Tsuki Takatsuki is actually Tatsuki Geoborge, the runaway heir of the throne of Midgard. And life was good... until he was taken captive by an obnoxious lord knight who mistook him for a prostitute. [shounen-ai]

Chapter One: Life's Good

Tsuki groaned heavily as he opened his empty wallet. After running away from the palace and abandoning all his rights as the crown prince of Rune Midgard, his life had never been more exciting. Currently, he is living as a stray Biochemist with nothing much as a cart to carry his stuff around and a homunculus named Tori-chan—he named it that way since it was a bird-type homunculus. And he lacked creativity.

Today's dilemma: no food or inn money. The saddest part is, there's absolutely nothing he could sell. Luckily, he had already brought garlets for Tori-chan days before.

" The future looks bleak, huh?" He asked no one in particular with a small frown.

His homunculus nuzzled his cheek as a comforting act. Tsuki smiled at this thoughtful and patted its head softly with his pale hands before slinking back into despair. His ruffled his black mane out of annoyance and squeezed his crimson eyes shut.

Oh well. He might as well sleep here and simply hope that tomorrow; a bag of loot would magically pop up right in front of him.


Naname Kuroda hates women. It had been made official when he saw his ex-girlfriend making out with his guild mate at some random park he had happen to pass by on his way back home. There she was, Princess Arisa Geoborge, with his so-called friend, Ichiro Kurosaki, sitting on a bench while eating each other's faces off.

He honestly doesn't understand why he has to take any of this shit from her. God knows how many women are lusting over him..! And he gets cheated on, just like that. It was unbelievable!

Arisa better make sure to never show her face to me again, and she's a priestess, for crying out loud!, He thought angrily.

Naname needed something to distract him. He needs it now, and fast. Unconsciously, he found himself at Prontera's prostitution lane where … prostitutes gather. He stopped before he could take a step further. What was he doing?

Okay, here's the deal. If he were to find a cute prostitute then he'd take her home. If he doesn't find anyone that suits his tastes, then he'll simply head back. Besides, all prostitutes are for one-night-stands, right? What happens here, stays here.

And it's not like he'll fall in love in a snap. He doesn't believe in 'love at first sight', at least, not anymore. He thought that Arisa was 'love at first sight' and just look at where he's standing now. Alone. Depressed. Desolate.

There was just no way in Nifleheim that he'd make the same mistake again.

He wasn't that much of an idiot.


Thirty whole minutes had passed and Naname was distraught. This place had no one he liked. His tastes are too high-class for a place like this... or so he likes to say.

He was almost at the end of the lane when something caught his eye.

It was snuggled up to itself while sleeping at one corner. He decided to go nearer and take a closer look at its features. Gently, he raised its slumbering face; taking in all he could. Raven hair that contrasted its pale porcelain skin that shined in the moonlight, pink lips that seemed soft and inviting... He couldn't resist. And he didn't.

He brought his own nearer and delicately kissed the other's mouth. It woke up, startled. "What do you think you're doing?!"


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