese history in Tokyo. Though Motoko knew nearly all of the knowledge that a casual museum-goer would have learned that day, she enjoyed it because she was able to impress Keitaro with the things that they were lacking and incorrect about. She did, however, learn that the Aoyama clan of old had been joined once with the precursor to the Urashima clan, and that it ended by a royal decree from the Emperor himself when the dispute between the two clans over the Aoyama man's infidelity to his Urashima wife became a bloodsport. She learned that the only reason the Emperor stepped in was that the two clans were his greatest supporters during a particularly trying time in his efforts to crush the daimyo that was causing him a lot of trouble.

The date, and the next handful were much like the first, and they were needled by Kitsune less and less as they got closer and closer, but over the three months that followed, it nearly fell off completely. Until they officially called each other boy and girlfriend to their friends at the Sou.