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Gabi sat at the tree in the front yard of East High at lunchtime, head against her hand which were on her knees.

She and Troy had woken up together and he'd been the perfect boyfriend, cuddling her and re-assuring her all morning.

She'd gone back to his house with him so Coach Bolton could take them to school and she'd kissed him goodbye in the hallway before going to class.

But she couldn't bring herself to face him at lunch break. She didn't know why, she just felt like any minute now, her world would come crashing down on top of her. And she felt that Troy didn't need that. He was struggling with not being able to go basketball practice anymore; he didn't need all her emotional baggage too.

She'd already had to face a barrage of questions and comments about supposedly being pregnant. Chad had warned her first thing that a rumour was doing the rounds. She never knew anyone would be so interested in her, and the fact that everyone was talking about her and Troy and their sex-life, was embarrassing and uncomfortable.

She leaned back against the tree, just wishing it would all go away.

"I miss you" came Troy's soft voice from her side

She jumped, startled. She hadn't heard him approach. He always missed her, she mused, thinking, I have such an amazing boyfriend.

Troy watched his girlfriend as she uncurled from her fetal position and wished more than anything he could get down to hug her, and annoyed that he couldn't

She rubbed her face, mustering up a smile as she got up to face him.

He touched her cheek.

She met his eyes and hugged him, the feel of his arms around her waist calming the storm of nerves in her tummy.

"I missed you too" she smiled genuinely

"Did you think of a name yet for your bear?" he asked with a cute excited smile, his eyes all lit up like a little boy at Christmas.

She cocked her head in thought "Troy boy Junior" she said with a small smile of her own, seeing him look at her with raised eyebrows, but he nodded slowly.

"Okay. Troy boy Junior. What are you doing after school?" he questioned as they made their way over to a bench and sat down

"Studying. What else?" she mused

"Hey there you are!" Chad called to his friends, coming over to the bench with Taylor in tow.

"Hey, buddy" Troy grinned

Taylor hugged Gabi "Where have you been, girl?" she asked "I want to know what you've got planned for your birthday?"

Gabi looked at Taylor in surprise. She'd forgotten all about her birthday. She could feel Troy looking at her

"It's your birthday soon, babe? You didn't tell me…" he sounded hurt and Gabi blushed

"Well we never really had one of those conversations where we tell each other everything about each other" she admitted

"Well, then, we should." He decided, folding his arms "What's your favourite colour?"

Gabi rolled her eyes, looking to Taylor for help "Troy…"

"What's your favorite colour?" he persisted

"Blue. Like your eyes" she answered

"Mine's red" he winked at her, remembering her red underwear "When is your birthday?" he asked, taking her hand and entwining their fingers

"Monday" she admitted sheepishly

"What?!" he asked, shocked "I have five days to get you a present!" he panicked

"Ok, chill, dude, I'll take you to the mall after school" Chad offered, rolling his eyes

"Well" Taylor said "I think we should at least go out for pizza."

Gabi smiled "That sounds nice, thanks Tay"

"Come round to mine later, we'll pick our outfits"

"Okay" she agreed shyly, worrying about when she was going to get her homework done.

"What's your favourite thing in the whole world?" Troy asked when Taylor and Chad had gone

Gabi pondered for a moment. "Troy boy Junior" she smiled mischievously

"Oh, you are just so lucky that I'm on crutches" he grinned as she hopped up, away from his hands which were about to tickle her

She looped her arms around his neck "You are my favourite thing" she said softly, kissing him on the mouth

The bell sounded and the two of them looked at each other, rushing back into class.


Gabi was at Taylor's when she got her period. She broke down in tears with relief and came into her friend's room, crying her eyes out.

"Tay, do you have a sanitary towel or tampon I can borrow?" she asked

"OHMYGOD" she squealed "You came on?! That's…that's…" she practically stopped breathing

Gabi giggled gently, feeling a little bubble of relief come up her body. "It's good news" she said lightly

"Oh Gabi, it wouldn't have been the end of the world if you were, but I am so glad you're not." She smiled

"Now I just have to tell Troy" she smiled happily.

"He really cares about you, Gabi" Taylor smiled "Well here you go" she said handing her friend some sanitary products. "Now hurry on up so we can try on these outfits" she shooed her away


Gabi found Troy in the hallway the next morning, he was leaning back against his locker, discussing something animatedly with Chad.

He beamed as she approached, holding out his arms, crutches dangling, and hugging her despite it being in front of all of his friends.

"Hey babe" he greeted, kissing the top of her head.

Chad smiled at the couple "You two are just made for each other" he marveled as Troy gave a proud grin.

"Can I borrow you?" Gabi asked and Troy nodded, following her to the gym where it was darkened and quiet.

Troy looked at Gabi as she stood before him, and went to pull her into him, cursing his crutches as he wobbled a bit, Gabi catching his arms to steady him, smiling as she then took him into her own embrace, his arms going around her waist and relishing the feel of her.

"I'm not pregnant" she murmured into his ear

Troy pulled back, his eyebrows shooting up, his eyes searching hers to gauge her feelings "What?" he asked softly, his voice tight with emotion

"I came on, it's okay" she said, sighing, brushing his fringe away from his eyes with her finger.

"Wow" he whooshed out a breath, feeling for one tiny second, a little bit sad. "I'm not gonna be a daddy just yet then" he murmured, not sure how he felt, his mind was whirring so fast.

"You would have been a great dad, Troy. And you will be, when it happens" she assured him

He looked deep into her eyes, Gabi feeling like he was seeing right into her soul

"Thank you" he said simply, kissing her on the lips and hugging her again "Are you okay?" he asked as an after thought

She nodded "I'm okay"

"My amazing Gabi" he smiled, then pulled away "We better get going, god knows I have been late to every class this week" he laughed, a sudden feeling of lightness coming over him

"Tell me about it" she muttered, hooking onto his elbow as he made his way out of the gym


Gabi couldn't find Troy in the cafeteria at lunch so she went to check the gym, a hunch telling her he might be there.

She was right, she found him star fished on the gym floor, his crutches thrown to one side.

"Troy, are you okay?" she asked worriedly, rushing into the quiet gym and kneeling next to his still body.

He was looking up at the ceiling, his blue eyes thoughtful, and his hair flopping back from his face, and Gabi thought how handsome he was. She stroked his cheek, then his forehead gently with the back of her fingers.

"I think so" he said, sitting up, curling his leg round so he could face her, his cast sticking out awkwardly. "I just don't know what to do without basketball" he admitted, leaning on his hand, his arm muscles flexing with the weight of his body.

"Why don't you ask your dad if you can co-coach?" she suggested lightly

He squinted at her, then slowly, his eyes lit up "Gabriella Montez, you are a genius!" he said with a huge grin that took her breath away, no matter how many times she saw it.

He kissed her then, his other hand framing her face, his tongue slowly, gently pressing against hers, igniting a flame in her she hadn't felt for a while.

Gabi's arms went around his neck, inching closer to him as she craved the feel of his hard body against hers.

"I don't care about my ribs" he whispered "You're mine tonight"

"Uh-uh" she shook her head "I have my period, remember?" she reminded him

He growled, taking her into his lap as they sat on the gym floor, burying his head into her hair at her shoulder "Damn" he muttered

"But we can still make out" she smiled, stroking his hair at the back of his head.

"Gabriella Montez, you have no idea what you do to me when you say things like that" he smiled sexily, nipping her lower lip

"Oh, I think I have a good idea…" she grinned back, feeling his reaction to her against her thigh.