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Author: ToryD

Beta: Splendorous Night Unfurled

Title: A Forbidden Forever

Chapter One

Edward Cullen leaned back in his leather chair as he studied the latest set of financials before him. An unprecedented profit reflected off the page for his privately owned telecommunications company that had served to make him a billionaire several times over. Most men would be celebrating such unparalleled success, yet Edward was not most men. In fact he was not a man at all, though most humans would be hard pressed to recognize his secret. Tossing the paper carelessly onto his glass topped desk, he wondered what it would take for him to escape the tedium that his existence had become. 'What was left in this life to offer any type of thrill or excitement?' He questioned himself wearily. He had traveled the world over, had just about studied every type of subject known to man and now he had succeeded in business as no other before him. So what was left that could offer to pull him from his unending boredom?

Thinking of his family, he wondered why he was the only one who still seemed to struggle with the endless time that he was sentenced to. His adopted parents Carlisle and Esme Cullen each possessed a zest for life, if indeed one could call it a life. Their total devotion to each other as well as to their adopted family made him ashamed that he could not emulate the stellar example they exhibited. His adopted brothers and sisters had each seemed to accept what this world had to offer, so why was he still only going through the motions. Why couldn't he find the contentment that they had each found, he questioned himself silently. Ever since he became a vampire at the age of 28, he had struggled with his place in this world. Even though he had been lucky enough to be included into a loving family such as the Cullen's, he still seemed to question if this was all that this life had to offer. Just an endless stretch of time with no inherit purpose to fulfill.

Getting to his feet, he looked at his watch and saw that it was going on two in the morning. Knowing that he shouldn't be working this late for the seventh consecutive night if he didn't want to raise any unneeded comments from his security staff, he quickly crossed to the door in order to make his way towards the elevator. The annoying ring tone that his sister Alice had programmed into his cell phone peeled over loudly to his sensitive ears. A crooked smile that served to enhance the beauty of his flawless features adorned his lips as he quickly fished his phone out of his suit jacket and activated the button to access her call. "What is it that has you calling me at this hour?" he asked with an amused tone that he reserved for her alone.

"Edward! Where are you?" she asked with an anxiousness that instantly put him on alert.

"I'm just about to head home, why?" he asked as a slight frown furrowed his smooth pale brow.

"NO!" Alice all but yelled into the phone. "Where exactly are you in the building?" she asked with an impatience that caused an imaginary chill to sweep down into the pit of Edward's stomach, if he could in fact feel such a chill.

"I'm just about to get off the elevator," Edward replied at the exact moment that the pinging tone of the elevator's ring announced the arrival of his first floor destination.

"Oh Damn!" Alice whispered in a wave of distress that only she could understand. "Listen to me," she began with a forced calmness to her voice that did little to disguise her anxiety. "Hold your breath," she instructed quickly.

Edward instantly did as she ordered; knowing instinctively that Alice had had one of her unfaultable visions of the future and to ignore her advice would only prove detrimental. "What have you seen," he asked with the reserved breath he held within his lungs.

"There is a young woman who is about to cross your path," she began with a sad tone that she couldn't quite hide. "Just hold your breath and walk past her without looking in her direction."

Edward looked down at the marbled floor and carefully measured his steps to that of a human as he crossed the elegant lobby. Instinctively he could feel the presence of three humans; two male security guards were manning the main lobby desk and a woman who seemed to be struggling with a large buffing machine to his immediate left. The latter being the threat that Alice was foretelling.

"Keep walking," Alice encouraged as though she were there to witness the entire scene first hand.

Edward clenched his free hand into a tight fist as he felt unexplainable and overwhelming warmth spread through him as he passed a few feet away from the unseen woman. Even though he couldn't smell her human scent, he felt an instant almost unbearable desire to feed on this woman whom he could not spare even the barest of glimpses. "Alice!" he growled with an unmistakable pleading that caused Alice to cry out for the pain she knew he must be feeling.

"Just a few more seconds Edward," she coaxed as she sank down heavily on the steps of her family home's grand staircase. "Emmet t is waiting outside."

Edward glanced up to see that his brother was in fact waiting for his arrival with his mud spattered Jeep Cherokee idling at the building's entrance. Pushing through the glass double doors he quickly opened the jeep's passenger door and slid with an unconscious grace into the seat.

"Okay Bro?" Emmett asked with a casual tone that failed to match the concern that reflected from his warm brown eyes.

"Get me to the forest," Edward ordered through tightly clenched teeth.

Seeing that his brother remained in a deep struggle to overcome the intense need to feed on human blood, Emmett floored the jeep's accelerator to put as much distance between them and whatever had threatened his brother's commitment to the non-human diet that he had pledged so many years ago.

"Edward?" Alice's sweet, concerned voice broke over the line.

"I'll see you soon Alice," Edward sighed heavily into the phone.

"Okay, we'll talk later Edward," she promised with a sadness that only touched upon the magnitude of their upcoming conversation.

Ending the call, Edward turned to look out at the Portland city lights as they quickly made their way out of the city towards the forest, a forest that held an unlimited source of animals in which he could quench his overpowering hunger for blood. Only his mind was now relentlessly questioning if the animal blood on which he had survived for the past eighty years would serve to conquer the need that he now had for an unseen human's blood.


Bella Swan smiled softly as she acknowledged the two security guards on duty at the lobby desk while she wrestled with the large bulky floor polisher. Frowning at the various buttons on the polisher's handle, she pushed the first one that identified itself as 'polish' and felt a strong pull on her arm socket as the machine burst into life. Grasping the vibrating handle with both hands, she had to struggle to hold it flat on the smooth floor's surface. After a few minutes she began to get the feel of the machine's power and began to move it across the lobby with a little more success. This was her second night as a member of the Cullen Communication's buildings cleaning staff and she knew how lucky she was to secure this position which allowed her to easily continue working her two other jobs and meeting the demands of her classroom schedule.

Smiling to herself she wondered what Jacob or Mike would say if they could see her 5 foot 4 inch frame working a machine almost as tall. Jacob would probably just laugh himself silly, whereas Mike would launch into his familiar tirade of how unnecessary it was for her to work in such a menial way in order to pay for college when he could just pay the way for her. With a heavy sigh, she wondered silently to herself why Mike couldn't understand her need to make her own way in the world just as he had. His success in the national football league had proved to be a dream come true for a kid that was dealt such a raw deal when it came to his parents. What a threesome they made; the three misfits that survived various foster homes to emerge with a common pain that only they could share.

With the loud, reverberating hum the machine was producing she wasn't aware of the tall figure that had emerged from the elevator until she caught a quick view of him out of her right field of vision. Drawing a quick intake of breath, she couldn't help but stare at the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His smooth pale features appeared frozen in a mask that appeared to be as if he was holding in some deep seated pain. As her heart skipped a beat she continued to follow him with her compassion filled eyes while feeling his pain as a strange physical manifestation within her own body. She continued to watch as he gracefully exited the building to an awaiting Jeep just parked outside. With a shake of her head she wondered what had caused her strange response to a man whom she had never met. "You're losing it Bella," she whispered to herself chidingly as she returned her focus on the task at hand.


"They're home," Alice announced to the other four members of her family who were anxiously awaiting Edward and Emmett's return.

Carlisle crossed the large foyer to the massive hand carved mahogany double doors and pulled them wide as if to expedite the arrival of his sons. "How is he?" he questioned without taking his bronze eyes from the elegant walkway that crossed to the large garage.

"I can't tell," Alice sighed unevenly, resigned that her gift of telling the future was failing her at this one most important moment.

"What is he feeling Jasper?" Esme asked her youngest son with a soft concern that only a mother could possess as she crossed the room to stand by her husband's side.

"He is filled with a barely leashed rage and a feeling of fear. Fear of not being in control," Jasper explained when finished reading his brother's emotions while he held tightly to his wife Alice's trembling hand.

"Here they are," Carlisle announced as he watched his son's approach.

Edward winced as he read the thoughts swirling around his family's minds, all exhibiting an undeniable concern focused exclusively upon him. Crossing the threshold into his family's mansion, he was immediately pulled into the embrace of his mother Esme. "I'm fine," he whispered into her ear.

Pulling back, Esme retained her hold on Edward as she studied his features with concern alighting her pale, perfect face.

Carlisle reached out and placed a firm, supporting hand upon his son's shoulder. "Would you like to talk about it?" he queried with a father's love that served to offer some small measure of comfort to the tense man who stood before him.

"I need to see Alice first," Edward stated as his bronze colored eyes searched the room for his most beloved sister.

Alice rose from her position next to her husband and crossed the room to take her brother in her arms in a show of acceptance.

"Let's go outside," Edward said softly as he disengaged himself from his sister's embrace.

Brushing past Emmett's tense form on the doorstep, Edward led Alice to a secluded spot in his mother's carefully tended garden.

"So, why don't you tell me who she is?" Edward asked with a voice that held no emotion.

Nodding her head slightly, Alice began to rerun the two visions that had entered her consciousness only a short time ago. The first vision was that of Edward and the young woman on what appeared to be a date, they were both laughing at something they had just witnessed in a play of some sort. But there was more, in Alice's vision he saw that his eyes were filled with love as he gazed upon the woman seated beside him, and that she was also looking upon him with an undeniable love reflected in her own gentle, warm, brown eyes. His whole being filled with an unequaled anticipation that he had not felt since he left his human life behind. Just as his face began to show a radiance of joy, Alice's vision switch to that of himself holding a broken lifeless body of the woman, his own eyes filled with unequaled anguish for the deed his nature could not deny, the woman's death at his own hands.

As the vision faded, Edward fell to his knees, cursing himself from what he was. A blood thirsty monster, who could never be with the one he was meant to be with.

Alice watched as Edward fought against the pain of the unjust future that had been lain out for him. Placing a cold hand upon his, she leaned face against his. "It hasn't gelled yet," she began softly. "I don't know which will come to be the truth."

Edward gently pushed his sister away from his side and rose with a slowness that attested to the tightly leashed control he held upon his emotions. "Go back to the others," he advised softly as he began to walk slowly into the darkened forest that sat adjacent to the large mansion.

Alice watched as her brother disappeared into the darkness, her unbeating heart breaking for the cruel hand that fate had dealt him. Turning she walked back towards the house and was met by five pairs of concerned eyes. Smiling sadly she crossed to her mother and said with a sorrow filled voice that filled the room with an unmistakable dread. "He has found his one."

Confusion filled Esme's face as she processed her daughter's words. "But that's wonderful news," she said as she drew her daughter into her arms. The news that her son had finally found the one person whom he would share his life and love with was welcoming as she felt a joy spread through her.

Pulling back Alice shook her head violently. "No, NO!" She began harshly. "She is a human, and in the end he is going to kill her; and in doing so he will kill himself."

Esme's eyes filled with horror at the picture her daughter had painted for Edward's future. "Carlisle," she called out brokenly as she held a beckoning hand towards her husband.

Carlisle grasped his wife's hand tightly in his own, hoping that he had the wisdom to see his family through the dark days ahead.

Emmett pulled Rosalie into his comforting arms and held her to his unbeating heart, wishing that his brother could somehow find a way around his sister's prophecy.


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