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"Troy, this is the best birthday present" Gabi grinned as she walked onto the open beach, a towel covering most of her body as she stretched her arms out to the beautiful warm breeze.

Troy smiled as his girlfriend, remembering her face when she had opened his wrapped gift box and found an exquisite sea shell inside.



Gabi frowned at him, not understanding the present.

"I'm taking you to the beach" he said softly, watching her from where he sat on her bed, Gabi at the foot of the bed, gently fingering the gift.

"What?" she asked, awed

"I asked your mom, and my dad, and we're allowed to go alone. I booked a small hotel for one night, right on the beach front" he explained, his hands gesturing as he told her his plan.

Her brown eyes went to his, tears at the corners.

She crawled down the bed and threw her arms around his neck.

"Troy, this is amazing…" she murmured

"We can't go straight away, I have to get my cast off so I can drive us, but it won't be long" he offered

Gabi's lip met his, strong and fierce as she poured all of her love for Troy into her kiss.

He caught her in his arms, pulling her against his chest so he could feel her soft breasts pressing into him. He had missed this so much, he thought as he moaned, her hands going through his hair in that sexy way she always did, climbing across his lap to straddle him.

"How are your ribs?" she asked, stroking her hands down his chest to lift up his tee and take a peek at his impressive chest. Even without working out for a few weeks, he was still nicely defined.

He grinned sexily, his eyes causing an instant hotness to begin between her thighs. "They're good…Are you…?" he asked without words, intimating her period

"Nope"she grinned back, slowly stripping off his tee as he eyed her hungrily, his hands at her slim waist

He groaned as he felt his jeans become tight and Gabi kissed him hotly, her hands everywhere as she tried to make up for lost time.

She undid his jeans belt and pulled them down, giggling when they got caught on his cast

"Troy!" she called, struggling.

He grinned, helping her remove his clothes, his hands devouring her curves as he pulled her close again into his heated lap.

He pulled her top off, his breath catching as he saw her underwear. "It feels like MY birthday" he grinned, kissing the top of her breast above the red bra he loved so much.

Gabi moaned and held his head to her, his hand going to cup her other breast as he kissed along the line of her bra, loving the feeling of her writhing in his lap.

He ran his hands around her backside, scooping her into him roughly, his hard arousal pressing into her clothed softness. She arched against him, wondering how he could get her so hot so quickly. She felt as though she were on fire, her body quivering with anticipation.

He carefully undid her jeans and waited as she moved to take them off, his hands going to her backside as she knelt next to him in her red shorties. "Wildcat is one word for you…" he all but growled as he pulled her back toward him, tugging at her shorts to pull them off before she settled back into him

"Patience, Mr. Bolton" she murmured, shocked and delighted at his ravage stripping of her.

"C'mere" he murmured, taking her into his arms again, unhooking her bra and cupping her breasts in his large palms, closing his eyes as she moaned and bucked against his heat, his thumbs bringing her so much pleasure.

Gabi didn't think she could wait much longer. She could feel the dampness between her thighs and she wanted him so much.

She reached for a condom, pulling down his boxer shorts as he gripped her waist oh so gently, running his hands over her hips, down her backside, down her thighs, and then between her thighs, his action causing her to still and suck in a breath.

Knelt before him, he dipped his fingers into her heat, wondering if he could get any harder as she shifted under his touch, her eyes wide and meeting his with blatant desire painted in them.

He pressed against her nub, Gabi's eyes closing against the onslaught of overwhelming pleasure that erupted around her body. She throbbed and ached where his fingers teased her, his thumb causing magical sensations all across her skin.

"Now, Troy" she whispered breathily, urging him to stop so she could join with him.

He didn't comply, instead he increased the pressure of his thumb and dipped his fingers in and out of her.

"I need you…now" she said more strongly, taking his hand and moving up his body a small way to kneel across his erection.

"Slowly" he whispered against her ear, her hair driving him crazy as it fell against his chest, his hands curled around her hips to support her.

Gabi gently lowered herself, feeling him enter her inch by inch. It felt so different than when he had been in control. She wiggled a little to test the feeling, causing Troy to groan her name loudly. As he filled her, she began to move against him, her hands against his chest as he leaned back against the head board. she gently rocked, moans ripping from her as he moved his hands from her hips to her waist, to her breasts, then he leaned forward, his tongue going over her nipples one by one, hot streaks shooting through her and she clenched him inside of her at every one.

Troy had never known a feeling like it. He clutched at her hair, against her back as his whole body arched and relaxed as she loved him. His mind was whirling against the blood pounding around his body, he was so hot and hard he didn't think he'd ever recover from the strain.

Gabi felt Troy's hand at her thigh again, his finger pressing against her sensitive spot and she bucked against him wildly "No…Troy…." She moaned, though the feeling was such exquisite pleasure she didn't want him to stop.

His lips went to her neck, biting , grazing gently, as he felt her begin to shake and shudder in his arms.

Gabi latched onto his strong arms as she felt her climax begin, coloured lights flying around her eyes as she gave herself up to Troy, his groans telling her he was close himself.

She rocked against him, squeezing him as her muscles contracted and spasmed in the wake of her orgasm. She felt Troy thrust into her as he too found his release.

His hands went instantly around her back, tightly pulling her against him, still joined.

She collapsed against him, wondering if she were still Gabi Montez and what was it about Troy that took her so far out of herself, she didn't know what day it was?

Breathing slowing and body recovering, she carefully shifted away from him, taking his condom off with a tissue, and put her shorties on before climbing between his thighs and resting, body to body, against him.

His arms curled around her shoulders, his chin against her head. She snuggled into him, a soft, contented smile on her lips.

"Happy birthday" he murmured huskily


Gabi looked back at Troy on the beach, his leg all fixed and his ribs no longer bruised.

"Catch me if you can, Troy boy" she grinned, flinging off her towel to run down the beach in the most incredible black and gold bikini he had ever seen.

He grinned, chasing after her and catching her quickly in his arms, spinning her round from behind as they hit the waves.

"Gotcha" he growled in her ear

She relaxed against his taut body, his long surf shorts against the back of her thighs as she felt him harden against her rear.

"Already?" she asked with raised eyebrows, surprised at how quickly he was aroused seeing as they had only just got there.

"Babe, that bikini is hot" he grinned against her ear.

She turned in his arms "You know you could get arrested for having that on the beach?" she asked

"Well then I better get back indoors before anyone sees me" he nuzzled her nose

"We just got out here!" she complained "Do you want me to talk to little Troy?" she asked in a baby voice, leaning back to look at his groin.

He groaned "Oh please, god, no" he sent a prayer heavenward, his body reacting strongly to her teasing voice.

"Really, Mr. Bolton, I can't take you anywhere. Sex on the brain" she tutted, still encompassed in his arms at the edge of the surf.

He bit his lip against his smile, his eyes lighting up mischievously "Pretty much" he agreed as his hands wandered over her curvaceous body, setting off tingling over her skin wherever they went.

She grinned, taking his hand and running up the beach, dragging him behind her as she led him back to their hotel room, giggling as he scooped her into his arms, his muscles flexing underneath her thighs. She looped her arms around his neck as he unlocked the room door with difficulty, carrying her through carefully and kicking the door shut behind him as his mouth came down on hers.

Gabi pulled back slightly as he held her against his body. She stroked his hair, which was messy and curly just how she liked it. "I love you, Troy Bolton" she murmured, brown eyes shining with emotion.

"I love you, Gabriella Montez" he echoed, smiling from ear to ear as Gabi looked into his face, and she had never felt so loved as she did right in this moment.