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"I swear Sasuke," Sakura sighed scanning through her saved images. "In every single photo your eyes are red."

Her boyfriend paid no heed and put his hands behind his head. "Well if you would stop taking so many pictures of me-"

"Never," she bristled, eyes set on her Motorola. The phone was ancient and chipped but it was pink and customized and refused to be rid of.

"And would it kill you to smile for once?" Sakura added before flipping her phone shut in a huff. She fidgeted at the sight of Sasuke on her bed and he belonged on some far off beach in the Caribbean with the white sand and surf. He looked divine. It almost made her narrow her eyes. She had a magnificent (he'd so kick her ass for secretly referring to him as that) total godsend of a boyfriend and no hot pictures. It was a crime! What was she supposed to show at her family reunion? Her boyfriend the devil?

"Do you really want me to answer that?" he replied nonchalantly. She sighed again and sat on the edge of her bed. He notably looked smug when she ran her fingers over his shin. They started kissing and unfortunately Sasuke had a habit to kiss her stupid. She acted fast before losing too many brain cells.


He half growled. "Sakura." She rolled off his warm body only to darken at the sight of her efforts.

Red eyes again!

She was gripped in determination. The reunion was exactly one month away and she vowed, "I will get the perfect photo of you Sasuke, one without red eyes."

And it was disputable as to whom was really the annoying one, "Not if I can help it."


Attempt 1


Now Sasuke had taken her seriously (how could he not) she was Haruno Sakura and nothing (except him) got in that headstrong (crazy) womans way.

But as she lay on the concrete beneath his car, her head sticking out he hadn't taken her that seriously. He had dodged photo happy Sakura masterfully for most of the school week and hadn't once heard that horrible sound.


And surely she was a pedophile in training with such a move. She blinked looking to her phone, a thoughtful frown.

"It's alright," she nodded shutting her phone "for an up the nose shot."


Attempt 2


As far as girls were concerned Sasuke was free game to terrorize. Surely the school handbook had 'violating the Uchiha' listed under the harassment policy as it was so rampant.

When Sakura was pushed back against the locker she couldn't help but think she hadn't been that bad grabbing his ass. It's not like she didn't give him warning with 'nice ass Uchiha' either. Honestly. Couldn't he recognize his beloved's own voice?

He seemed to pause and she took the golden opportunity.


He backed up at the annoyance. She was insufferable.

A gleeful over-exaggerated "Oh yeah, aha!" filled the air, Sakura raised her phone in triumph "that's right! Who's your-"

"It didn't work did it," Sasuke interrupted smugly.

She deflated, shutting away the god awful red eyed photo with a snap.

"Shut up."


Attempt 2 and a half


"Sasuke… it hurts. When you… Ouch… Sasuke…"

She gripped her (just 'sore') hip conveniently where her pocket so happened to be. What did she think he was? Naruto?

"Yeah right Sakura."

Instantaneous change of tact not-so-angelic-fallen-angel look.

"You owe me for the attack on my persons," she accused "I get like... a penalty photo!"

To which he walked away.


Attempt 3


"Hey Sasuke."


"How's it going Sasuke?"


"How are you feeling this morning Sasuke?"

"What the hell?" Sasuke said groggily. He stared at the pretty girl lying right on top of him. Uh. Was he still asleep?

"Say cheese!"


Sakura glowered at the result. Sasuke shut his eyes when she took the photo. That bastard.


Attempt 4


Sasuke played basketball, point guard. There had been a lot of trouble last year with girls breaking into the locker room to see said point guard. Sasuke did appreciate assistant coach Rock-Lee watching to make sure nobody did.

"Think fast superstar!"


He did not appreciate his charming (manipulative) girlfriend, bewitching said assistant coach to get into his locker room!

After the incident and on the bench a heartfelt "Sorry Sasuke… you know how she is," was announced from Lee.

Sasuke sighed. "I am going to kick you."


Attempt (epic fail) 5


"Hi Sasuke!"

He froze. He had detention for kicking one assistant coach AND he had someone under his desk.

Sasuke tried to stay stoic because of course Sakura was damn near close to being between his legs. He knew all she would be thinking about was getting a damn photo, not dirty thoughts.

The teacher on duty came in with a pause before a thunderous 'What on earth is going on here!' and yeah, he got it. Sakura finally understood the compromising position and crawled out from under the desk beet red.

It wasn't like Sasuke meant to point at her or anything (okay he did).

"I begged her to stop."


Life was good. Not only had Sakura gotten her precious phone confiscated but she also got the demeaning teen-pregnancy-is-bad-just-don't-do-it talk.

Watching her mop the hall in punishment as Ino gave her sympathetic looks… classic. He'd tried to gloat but Sakura was ignoring him.

So he smirked and walked over her freshly mopped floor leaving dirty footprints. That would get her attention. He didn't wait for the repercussions, leaving.

But as his phone vibrated in his pocket there were always repercussions.

From: Ino

Oh it's on.



Attempt (Epic win!) 6


Door bursting open.


Itachi in an apron.

She blinked. Sasuke's business suit wearing, big corporate hot shot of an older brother-

Frilly pink apron.




She made a beeline to Sasuke's room and Itachi's calls were drowned out with the sheer catatonic impact of opening that door.






She slammed the door, cheeks pink from embarrassment. She just saw Sasuke naked for the first time…



Who would have guessed. Itachi baked AND was unspeakable evil.

"So that's the story. He won't let me take a photo of him and I need it for the reunion. And he knows I need it for the reunion. Jerk."

Sakura resisted the urge to mope by eating another piece of strawberry shortcake.

"Oh yes the reunion, I heard about that."

"Really?" Sakura said incredulously.

Itachi gave her one of his looks, "Sasuke told me. Is it strictly a Haruno event or are guests welcome?"

"Oh..." Sakura said caught of guard, "No, we can invite whoever I guess."

"Hmm," Itachi seemed to reflect before an eerie smile ignited his face. "You know there are a lot of pictures of Sasuke in the living room cabinet."

His devious tone was not ignored and Sakura grinned.


Attempt (Itachi is a legend) 7


She had seen Sasuke naked in his room AND in the bath. Sure that latter was a two year old Sasuke but she still felt a slight victory dance coming on. She put it on the bribery pile although she did consider putting it in her favorites…

She casually smiled when she heard a choking sound of death. Family albums bought that terror out in people.

"Hey Sasuke."

And she turned to him holding up that photo.

"Guess what I found."


"Give it back!"

"Nawh, Sasuke look at you both."


Sakura sprinted into his bedroom, the photo of a Naruto and Sasuke's first sleepover in her hand. It was the most adorable thing she had ever seen, the two seven year olds falling asleep in each others arms. Popcorn everywhere.

Sasuke was around the other side of the bed and she was trapped.


She wasn't going down without a fight. Another photo being taken (for some reason) seemed to enrage him as she was pushed down onto the bed. He had little thought crawling on top of her. She couldn't help but blush.

After a moment his eyes softened and did his breathing just hitch? She didn't know because he kissed her. Her brain seriously melted at the hot kiss before the photo was yanked from her hand. He'd only kissed to get at that!

As her lips tingled she wondered if she was to complain or not. She sighed looking to her phone and even worse a scary picture of angry Sasuke still with red eyes. It almost felt like a loss.

"Lucky," she said matter of fact looking to the ripped to shreds embarrassing photo.

"What?" he replied reluctantly, in reality bitter. When was she going to figure out he'd had enough…that he hated having his photo taken like this?

"Lucky your brother let me scan that photo so I could put it on facebook."


Attempt 8


"So if I do this for you, you'll take the photo of me and Sasuke down?" Naruto said slowly as if he heard wrong.

"Yep. You pin him down, photo goes down. Fair?"

"Heh. You kidding, I'd do this for free." Naruto said with a shrug. They were at the beach for a biology project in a group of three, Sasuke separating himself from them.

Big mistake.

You really had to admire Naruto, able to bring Sasuke down. There was a 'what are you doing' and a 'hold still' before a low punch to the stomach and coughing. Rather vicious her boys were.

As she held out her phone out, the word was patience.

Suddenly it looked promising as Sasuke leaned his head right back against the sand (little did they know going in for a head butt) but Naruto leaned down just as he came up.


And there was two boys getting as far away from each other as possible, clutching their throats, spitting…

But Sakura could only look to her phone…




She swallowed and found them both transfixed on her phone. She took a step back.

It was shouted times two, "Get her!"

She broke into a run.


Sasuke cornered her almost to the edge of the jetty.

"Hand it over Sakura."

He was going to break her phone. It was a silly thing to say but she loved her phone so-


He moved forward, enraged, and she didn't mean to do the same. They suddenly collided and he went over her-


And off the jetty.

Sakura hesitantly leaned over the edge to see her boyfriends head emerge only to be pushed back under by an onslaught of waves.




Sasuke glowered at the headline in disdain. He blamed Sakura entirely and was going to let her know that, throwing the paper down on her lunch table.

"Look," he said darkly "they put what happened in the news."

Her eyes widened at the article and she stole it away instantly.


Scuffling of paper.

"Is there a picture?"


Attempt 9


She was following Sasuke because well... he didn't tell her where he was going. Alright he wasn't talking to her period.

He was standing around a street and she actually thought it could be an opportunity taking out her phone. She froze when he called to an unrecognizable girl who grinned coyly. She hugged him and he returned the favor.


Her finger slipped… her finger slipped…

And her heart broke.


She told herself over and over it was just a hug, just a hug. She'd followed them both down a back alley and watched them disappear behind a door-

He came back out doing the buttons on his shirt up.


Sakura stared at her phone. At the red head, the girl hugging him.

And she cried.

Sasuke had some nerve. He had some nerve when she looked up in her vanity mirror and he was there. He looked sullen and annoyed.

It went quickly. Her head spinning and all she wanted to do was show him that unfaithful photo.

There was a grunt as both hands came over his eye when she thrust her phone in his face screaming 'cheater!'

His cold laughter made her forget it all, throwing her phone to the floor in a rage, hearing it break but not caring because he didn't. He didn't care. He laughed and he left.

She didn't know why she sank to the floor. She felt weak, she felt useless… his face his stupid face…

It was staring back at her.

She blinked at the photo amongst the wreckage of her phone, the perfect wallet size photo for her to be able to show around. One where he'd changed into a nicer than his school uniform shirt and tried to smile. A professional one by a professional photographer…

She shakily reached for the thoughtful boy she foolishly lost and flipped it over.

Will this get you off my back?



"Can I… talk to Sasuke?"

Itachi slammed the door in her face.


She'd been halfway down the stairs at his apartment block.

"You know how overprotective my brother gets… you did almost give me a black eye."

And Sasuke had been at the top.

She didn't want to fall to pieces. She keep her cool blurting 'sorrys' like a babbling brook, admitting her idiocy like a flash flood.

"I don't know why you didn't just ask me in the first place…" was said distantly and she looked to him tears in her eyes. He had confided in his brother about it. Why she didn't ask him (or worse didn't want him) to go.

"…to the reunion."


Attempt 10


"Okay everyone stand together!"

She couldn't help but look bashful when she leaned back into his heated body, so much better to show off in the flesh.

"Really bunch up! And say Haruno!"

She smiled, there was a flash. An 'okay' before she stiffened, her uncle shouting over everyone 'now just one of little Sakura and her boyfriend!'

They loved to tease her.

And as Sasuke pulled her in again and stared right into the lens of the camera-

She realized he didn't mind photo's as long as they were with her.

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