Ruined Puzzle Pieces


In the A/V Club, a few days later:

Freddie sat at the A/V's summer club meeting. Freddie looked around and saw pretty much every member was here and accounted for, even Shane the A/V club President, who only just got rescued from the wilderness the day before after building himself a shelter comprised entirely of sticks was present. Freddie swore he could still see a few pine needles in the man's hair as he went through a file of papers that were relevant to today's special event. Freddie wondered if meeting for a club that had gatherings over the summer possibly could be considered loserish by the rest of the student body, but shrugged as he admitted he like today's event. Even if one cared, you could do worse. You could be Gibby, who wasn't even in the club, but was here anyway with his friend Jeremy. The two were arguing over something in the corner of the room.

"Did you read the Nickel Fortune's ending?" asked Gibby in hushed tones.

"AH-CHOO! Yeah! It was totally corny. The main character is supposed to… AH-CHOO! …be a tragic unlucky loser… AH-CHOO! It made him relatable… AH-CHOO! The series is going to 'jump the shark' if he and the girl gets together. Their constant bickering made for half of the… AH-CHOO! …appeal during the action adventure scenes."

Freddie shook his head and chuckled to himself. He read the book himself in the last two days and didn't find any problems with it. In fact, he was a proud defendant of the new couple on all the internet message boards and even came up with a new word the represent the relationship that squashed the two character names into one until it was complete jumble of syllables. He supposed he was ultimately a romantic through and through.

Shane stepped up on a podium in the front of the room and tapped on the microphone to get everyone's attention. He turned on a large projector that was showing an image from his laptop screen containing every member's name in a large list.

"Okay, so I'll like to thank everyone for coming, and we will proceed with the A/V club's 12th 48-hour film contest very soon. Just to quickly reiterate the rules, everyone will break up into pairs and each pair will be given 48-hours to shoot, edit, and compile a film to be reviewed. All films will be asked to incorporate a common theme. Now for the specific dos and don'ts…"

Freddie yawned. This was his third 48-hour contest and he had the rules memorized. In fact he won the last two. Freddie opened up his backpack and decided to finish his lunch. After taking out some French fries and a chocolate milkshake, Freddie dipped the potato into the malt and savored the strange, but tasty combination of sweet and salty. Sam had shown him one of her favorite food combinations the day before and Freddie had to admit, the weirdness of the combo made it if anything the more appealing. Freddie looked up again at Shane since he finally finished with the rules and was moving on to pairing up the members into teams.

"…Jeremy and Gibby are a team at their specific request. Let's not have a repeat of last year's dancing music video guys. The judges do in general prefer all the characters to keep their shirts on… Okay next pair is…" Shane paused as a person appeared in the doorway of the room. She was looking across the room nervously and was playing with her hands behind her back.

"Hey Sam. What brings you here today?" Sam glanced over at Freddie for a moment before bringing her eyes back at Shane. She gave a nervous smile before answering.

"Uh… I'd like to join… the A/V club?"

Jeremy and Gibby both jumped from their seats and looked for an exit. Freddie sat up, grabbed both of them, and forced them back down.

"Don't embarrass us, you guys," he hissed into their ears. He turned back around to Sam and Shane.

Shane continued, "Okay, well we definitely encourage newcomers to participate in the contest. It really helps them get a feel for what our club does. So what are your skills?"

Sam chuckled nervously to herself. "I don't have any skills or experience, and to be honest I can be a little lazy."

Shane hesitated a moment before answering. "Heh, well that's okay. We try to pair everyone so that the teams are relatively even and fair. So let's pair you with our most experienced member. You'll be teamed with Freddie Benson. Okay?"

Sam nodded and walked over to Freddie's table in the back of the room while meeting everyone's stares with a little sarcastic hand wave and a smile before sitting down. Everybody was still looking over at the two, shocked at the recent turn of events, but faced Shane again as he continued pairing. Freddie whispered into her ear.

"No skills or experience? You know how to work a camera better than half the people here, and I know for a fact that you've edited videos for the iCarly site before."

Sam smiled at him before whispering back. "Shane told me yesterday that it was the best way to get paired with you." Sam quietly grabbed his hand under the table and Freddie forgot what he was going to say.

Freddie grinned like an idiot and starting focusing on everything in the room except Sam while she stole of few of his fries. (Some things never changed.) He saw a motion in the corner of his eye close to the windows facing the hallway and when he turned he managed to catch a quickly ducking head of black hair. Amused, Freddie turned to Sam.

"Make sure you call me Benson today."

Sam slurping on Freddie's milkshake managed a barely recognizable "Why?"

Freddie nodded over towards the window, "Someone followed you."

Sam looked over and at that point Carly gave up and waved back. Sam motioned to her to join them and Carly walked over to the door. Shane once again raised an eyebrow at being interrupted.

"Carly, are you…"

"Relax Shane, I'm just visiting." Not sparing him a second look, Carly quickly walked over to back of the room where Sam and Freddie sat.

Sam looked over at Freddie to explain, "Relax. She knows. I told her."

Freddie didn't even bother whispering. "YOU TOLD HER!"

Sam shrugged while she nonchalantly shipped on Freddie's shake. "We're best friends. We tell each other everything."

Carly sat down and gave a look at Freddie. "Freddie. Sam told me about yesterday, and I have to say that I'm very disappointed in you."

Freddie quickly looked back and forth between the two with his mouth wide open. "What? Wait, you didn't hear my side of the story."

Carly shrugged, "Don't worry. Sam told me your side of the story too, and I still have to say that I'm disappointed."

Freddie looked over at Sam in disbelief, "Sam, you can't do that." Sam shrugged and grinned mischievously back at him. He turned back to Carly and then back at Sam and then back again towards Carly. "This isn't fair. You two can't gang up on me like this. I don't have anyone to tell about my relationship stuff."

Sam passed Carly Freddie's fries and the two both shrugged at the same time and chorused, "Why not?"

I so need to make guy friends…

Freddie lied his head down on the table while Sam patted his head while saying, "Relax, you have Spencer."

Freddie groaned, "Spencer is Carly's brother and he stinks at keeping secrets. He doesn't count." He looked over at Sam and Carly giggling together and couldn't help feeling happy himself.

Oh well, Sam's happy and I guess that's all that matters…

Carly pushed away the fries so she could talk to the two of them, "Well I'm happy for the both of you. I was a little worried things might get weird, but its good to know that you two are still as weird as you guys usually are. I've gotta go soon anyway. I was only here because Spencer was here to discuss with Principal Franklin about putting up a new sculpture in the school's lobby." She got up and walked out the door, while motioning at Shane to continue as he sighed at being interrupted a third time in the last 5 minutes.

As Carly left, Freddie looked over at Sam and teased, "You do realize that you'll have to spend the next 48-hours with me nonstop, right?"

Sam gave Freddie a flirting look, and bantered back, "I'm sure I'll find some way to live with it." Freddie leaned towards her, and Sam found the motion magnetic.

Shane looked back over towards everyone ready to tell the film contest's theme, but no one was looking at him. They were distracted by a particular couple in the back of the room. (Sadly, most of them had never experienced what Sam and Freddie were enjoying)

Sam and Freddie kissed for the entire world to see, and Shane not knowing what was going on, said the contest's theme.

"And this year's theme is 'Dreams Coming True.'"

Pandemonium shortly followed.

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P.S: In case you didn't know, the term "jumping the shark" is a phrase that was coined after Fonzie, a character from the show Happy Days, while on jet skis jumped over a poorly penned-in shark in the Hollywood episode. It was ridiculous, didn't make any sense and alienated a lot of the core fan base. Hence the term is used by TV critics and fans to refer to a TV series when it deviates from its original formula and as such loses its original appeal. It has been referenced A LOT OF TIMES. Even in Kim Possible's fourth season, which was controversial since Kim and Ron were dating, Ron in the first episode calls Kim to tell her that he dreamed of her jumping over a shark. (Which earned a ROFL from me)

A modern day equivalent that is gaining popularity is "nuking the fridge" from the questionable scene in the lastest Indiana Jones movie, where the plot point was so ridiculous the average fan was left scratching their head saying "what?" instead of continuing to watch the movie.

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