Title: First and Second Times
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Yamasaku [Tenzsaku]
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Two part vignette about Yamato's [Tenzou] and Sakura's relationship.

Author's Note: I was inspired by Beren-sama's brilliant, but not yet finished, fan fiction Mission Reports.

Disclaimer: Naruto was created by Kishimoto Masashi – I don't own a thing.

- - -

First and Second Times

The first time he hands in Team Kakashi's mission report is an embarrassing experience with his old schoolmate Iruka-san looking at him as if he's gone senile and asking him if he had something to add to the initial report – it was already approved, logged and archived.

Tenzou looked over the other report – it was neat and thorough with all required fields filled out to satisfaction – a few details missing, but only the ones he hadn't told the team about – small details he hadn't wanted to worry Sakura and Naruto with.

Sakura... the handwriting and phrasing were too structured for Naruto to have written – leaving only the pink haired kunoichi who witnessed all the events.


She tilted her head to the side when he confronted her about it and explained simply that she always had done Team Kakashi's mission reports – Kakashi had never bothered, Sasuke hadn't ever considered it his problem and Naruto writing mission reports would have been a catastrophe – it was tradition of a sort.

They reached a compromise with him helping her – not the other way around – for the time being.


It was a fairly nice arrangement Tenzou found out following their next mission – sharing insights with the young woman and listening to her rather intelligent thoughts about the mission and its conclusion – he never tried collaborating a mission report before.

The two of them were sitting at a small table in the tea shop in Maple Street drinking herbal tea and continuing talking long after the report was finished – neither one of them wanting to call it a night and go home.

- - -

The second time he hands in Team Kakashi's mission report is another embarrassing experience with his old ANBU team mate Genma-sempai winking suggestively at him and asking if he and young Sakura-chan had a good time together writing it.

Tenzou glared at the older shinobi and told him to refrain from wild assumption – leaving promptly when the approved stamp was in place and the report had been added to the finished stack.

Sakura wasn't told about the exchange until months later when it didn't seem as bad any longer in view of the recent development in their relationship.


She reached up and grabbed the collar of his tactical vest and kissed him when he mentioned it and asked innocently if Yamato-taichou thought of her as "young Sakura-chan" because that would be rather kinky, wouldn't it.

They laughed about it and decided it was a topic best not dwelled upon for too long.


It was a fairly normal relationship, this thing of theirs, Tenzou figured after the first few dates to the tea shop on Maple Street which mirrored their previous visits there – they talked and drank herbal tea, but at the end of evening they both called it a night and left together.

The two of them were in a fairly heated argument of mouths and tongues when Kakashi came upon the first time – the older ninja made an uncharacteristic surprised noise, picked up his orange book and left to claimed ignorance – the second time he wasn't as lucky.

- - -

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