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Summary: What if L hadn't died and actually won? Light and Misa were trialed by their crimes. Both sentenced to death…but L has taken a liking to Misa-san and wishes to try to change her ideals, but can he get an ever so stubborn Misa to change her beliefs especially when her mind is completely shattered?

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Prolog A Different Path

It was over; Kira was no more thanks to one man and his team of agents. This man who stopped Kira was a world renowned detective known simply as 'L.' Kira was finally identified as Yagami, Light son of Captain Yagami, Soichio of the Japanese Police Task Force. The very Task Force that was enlisted to help L stop Kira a very controversial topic amongst many discussions still ongoing. Yagami Soichio had no connection to his sons killing spree as far as knowledge goes. As for the way Kira managed to kill his victims of a heart attack still goes unknown and most believe the methods weren't told to prevent it from ever happening again. The question still stands what happened to Yagami, Light?

According to local news, Yagami, Light was taken into custody and put on trial along side of his partner Amane Misa, a young model with exceptional potential until now. When the "Second Kira" was unveiled to public's eye critics believe the media went wild. This could be the number one breaking story of all time. Anyone who was smart would go after the model's career building however they seemed just as confused and wished to not comment on it any further. Unnamed people took it beyond themselves to bring up her hidden files on how her parents were killed by a mad man; this mad man was killed by Kira giving her a reason to assist.

A trial was taken place exactly on March 15th 2009 and what news reporters claim to be worshippers of Kira had to be held back by officers and even had to result to tear gassing so that the trial could begin. No questions were asked as L appeared in court a mask that resembled Yagami-kun delivering cold hard evidence that could potentially sentence both Yagami-kun and Amane-san to death. That's exactly what happened – Light Yagami in order to cease the riots was sentenced to death by chair in one month and as for the once famed blonde she was given five months on L's request – no one knows why. Rumors have said that the two of them might have developed a close bond but her display of resentment for L easily drew that accusation away. Perhaps L had plans for her, but who knows? Only time would tell…


Two weeks later…

Cell Block D Administration building April 3rd 2009 a man wearing blue jeans and a long sleeved white t-shirt appeared before Chief Louie and Medical Doctor Sheri. L had finished telling Rodger and Watari that he had plans to take care of that were more important than dealing with certain situations at the moment. Near, his second successor was to take his place alongside of Mello and Matt in his absence. "How are they doc?" L asked the middle aged doctor who dressed in a slim white coat and wore a pair of oval glasses on the tip of her nose to hide her brown eyes. Her chestnut hair was done up messily into a bun and on her hat was a white and red crossed hat.

Sheri pushed up her glasses as she passed Lou to bring up the security monitors to Cell Block H, their highest guarded area. She laid her hands flat against the keys but typed quickly without miss spelling a word and accessed a certain room, directing L to come over to her side using her right hand. L headed over to her side, back leaned with a cup of tea in his hands, sipping it. The screen flickered and soon a silhouette appeared showing there was a chained arm and legs, Yagami Light fashioning a black and white striped uniformed. He mumbled in coherent words but the doctor made sure to tell him they were threats. Light never stopped issuing threats to them, saying he would escape and kill all those who held him back.

"He eats, drinks, and takes care of himself quite well. He has a strong will to survive and create his new world…Yagami-kun's favorite past time is writing plans of escape on the walls."

"You give him chalk?" L asks wondering if this was the best environment he could lock him in to keep him from hurting others. Sheri let out a low chuckle, and grinned at the screen.

"Oh no, we would never let him get that kind of enjoyment, he uses his, 'imaginative' skills to plan our doom L." Sheri clicked the escape button on her keyboard canceling the transmission and glanced toward L with a smile. "Anything else you wish to know L?" L sipped the last bit of his tea and then set the cup down on the coffee table in the right corner of the room. L brushed his hands absentmindedly against the table remembering a certain promise he made with a Shinigami named Rem.

"How fares Amane Misa-san?" L asked, turning to Sheri waiting to hear the second status report. Moved over to a small black filing cabinet and searched through a bundle of names pulling out Misa-san's case. Sheri handed it over to L letting him take a look. L picked up the folder by its corner by his right hand and held it up to his face while heading over to an a rolling chair near the table he had set his tea one. He got on the chair, sitting in his thinking position and scanning through its contents.

"We completely shut her off to seeing Yagami-kun as we figured they might be more dangerous together than parted. However the first week Misa-san was completely hard to control. She was struggling so much that we had to hold her down just to force feed her but now she's a whole other person. It's like she wants to die because she refuses to eat, take care of herself, or speak to anyone. I do not know why she is doing this." Sheri replied, and L lips formed a line. He flipped a page that had a diagnosed on how much longer they predicted Misa would live if she kept refusing help.

"I know exactly why she is hurting herself like this," L quickly shut her file and glared at the screen where Light once was. "Misa plans to die the same day Light does so she could be with him…" He set the file down on the coffee table besides his tea. "However…Light will not be waiting for her when she does, Misa does not realize by suicide she will only make herself lonelier." Sheri and Louie exchanged looks as they witness L take a pen and circle it around his fingers over and over in deep thought. The pen slipped out of his hand and rolled across the ground. Sheri went to pick it up but L halted her. "You did do a brain scan of Amane-san like I had hoped to see correct Miss Saito-san?"

"Yes, of, course. They weren't in her files because I had wished to discuss this with you on a personal level. I am glad that you brought it up. Chief Louie, do you mind?" Sheri wondered, glancing to see the chubby man dressed in a deep blue outfit. A black guard stick chained to his left belt and a gun carried to his right side.

"Not at all, I will be outside until needed." Louie replied, in his deep western accent. Once he departed out of the room, Sheri turned her gaze back on L to find an empty seat. L had gone to pick up the pen he was playing with and returned to his seat as if he hadn't moved at all.

"Amane-sans brain waves show a great deal of mental and even emotional trauma."

"Light-kun…" L spoke out but Sheri shook her head, 'no' as if telling him he was merely partially correct.

"At first we thought it was Light-kun as well, this is another reason for their separation but then we discovered the trauma from Light was only minor compared to the deep rooted one from her past. The initial loss of her parents must have triggered something that is causing her mind to slowly break." L grunted angrily, and Sheri became shocked as she watched the detective slam the pen against the table. "I know you must be angry considering you two were friends at some point but I honestly don't know how she could have gone this long without seeing a psychiatrist. "

"Amane-san, probably blamed herself for not being there to see her parents death and for that she pushed herself to appear strong, strong enough to carry a fake smile and a happy go lucky attitude when actually she was in turmoil this entire time. An actress who hides her true feelings behind a mask, a very fake mask indeed…I wish to go see her." L replied, placing his hands on his knees and tried his best to ignore the shocked expression Sheri was giving him. Sheri swallowed, but decided to compose herself she could make L change his mind hopefully.

"I do not suggest it." Sheri objected and L frowned.

"She will not hurt me…" L replied, "Even if she does hate me, she will not attack me." Sheri placed her hand on her forehead, shaking her head.

"I never accused her of hurting anyone. I only wish for you not to go because it might be a disturbing sight to see. She's not the same woman L. She's unemotional and sits there in her bunk with a glazed expression unmoving. Amane-san looks like a wreck, to get her to speak would be a miracle. We've thought she's becoming a mute without Light." Sheri searched L's dark gaze hoping to see him back down but he continued to stare at her as if her words meant little to him. "L what do you plan on doing to that girl when you see her? L took a step down from his chair and placed both hands into his pockets, leaning over in his common suit before raising his head to Sheri.

"I'm going to try to rehabilitate Amane-san." L stated coolly. Sheri stared at him with wide eyes.

"That's impossible…That would take years and you only have five months to do so and why, why go out of your way to help her? She aided Yagami-kun in bringing you down." L head toward the door Chief Louie headed out of so that he may ask to be escorted to Misa's cell. "L…?" L stopped at the door, staring at it blankly. L's eyes were dark, but a certain sense of determination could be seen just gazing at his back.

"The answer is simple really…I don't believe that anyone in the world should die without experiencing, 'True' happiness and that's exactly what I plan to show Amane-san. I'm going to save her from a world of eternal darkness."

Sheri blinked at the boy confusion etched on her face at his words.

"You are going to become her Light?" Sheri quickly cursed when she realized how critical that wording was to L.

"No, I'm not going to become her Light…Nor would I want to for the matter… Rather I'm going to become a different path for Amane-san." With that he left directing Chief Louie who waited outside the door to take him to Misa's cellblock. Sheri returned to her work with a smile gracing her lips.

"I see..." She whispered as she began to do her weekly check up on other criminals. "Good luck L, but don't count on me letting you achieve this… I have my orders after all…" Sheri grinned mischievously as she reached into her drawer and pulled out a fresh new copy of a Death Note. "Ne, Light-kun-?"


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