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It was a complete outrage.

Every man, woman and child had no idea just how truly honored they were to have someone of his colossal stature graced them with his presence. A man as divine as him should be shown the respect and devotion he so rightly deserved! These people should grovel at his feet and kiss the very ground he stepped on.

And yet, as he walked by, not one of them seemed to even spare him the slightest glance of acknowledgement. They just carried on with their merry little business, laughing and yelling as they enjoyed themselves in what the festivities had to offer. It was like they didn't know who he was at all. And that made his egoistic blood boil.

Such an outrage could not go unpunished!

It was time Black Star made his presence felt.

"Are you sure we just have to keep on walking straight?"

"I think so. That's what Maka-chan said after all."

Liz frowned. "What if she's wrong?"

Tsubaki glanced at the Thompson beside her. "Don't you trust her, Liz-chan?"

"It's not that!" said Liz defensively. "I just don't like following vague directions. It makes me feel so…blind."

The ninja weapon nodded in understanding. Truth be told, she too was feeling uneasy about the situation. The place was absolutely jammed packed and Black Star was only one small person among the massive crowd. Though, the ebullient boy would probably not be pleased if he ever found out that she used the word 'small' in his description.

Suddenly, Tsubaki found herself chuckling softly at a particular recollection.

"What is it?" asked Liz.

"Nothing." Tsubaki hurriedly amended but then another laugh involuntarily escaped her, much to Liz's suspicion. "Really, Liz-chan, it's nothing. I was just thinking of some small matter," she explained with a barely contained grin. "Nothing important at all."

Liz looked dubious but did not pry further. "If you say so,"

Tsubaki smiled. It was really nothing important, not to Liz anyway, and that was why she chose not to voice it. She was thinking about the first time she had met her partner and how memorable that day had been.

He was but a tiny black speck atop one of the Shibusen's spire, calling loudly down at his fellow schoolmates, boosting without ignominy about his greatness. For what he lacked in height, he certainly made up for it in gumption. That zany behavior was what caught her attention from the very beginning.

That boy was one of a kind. He could be so clueless and self-absorbed at times, making it seemed like everything in his head revolved around no one else but him and yet Tsubaki knew that wasn't true. Black Star cared about those people close to him more than he let on.

It was only his overbearing pride that made that compassion go unnoticed. Tsubaki, however, was different. She saw what others failed to detect. She refused to judge blindly and in turn gained new sight to her surroundings. Her partner was certainly special, irreplaceable in his own rights and she wouldn't change any part of him for the world.

Just then, Tsubaki was pulled out of her pensive state when something unexpected caught her interest. Her head jerked up. Despite the din of the crowd, a familiar voice had filtered through her keen ears.

The ninja weapon looked over at her friend and saw a similar inquiring look on Liz's face.

"Was it me, or did you hear it too?" Liz asked.

Tsubaki was about to reply when again they heard the voice together and they weren't the only ones. All around them, people came to a puzzled halt; some weren't sure what to make of it while others were looking around for source.


The voice seemed muffled by distance but those who did hear it looked up, squinting at something they couldn't quite see.

A thickness lodged itself within Tsubaki's throat as her eyes fell on a very interesting—or should she say, familiar—black speck standing at the pointy top of a large striped tent. To make matters worst, murmurings going around the crowd only exacerbated the situation.

"What is that?"

"Beats me."

"Could be a bird."

"But birds don't talk."

"Then what the heck is it?"

"Did one of the circus animals get out?"

"I know! It must be that dancing jackal we saw earlier!"

Tsubaki wished she had the ability to merge herself into the earth and disappear from view.

Somewhere beside her, Liz laughed. "Well, looks like we didn't have to worry about finding him after all."


"Did you catch that?"

"No a whit."

"What in the world is going on?"

"Is this some kind of show?"

"Oh! I got it! It's a talking bear!"

Tsubaki buried her face into her hands while Liz continued to double up with laughter.

Okay, perhaps there were some parts which Tsubaki wouldn't mind changing about her partner after all.

While Liz was busy laughing her head off and poor Tsubaki was trying to erase the tremendous humiliation that threatened to overpower her, the duo failed to spot a freakishly tall, broad figure standing nearby nor did they perceive the quiet chant coming out of its mouth.

"Wolf wolves wolf wolves…"

Up on top of the tent, Black Star was also too occupied in his own little world of mocking the confused crowd below to notice the ice slowly forming at his feet. It was only when the chill reached his body and he began sliding down the clothed roof on his own record did he finally realize something was amiss. The frost was now crawling up his neck.

"Hey!" he began. "What the—,"

Too late.

A giant ice cube was soon seen slipping down the roof of the tent. A few moments later, it was followed by a loud crash as it hit the ground below.

Free grinned happily, pleased with his handywork. Eruka wouldn't like this if she ever found out, he thought as he made his departure from the scene. The image of the little frog witch redfaced caused him to chuckle. But not to worry, at least he'll have one small piece of good news to spare if the situation ever comes to that.

He did not mess up the spell.

Soul sighed deeply, drool dripping down the side of his mouth. If it wasn't for the noisy atmosphere, he would be peacefully dozing off by now and at the moment, sleep seemed to be a whole lot more exciting that his current position. Some fun night this was turning out to be

"This sucks."

Beside him, his meister shifted uncomfortably at his words. Little miss perfect would never say it out loud, but he knew that she agreed with him.

"I'm sure this is the last one," she muttered.

Soul snorted derisively. "That's what you said twenty minutes ago."

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?" Maka snapped. "If you can get her to stop, then by all means, please! If you can't, then just stop acting like this is my fault! I'm just as bored as you are!"

"Okay, okay! You don't have to yell!"

"You started it!"

"But I wasn't yelling!"

A few feet away from the bickering pair, Death the Kid stood serenely by the railings, watching the vibrant colors go by in a brilliant flashing display of lights. There was a sort of buoyancy floating around inside of him, making his body feel all tingly and fuzzy with contentment. The merry-go-round has such a beautiful circular symmetry to it. He could watch it all night.


"Will you stop yelling?! Everyone is looking at us!"

"So what? I'm not the one who started this!"

"Idiot. Not only are you flat, but you're worst than a stubborn mule. No wonder no guys have ever—OUCH!"

Maka drew back the heavy book with a pleased smile on her face, admiring the dent she had left in her partner's head.

Kid sighed, his earlier happy feelings efficiently deflated. As much as he wanted to remain silent while his two friends tore each other throats out, it would be his responsibility if blood were to be spilled tonight.

"I think that maybe you two should go have some fun." Kid turned to pin them both with his golden, detached gaze.

"Oh, and this isn't it?" sarcasm dripped acidly off of Soul's words.

"This isn't working out like I've planned. I didn't realize that you two would be so hard to handle." Kid said, very much like an adult reprimanding his naughty children. "So I suggest that you go off to find a different sort of fun which is agreeable to the both of you. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure we're all going to go insane if this carry on any longer."

"Kid, she's the insane one." The scythe weapon gestured at his meister's direction. "You cannot leave me alone with this woman." Soul argued, a hand still rubbing the sore spot on his head.

"Why not? You've been alone with her countless of times, haven't you?" said Kid.

"Yeah, but obviously, she's having some kind of girl issues tonight. And that makes her unsafe."

Maka glowered. "Girl issues? Unsafe??"

"See what I mean?" Soul leaned in and said in a stage whisper. "Mood swings."


"OW!" Soul scurried behind Kid; clutching his head from anymore incoming attacks. "You see! She's clearly unstable!"

"Oh, unstable am I?" Maka growled. "I'll show you how unstable I can be!"

"Maka!" In a quick reflex, Kid placed himself in between the dangerous Maka and her quivering prey. "I think that's enough. I won't have any of this. Not here. Not tonight." He explained sternly.

The girl glared murderously at the reaper but ultimately held her tongue. "Fine."

Soul sighed in relief. At least that blasted book wasn't in sight anymore. "So now what?" he said gruffly, stuffing his hands into his jacket.


Everyone turned. During their little heated discussion, they had failed to notice that the merry-go-round had come to a stop. Patti Thompson rushed out from the exit gate, her round face flushed with excitement.

"Finally," muttered Soul. "Does that mean we can go now?"

"KIDDO-KUN!" the blonde repeated. "Patti wanna ride the giraffe ONE MORE TIME!!"

Soul groaned. Guess not…

"Patti," Maka began slowly. "This was already your seventh round."

The blonde Thompson blinked, her blue jewels wide with question. "Is that wrong?"

"For us, it's very, very wrong," explained Soul.

That earned him a warning look from his meister. "Why don't we find something else to ride, like maybe the rollercoaster? Don't you want to try that?" Maka said with a hint of hopefulness in her tone.

"But, Maka-chan, Patti wanna ride the giraffe! The giraffe, giraffe, GIRAFFE!"

The shrill petulance of the little blonde made one of the scythe technician's eye twitched in aggravation. Given her already annoyed state, she was on the verge of delivering back a reply in a scream. Yes, Patti was her friend and she hate to offend her but sometimes, she was just too damn annoying to be helped. Seriously, how did Liz put up with this?

Apparently, Soul felt exactly the same way. The only difference between him and his meister was that he wasn't afraid to voice what he thought.

"In that case, you stay here with your stupid giraffe for as long as you like. I'm going off on my own." He turned to his meister. "Maka, you coming?" When he saw the surprised look on her face he added, "I'm leaving with or without you."


Stricken, the usually brainy technician felt lost as she looked around the small group. A mollifying touch found its way onto mint-eyed girl's shoulder. Maka met the gaze of the mini shinigami who nodded in her weapon's direction.

"Don't worry. You and Soul go off without us. I'll stay here with Patti."

"Are you sure?" she said indecisively.

Kid smiled and with a gentle nudge, he stirred her towards Soul. "Go," he said.


Soul sighed. He grabbed Maka's hand to make her start walking before she could come up with anything to protest about. "You don't have to be perfect all the time you know." He grumbled beneath his breath. "C'mon tiny tits."

"Don't forget where to meet up later." Kid called out to the receding pair.

"Kid-kun, can I go play now?"

The mini shinigami turned his attention back onto one half of his weapon. "Hmm? Ah, yes, Patti. Go on ahead. But remember, this is your last round okay."

"Number eight right?" she giggled.

Kid smiled. "Right."

Death the Kid stood by the railings once again, enjoying a kaleidoscope of bopping colors from the swirling creation before him. Mixed into the music, Kid could hear the happy cries of Patti Thompson as she spun passed on a green painted giraffe. She waved madly at him whenever she came into view which he calmly returned.

His night was planning out just like he hoped it would, perfectly symmetrical.

Meanwhile, somewhere by the fairground's main entrance, a sleek black limo slowly pulled up in front of the giant gateway. Because of all the merriment going on, its appearance went completely unnoticed, as was the same for the two suspicious looking figures which emerged from the luxurious car.

"Is this the place?" came a bored tone.

"Seems so."

A thin mouth curved into a sinister smirk, displaying a fine row of razor sharp teeth. Eager eyes darted around the throngs of people walking by, the pupils constricted and crazed. They were all there waiting for him, his preys, just waiting to be ripped, torn and sawed into thousand of tiny, bloodied pieces.

Giriko grinned manically. He could almost taste their sweet red nectar in his mouth. "Looks like I might actually enjoy myself tonight."

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