Disclaimer: I own neither the Elf nor the Ranger nor anything else that is a part of Middle-Earth.

Summary: Aragorn, sensing that his time is coming, tries to say goodbye to his closest friend.

Rating: PG

Author's Note: This was written for the Teitho October prompt, Healing.

Many thanks to my wonderful beta, Calenlass, for advice, suggestions, and patience with questions.

The Parting of Our Ways


Am I a King? Can my decree,

Can Gondor's mark or royal seal

Command the waters of the Sea

That caused the hurt I cannot heal?


Not Sauron's wiles nor Morgul-blade

Can torment as the Sea has done

An Elven soul; and yet you stayed

With me beneath this Eastern sun.


If I could heal, and ease your pain –

The Valar gave me not that grace;

And while in Arda you remain,

I face the Doom of all my race.


I bade you stay, but I must go.

My sun must set; my time is nigh.

And oh! It scars my soul to know

That we'll be sundered, you and I.


The Sea caused hurt; another grief,

A colder and a deeper pain

I bring upon you: Men are brief,

And we may never meet again.


With all my heart I wish you joy,

I bid you live in gladness – yet

Though I would every skill employ,

I cannot ask you to forget.


Remember me – your years are long,

And this the morning of your days;

And never think I meant you wrong

Upon this parting of our ways.


Remember me; though others might

In Eldamar delight your heart,

I loved you till the Mortal night

Decreed an end to all mine art.


Remember me; and raise your eyes

To Varda's lights, and know I see

From distant shores those very skies

Whose stars you counted once with me.


The path before I do not fear,

Nor will I grieve for crown or throne;

But who this Mortal night will cheer

If you are far in Elven-home?


My own bereavement I'll subdue

For Mortal souls were made to part –

My soul now trembles most for you,

And for a grieving Elven-heart.


The love of brothers never fades,

And you were never less to me;

Take comfort, as you walk the glades

Of Eldamar across the Sea.


I cannot teach you how to heal:

Immortal souls will sink and soar

To depths and heights no Man could feel,

And if once felt, none ever bore.


Remember, Elf, the love we bore,

And let your soul in gladness mend

That once, upon this Eastern shore,

You knew a Man who called you Friend.

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