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Bonus Chapter

Infinite visions flashed through my mind. Edward and Bella in a beautiful meadow, Edward sitting with Bella in her room, Edward kissing Bella—they were all shown to me. I smiled to myself in light of these new visions.

"What is it, love?" Jasper asked, sensing the happiness radiating off of me.

"Nothing." I kept grinning.

I couldn't tell him what I had known, what I had done. If Edward found out, his emotions would be an annoying mix of furious and grateful. Mostly furious. No thank you.

I knew I could hide it from him, I had tons of experience with that, but Jasper had never been good at that type of thing. He'd be safer not knowing.

Earlier in the evening, while Edward was getting ready, I had a few visions. I saw three things, one right after another. The first was Bella being hit by a bathroom door, falling, hitting her head on the floor, and getting a concussion. The second, was the same thing, but Edward caught her before she could get injured. And the third, and my very favorite, was Bella and I shopping. I knew the latter could only happen if Edward acknowledged his feelings for her. I also could assume that this would not be done by her getting a concussion. It was then that I decided I would do everything in my power to make the second vision come true.

My thoughts throughout the night were planned very strategically, knowing Edward would hear them.

It began with putting thoughts of Bella into his head. Things like, "He should've asked her to the dance," could be heard frequently.

After that, once we had arrived at school, I planted thoughts of pity in my head. "Poor Edward," and, "He seems lonely," were a few. This worked just as I had planned.

As his mood grew even more somber, he decided that he needed to get away from me. He decided on a corner of the room, right by the bathrooms, that seemed vacant. I should've felt bad for being a downer... but I didn't. I knew that doing this would get them together, and I wanted that to happen desperately. I wanted Edward not to be sad anymore. He deserved a companion, and I wanted Bella to become my sister.

Job well done, Alice.


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