Rating: Strong Teen for later chapters.
Summary: What if Scully had a crush on her AP Psych teacher... who just happened to be Mulder? Senior year... what would happen? MSR; R&R.

A/n: Have to stop coming up with new stories. Brittney told me to write this one... so I did. I think a lot of people have teacher crushes. What if Scully had a crush on her teacher.... who just happened to be Mulder? R&R.

First day of senior year... Dana Scully had been anticipating this very moment her entire school career! With Bill and Melissa both going through Senior year before her, her whole year was basically planned out, teacher wise. She didn't have to suck up or anything like those annoying kids had to. No, she would just walk in and teachers would already love her. Melissa was ALWAYS a joy to have in class... and after class... whenever she would be skipping. They only allowed her to skip and go to their empty classroom because of her older brother. Bill had laid it all out first, but he was a favorite mainly because he was the coolest guy on campus. Every year Scully was the center of attention in her classes... this year was going to be no different. The only thing different would be that Bill, being two years older than her, and Melissa being only one year older, were both gone and in college.

Scully and her best friend since Kindergarten, Monica Reyes, stepped out of Scully's silver ford Fusion and walked through the parking lot. Of course, all the juniors would try to get the good parking spaces, but then the seniors would bitch at them. Oh, the power! It was great. When they were in the building, Monica and Scully both giggled as they passed the nervous freshman with their hands clutching onto their schedules and their eyes glued to the school map.

The two girls took their seats in the same homeroom they had for the past 3 years, Ms. Fontaine. She hadn't changed. No, she was still caking on the make-up and using way too much hairspray for just school.

"Dude, I'm freaking nervous. I don't know any of these teachers!" Monica whined. "And I haven't even seen John yet."

"Okay, you'll see John in six minutes. We all have AP Physics together first."

"Yeah... and then lunch all together... and then we all have AP Psych at the end of the day." Dana smiled, remembering who she had for that class, and when she first met him.

It was sophomore year and she remembered it perfectly because that was the week Melissa had the flu. She and her senior brother, Bill had to first drop Melissa off at their grandmother's and then go to school. Naturally, they were late.

"You don't have to go to class, Danes. We only have like ten minutes left." Bill said, throwing his book bag over his shoulder as they walked down the hall. Scully, who then had her braces, smiled and followed her brother down the hall. "We'll just go see Mr. Mulder."


"My psych teacher, he's cool."

"Does he have a class?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a study hall. He won't mind." Scully followed her older brother into the large classroom. All the kids in it were juniors or seniors, and they weren't studying. It looked nothing like a study hall. Mr. Mulder sat on one of the student desks and had just got done telling a story. He walked away laughing, leaving students to continue their paper airplanes and what not. "Hey Mulder!" Bill called as he walked in. Several students greeted him.

"Hey Bill." Mulder's eyes landed on Scully and a smile flashed on his face and then he looked back up to Bill. "Who's this?"

"My lil sis, Dana. She's a year younger than Melissa."

"Ahh," Mulder nodded. "Well, Dana... I'm Mulder." Scully was just about to open her mouth, but that's when Bill's girlfriend, whom he didn't know was in the room, pulled him away. "So...why're you in here?" Scully froze as Mulder's green eyes tore into hers.

"Uhm... Bill told me that I could just stay in here with him.... that you wouldn't mind."

"Oh, it's fine." Mulder laughed, seeing that he made Scully nervous. "Well, there doesn't really seem to be any empty seats... then again people are using the desks for chairs." Scully giggled, causing Mulder to chuckle. "Well, you can just sit in this chair I guess." Mulder pointed to a metal chair right next to him with squishy yellow cushions. As soon as she sat down in the chair her phone vibrated. She let out an annoying sigh, capturing Mulder's attention, as she reached into her jean pocket to pull it out. "Is someone bothering you?" Mulder asked, a little concerned, but careful since he scared her before.

"It's just..." She saw the text, "my boyfriend. We're fighting."

"Is it anyone I know?"

"Uhm... he's a sophomore, Dan Waters."

"I know him," Mulder laughed. "He's on the basketball team."

"Do you coach?"

"Yep. Do you want me to say something to him?" Scully laughed and shook her head. "Are you sure? I could just make him run extra laps."

She would say hello to him through time to time throughout the year but she remembered how jealous she was when Melissa had got him for a teacher. She desperately wanted him for study hall.

"Mr. K, I don't have a chair to sit in." She remembered saying in the computer lab during junior year.

"Oh, Dana... you can go right next door. Mr. Mulder's in there." Scully smiled at the thought of seeing Mulder. Even though she was going out with her boyfriend, Dan, Mulder's smile always seem to make her smile. It was contagious.

"Hi, what do you need, sweetie?" He asked as soon as Scully walked into the senior class.

"Mr. Mulder! That's my little sister!" Melissa audaciously stood up and yelled from behind her computer. Mulder laughed and angled his face toward Melissa. Scully felt heat rise to her cheeks; she turned scarlet.

"I know, Melissa. No wonder why she's so sweet." His smile went back to Scully. "Now what do you need?"

"A chair," Mulder with his sleeves rolled up his arms, lifted the chair above his head and handed it to Scully. "Ah, you got your braces off. Your teeth look nice."


"How are you and Dan?" Mulder whispered. Scully shrugged her shoulders.

"We're okay."

That whole time Scully drowned out the sounds of her fellow senior of the loudspeaker, Alex Krycek. He was a major kiss-ass. Once the bell rang, they walked off to AP Physics together.

The whole seemed to be a blur. It was mostly the same in every class. All they did was go over the rules and the syllabus. It was maddening. Scully was insanely happy when she walked off to AP Psych. It was her last class of the day, and she was the first one in there... Mulder wasn't even in there. She took a seat in the second row.

"Ah, didn't you learn that you shouldn't be in the classroom without a teacher?" Mulder fake chided as he walked in with a textbook in his arms. Scully giggled. "How are you, Scully?" He had taken to calling her Scully during her sophomore year. He said it seemed to fit her better.

"I'm fine, Mulder. How are you?" She said with a smile.

"Good, good. Did you and Dan end up getting back together this summer?" He wondered. They broke up after Scully had figured out Dan had been cheating on her for months. She told Mulder about it. Scully shook her head as she looked down at the blank desk. "That's good. He hurt you pretty bad." Scully nodded and then brought back her smile. Various seniors began filing into the room. "You're already my favorite student," Mulder whispered into her ear quickly before walking away to his desk. Scully smiled.

"Thanks for NOT going to your locker, Dana." Monica laughed as she took a seat next to Scully. Doggett took the one behind her and began massaging her shoulders.

"Sorry," Scully laughed and took out her notebook to doodle on it.

"Alright class, my name's Mr. Mulder. You can call me Mulder. Actually, I like that better." Mulder took a seat on the desk across and diagonal from Scully. "I'm gonna take role before we get to the ever boring classroom rules and all that other uninteresting stuff."

"I like this guy already." John laughed. Scully liked him already too. She was sure that this was going to be her favorite class. Mulder went through the names quickly, and when he got to Scully's he just looked up and smiled right at her saying that she was already there. Then all the hope Scully had for this being her favorite class went away. Mulder called Dan's name and she heard his cocky voice. She looked to her right and saw him with his slut of a girlfriend, Alexis. Monica scoffed in disgust. Scully went back to ignoring everything, doodling in her notebook, until Mulder began addressing the class again.

"Hey Scully," Mulder said before she left. She was the last one on her way out of the classroom besides John and Monica. "I didn't know he was going to be in here. I would've gave you a heads up." Scully bit her lip and nodded, understanding.

"I can't stand him!" Scully yelled once in her car with Monica. She immediately put the car in reverse and began the process of pulling out of the parking lot. She turned her radio up, Metro Station's Shake It was on. "UGH! And now's he's in my psych class, yay!" She pulled her hair up at the red light again and continued talking to Monica. "And you know what sucks the most? That was for sure going to be my favorite class but now th-" Monica cut her off.

"Your favorite, why?" Monica asked sarcastically.

"That's not funny, Mon. I don't like Mulder." Scully stated firmly, rolling her eyes and turning the bend.

"And that's a lie."

"Oh, come on. He's my teacher."

"And he LOVES you!"

"What? Shut up."

"You're obviously his favorite student, and you know it." Scully blushed and the corners of her lips turned up against her will.

"Mon, you don't know that. It was only the first day!" Monica smiled slyly.

"Yeah, but you've BEEN his favorite student last year and the year before! It doesn't matter if today's the first day you have him. Besides, look at this," Monica reached behind her seat and grabbed Scully's notebook that was in her empty bag.

"Hey, let go of that!" She would've reached for it, but she was driving. Monica flipped to the third page and showed Scully her own doodle. Scully blushed at the words that were drawn in blue ink. 'You're already my favorite student...'

"I didn't write that!" Monica looked at her dubiously. "If you tell anyone I'll kill you."

"I promise, jeez!" Monica threw the notebook over her shoulder.

"Besides... it's not even like a crush. It's something different."

The rest of the week went by slowly, and every now and then Scully and Mulder would just sit and talk before or after class. It wasn't anything big though... nothing that would cause any type of suspicion. But on the Friday of the second week of school, Scully had come early to have her AP calculus teacher Mrs. Wand to help her. She wasn't with Monica. Monica had decided to hitch a ride with John.

However, when Scully peeked into Mrs. Wand's room, she wasn't there. Scully let out a sigh and walked further around the circle to see if she was in any other room. Then, she saw Mulder laughing hysterically from behind his computer in his dimly lit classroom. She smiled and decided that since Mrs. Wand was nowhere to be found that she would go stay in his room.

"Something funny?" She tilted her head to the side with a genuine smile on her lips. He removed the small blue ear phones in his ears and smiled up to Scully. It was a smile Scully only saw whenever he looked at her... it was like she was special. But Scully didn't want to think that. She had to be rational. He was her teacher, and she was his student.

"Come here, watch this." He waved his hand for her to come over.

" What is it?" She set her bag on the desk and took a seat in the same seat she sat in when she first met him. Youtube was up on his computer and he was pointing at an actress getting pulled over by the cops, Lea Teoni. They both hated her as an actress. Scully busted out laughing as well.

"So how do you like senior year so far?" Mulder asked as the video ended.

"I like it.... but calc is killing me. I came to school early for help from Mrs. Wand... but I couldn't find her."

"Do you think I can help you?"

"Would you be able to help me?" Scully handed Mulder her notebook and her worksheet.

"Maybe I should turn the lights on."

"No, it's fine."

Mulder was really helping her. Now, she was finally getting it. As he spoke the light from the tall standing lamp gleamed off of his perfectly white teeth as he smiled as Scully. It was almost as if he put her in a trance.

After he was done explaining and Scully finished the worksheet with little difficulty, his phone went off. He checked the caller ID on his blackberry pearl and made an annoyed face.

"Excuse me," He beamed at Scully and answered his phone in a corner in his room. "Hello?... No... NO!... I told Cara that I would take her camping this weekend... No, Diana. Well, did you ask her? Well, how about you ask her and then call me back! Yeah, whatever, bye." Mulder saw Scully watching him, and she immediately regretted she did. "I'm sorry you had to hear all that."

"Who was it?" Mulder paused before answering.

"My ex-wife." Scully tried to seem casual with what she said next.

"Oh, I didn't know you were divorced." She continued to doodle squiggly lines on her notebook.

"Yeah, I was going through that about a year and a have ago."

"Oh." Now it was starting to get awkward.

"Yeah, I uhm... promised my four year old, Cara, that I would take her camping this weekend... and she was really excited for it. Diane, my ex-wife wanted her this weekend, even though she had her last weekend."

"Oh, well that's a little bitchy."

"Well she is a bitch." Scully had no idea if she found him even more attractive since he was divorced. She knew that getting a divorce is horrible, especially if kids were involved, but she couldn't help but wonder why they had gotten one. "But my little girl is my life." His face lit up when he mentioned her. "Actually, she's the reason we tried to stay together. But, I didn't want my daughter to grow up with all of this yelling." Scully smiled, and her blue eyes stared into Mulder's green.

"You seem like a really good dad." Mulder continued to gaze into her eyes before he realized what he was doing. There were now people in the hall.

"Thank you," he whispered. "But you should probably get to homeroom." Mulder was right, she only had ten minutes.

"Yeah.... I probably should," Scully felt the heat rush to her cheeks, turning them a scarlet. "Thanks for helping me with my calculus."

"No problem."

"So, did Mrs. Wand help you with your calculus homework?" Monica asked as she searched for her cell phone in her bag.

"Uhm... no."

"Hah, good thing I didn't take AP. Actually, I was hoping you could help me with mine."

"I can."

"No offense... but if you don't understand it..."

"Oh, I do."


"Well, Mrs. Wand wasn't in her room... and I heard Mulder in his. So, basically he helped me." Monica giggled. "Shut up!" Scully sighed.

It'll get more interesting. Yeah, I know Bill wouldn't like Mulder... but he's not going to like him later on in the story.

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