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Chapter 1

"Come here, Eddie! I'll help you with your tie!" Alice yelled from her room. I hated when she called me Eddie... And the yelling really wasn't necessary. Not only would I have been able to hear her at a whisper, but I could've heard her by just listening to her thoughts.

"I can put on a tie all by myself, thank you very much, Alice," I said back to her, not bothering to yell.

I can't believe they, Alice and Rosalie, convinced me to go to the prom... again. You would think that they would be sick of high school proms by now, but whenever Alice gets the chance to shop for a new dress, a new anything come to think of it, there was no denying her.

I was even less excited about this particular prom, if that was even possible. It's terrible having to go all alone, watching Alice dance with Jasper and Emmett with Rosalie, while I stand in the corner waiting to go home.

"He should have asked her..." I heard Alice think. Was she thinking about me? I should have asked who? That Bella girl? No. I couldn't have asked her. She deserved better than me. I would never be able to dance with her, so close to her. I didn't want to hurt her, and I never would.

"Time to go," Emmett said, walking into my room. He looked good. Rosalie must have dressed him.

"Alright," I replied, looking in the mirror quickly to straighten my tie and run my hand through my hair one last time. I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the room, following behind Emmett.

We walked down the stairs into the spacious living room. Esme was sitting on the couch. She looked up from the book she had been reading as we approached. "Have fun," she smiled, glancing at Emmett and then at me. Her eyes stayed on me for a long while before I turned around, hearing the girls and Jasper coming. One by one they descended the stairs. Jasper looked good, just like Emmett, so I once again came to the conclusion that he had not dressed himself. The two girls followed him. First was Rosalie in a stunning red dress. Alice came down next in a very beautiful black dress.

"We're taking the BMW," Rosalie decided, smirking at me. She knew that I hated not driving.

"Okay, we better get going," I said, putting on the jacket that I had been holding in my arms. "The sooner we go, the sooner we get back," I mumbled to myself, although I'm sure they heard me.

Tonight was going to be tons of fun, I thought sarcastically to myself before heading out the front door and making my way to Rosalie's car.

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