I stared blankly out in the great hall. I sighed. "Boring…"

Dumbledore saw my bored state and smiled. He leaned over and whispered something in my ear that gave me a wicked evil smirk.

Reaching to my Death Note messenger bag, I grabbed my laptop and turned on Microsoft Word to a blank document and started to type…

Hey hey hey … heyyyy. I know I should be updating my other stories, but I have writers block. Yep. Any howser. I'm bored so I decided to do a Harry Potter Truth or Dare fic. But its better then your average Truth or Dare fics. It's in story form! Cool huh?

Suddenly, Harry's eyes widened. "What?!"

Draco spit out his pumpkin juice. "Holy-!"

Ron stopped shoveling food I his mouth. "Huh?"

Hermione dropped her book in her soup. "No, no, No!"

Pansy stopped staring at Draco. "You said what now?"

Dumbledore had that retarded twinkle in his eye. "Maybe this will create House Unity."

Lupin just kind of sat there.

Ginny smirked, and whispered "Maybe some one will pair Harry and me together to do… naughty things…. Hehehehee."

I rolled my eyes.

Fred and George or should I say George and Fred? Whatever, they grinned and high five'd each other.

Luna stared at the ceiling. "I wonder if the nargles will show up. I surely hope not…"

Snape sneered. "You can't make me participate."

I just smirked. Standing up to the great hall I grinned. "Now that we've got that established, LET THE GAME BEGIN!"

Every one cried out, "Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sitting down, I smiled at my work. The Great Hall was in an uproar, which was awesome. I leaned over my laptop again and typed out…

Okay, this is how this is gunna work. Review your dares, or truths, and they might, and I said might, be put in the next chapter. I take ALL Truths and Dares. See the rating? M for Mature.

"Oh Merlin No! NO! Molly please no!"

I rolled my eyes, " S.T.F.U. Ronald! Maybe the reviewers want to see you make out with your brother! Maybe they want to see you get raped by Snape! If they want it, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!"

Snape paled.

ANYWAY, your review will be in a chapter. Maybe not the next one, but it WILL happen. …Someday.

"Chan wait till my father-!"

"Draco, your father is in this game to!" I yelled.


Lucius and Narcissa were sitting in the formal dinning area drinking tea and reading the news paper.

Lucius smiled at his wife. "Narcissa, do you-" His eyes widened. "I'M GOING TO WHAT?!"


Uproar, Uproar, Uproar. I smirked.

Let the games begin… :D