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Troy came round, feeling very groggy as he struggled to open his eyes. It was bright in the hospital and he squinted against the light.

"Dad?" he croaked, hoping to see a familiar face

His dad stood up from next to the bed "Hey, Rambo. How do you feel?" he asked his eyes full of concern.

"Rough. What happened?" he asked, trying to shift and getting a sharp pain in his side as well as his leg.

"Ok don't move buddy, they've got some painkillers for you before we take you home"

He held Troy still "Listen, you went for the ball and that animal, Daniels, elbowed you in the ribs and took you down. You broke your rib and your leg, son" he broke the news gently.

"Fuck!" he swore sharply, knowing that would set him back weeks in the game.

His dad raised his eyebrows, disapproving of his use of words.

"Sorry Dad" he said, humbled

"Ok just relax, Troy. We're taking you home soon. Gabi's here, do you want to see her?" he asked then

"Gabi! I was meant to be staying at hers tonight…" he trailed off

"I don't think that's going to be possible" his dad said realistically

Fuck, Try swore again silently. "Can I see her please?" he asked

"I'll go get her" his dad smiled

Two minutes later, Gabi entered his cubicle nervously, wanting more than anything to throw herself against him and sob her heart out, but knowing he was battered and bruised so she had to keep a distance.

"Nice hospital gown" she attempted to joke, tears falling from her eyes as she broke down into tears.

"Hey, hey…" Troy said, wanting to be able to go and hug her, but knowing he was constrained to the bed

"Come here, babe" he commanded softly, pulling her onto the edge of his bed by her hand and wiping her tears away. "Come here" he repeated softly, gesturing for her to lay next to him, which she did, but she still didn't touch him.

He moved his arm on his good side around her shoulders, stroking her hair gently.

Gabi hiccupped and sobbed next to him "I was so scared Troy" she whispered.

"I know, babe, I know. But I'm strong, see? I'm not gonna go down without a fight" he said determinedly.

She shifted as she heard voices, and perched on the edge of the bed again, stroking his hair and wiping her face self consciously. "Does it hurt really badly?" she asked as she noticed his face pale, his eyebrows drawing together in a frown.

"Yeah it's pretty sore" he admitted "I'm so sorry I ruined our night…" he added

"Shh" she said, running her cool fingers gently over his eyebrows just as she had that night in her room. His eyes closed against the relief it brought him

"Mmm, that's nice" he murmured

Coach Bolton came back in "Okay, Rambo, I've got your pills" he announced as Gabi pulled back and Troy took the pills. "And we're just getting a wheelchair and we're out of here" he smiled

Troy nodded, unable to speak until the painkillers kicked in, he felt as though his whole body were throbbing.

Mrs. Montez arrived at the hospital and hugged Gabi "I'm so sorry Gabi, are you ok?" she asked her daughter

"I'm ok Mom, but Troy is hurt" she said with big brown eyes

"I know, but he'll mend, it's ok" she hugged her again

"Can I stay with him tonight?" she asked

"Isn't he going home?" she directed this to Coach Bolton who was stood nearby.

"Yeah, he's got a week of bed rest to look forward to" Coach Bolton explained

Gabi gave her mom a wide eyed begging look.

"Gabi, I really don't think Coach Bolton can look after you as well as Troy tonight, honey" her mom suggested gently

Troy's dad smiled at his son's girlfriend, seeing how devoted she was to his son. He didn't know what was worse. The thought of having another teenager in his house to take care of, or trying to take care of Troy who would be crabby without her.

"You can come home with us" he offered

"Really?" she asked, her eyes wide, not wanting to get too excited

"Are you sure?" Mrs. Montez asked again

"I'm sure. He'll probably zonk out from all the drugs anyway, but he'll be happier if you're there" he said

"Well okay then" her mother agreed, knowing they wouldn't be able to get up to much with Troy in that state.


Gabi helped Troy settle on his bed, his eyes already closing from the strong painkillers. She stroked his hair affectionately, curling around his body on his left side and propping herself on her elbow.

"I love you Troy" she whispered, kissing his freckled nose.

She heard his breaths come evenly and knew he was asleep already, but she didn't care. She lay back on the bed, careful not to jog Troy, and closed her eyes to sleep next to him.


"Gabi?" Troy called as he woke in the dark, hearing another person breathing next to him.

Gabi woke up, turning to face Troy. He looked so cute in his Spiderman Pajamas that his dad had brought to the hospital for him to wear home, his hair crazy messy. He had a huge cast on his lower leg from his knee to his ankle and she rubbed it with her toes, thinking how scratchy it felt.

"I'm here Troy" she assured him, placing her hand on his chest. He captured it there with his own, wincing as he attempted to move.

"You should go now" he said despondently, half asleep

"I don't want to" she murmured back

"I don't think I can let you see me like this" he said with a broken voice.

Gabi hadn't heard his tone before. She knew most of Troy's voices now, but not this one.

"Like what? With a broken leg and rib?" she asked confused

"Like a frigging lump of useless shit" he ground out

Gabi gasped. Where had this anger come from?

"Troy…" she began softly, getting up into a semi sitting position and removing her hand from his chest.

"Please, Gabi" he closed his eyes "Just go"

Gabi stared at him. If that's what he wanted, then so be it, she thought, hurt and confused at his change of character.

"Okay" she sighed, thinking maybe he was just tired and grumpy because he was in so much pain. "I'll see you tomorrow" she said as she collected up her stuff and left.

As soon as the door closed behind her, Troy threw his arm across his eyes. Fuck. What did he do that for? She was the best thing that had happened to him and he'd just sent her away.

He'd be lucky if she did come back, and didn't have more sense to drop his sorry butt.