Summary: During summer vacation, Sam and Freddie managed to get themselves separated from Carly and Spencer, nothing like a life or death situations to reevaluate your relationship!

A/N: My first fanfic, feel free to flame, but happy comments are even more appreciated. As a fan of Seddie, and feeling a little disappointed with the show's slight push towards Creddie, I really wanted to attempt to build a Sam and Freddie relationship while keeping them in character. (still a lot of episodes though and fortunately Sam is still hilarious)

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Ruined Puzzle Pieces

Part 1

There comes a time when a boy becomes a man, a time when said boy looks at himself and his future and decides what values he wants to believe in, what adventures he wants to partake in, what dreams he wants to chase…

Admittedly, most of the time such changes doesn't occur at the age of 14, but I figured if someone wanted it enough, he could will it to happen. I'll admit, I just barely started growing, and I don't really understand girls (at all if I really think about it…) and I'd rather run from a challenge then face it head on, but this summer will be different! This summer I'll…

"Owww! Sam!!!" Freddie whined as he rubbed his head where an object that looked suspiciously like his high-tech sound effects remote (a remote he had spent hours building and testing…) had just impacted him with unnatural strength.

"Freddie! Turn… camera… off… iCarly show… over…" Sam enunciated like a kindergarten teacher to her least promising student. Freddie made a quick face in retaliation, but he was quickly cutting the signal to iCarly's last show before summer vacation. Typical that Sam would make Freddie's last impression to their fans of one of useless baggage that can't even do his own job right… sigh.

"Sam, give Freddie a break. He was holding that camera for over 45 minutes for our School's Over Special webcast of iCarly. It's okay if he spaced out for a minute." Carly performed her typical mediation of the everlasting conflict that was Freddie and Sam.

"Besides, it's finally vacation! And Spencer's friend Socko has reserved us some cabins at Sea & Trees National Park! I can't wait for our first camping trip!" Carly said excitedly, thinking of the coasts of Washington where they would get to hang out at the beach, and well as hike on the nearby mountains and forests.

"Oh, that cleverly named park that has both… sea AND trees…" Sam mocked, "I quivering with excitement now… That reminds me, I've gotta go get some entertainment to last me the trip."

"Wait, Sam before you go, did you get your mom's permission to go camping with us?" Carly questioned.

"No, I just said I'd be out hanging out with you and Freddie and be back pretty late," Sam shrugged, "I'm sure the luggage bags will give her a good sense of how late." Carly gave a slightly uncomfortable look before turning toward Freddie.

"Did your mom let you? I know she hasn't been found of vacations since our trip to Japan."

"Yup, and even better, she's not coming with us" Freddie nodded with pride. It had taken hours of arguing, the threat of an ear piercing, and a comment about the impossibility of "alone time" with Carly if she came along to convince his mom. Considering that in her mind, Carly was Freddie's only hope against a life of perpetual loneliness, it was a well-placed comment that finally tipped the scales in his favor.

More importantly, I could never follow my journey towards maturity with my mother at the hip… This camping trip may be my only chance to really challenge myself and prove my worth and competence to Carly! No offense Spencer… but I think I'll be needed…

"Great, well I'll see you guys later. I've got to go shopping with Spencer for food for our trip. I have a feeling that if Spencer goes on his own, he'll just buy a whole bunch of microwavable foods with the words like "Easy to Prepare!" Oh, and don't forget to pack." Carly left leaving only Sam and Freddie in the room.

"So Sam, what "entertainment" are you bringing?" Freddie asked with great fears of all the potential camping pranks at Sam's disposal with the proper equipment.

Seeing Freddie's nervous expression Sam just smiled. "Don't worry Freddie. I'm on vacation and I plan to have plenty of fun" Sam quipped with no actual answer to Freddie's question. Freddie watched Sam walk into the iCarly set's elevator with a strut Darth Vader would have been proud of.

My journey towards manhood may be more difficult than I thought…

A/N: Sorry for the lack of Seddie moments. I feel like Freddie and Sam are the kind of couple that would take quite a bit of development and a slight whack of sense into their heads for them to get together. In case you haven't noticed, I plan to write this story from Freddie's POV. I'll probably add Sam later, but I feel like Sam is a far more developed character on the show than Freddie and Freddie needs more time to really flesh out a personality that can go head-to-head with Sam. I've always felt that Sam (especially during the beginning of the series) didn't fully respect Freddie cuz he was kind of a wimp.

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