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Chapter 26: His and Her Requirements

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They always praised him for being able to stay on work and not let anything else distract him. However L was a detective and not a saint so he wasn't exactly on task wise like the others hoped especially now during certain circumstances. He hummed a soft melody as he went over to his working station inside his room. He tried to be as quiet as possibly considering he didn't want to wake up a certain beauty wrapped inside his sheets.

L already tried his best not to chuckle when he first woke up and found her obsession to clinging onto his arm. Luckily he managed to roll up one of his pillows enough to make it feel as skinny as an arm and made a quick exchange for the too. Misa gave a satisfied sigh thinking he had not gotten away from her and proceeded to lift her head in her sleep and gave "L" a well deserved light kiss in thanks. It was really hard to keep a straight face then so he turned and headed over to make some coffee unaware of the sneaky bandit behind him.

Normally people would have their own coffee makers inside their kitchen but being a detective meant he had to work over night sometimes and that meant needing to stay awake over long periods of time. Watari used to keep the coffee maker in the kitchen but L would sometimes dose off if he took too long and Watari would have to wake him up by pressing the hot cup against his face. It was then that L decided that they simply put it inside his room so L would avoid being burned to death inside his sleep and Watari wouldn't be guilty about having to hurt L just to wake him up.

When his cup was finally ready, he lifted it up and had a sip. Usually he'd feel just the warmth spread inside his body but because of a certain nymph that he didn't realize was faking…She managed to add head outside as well not that he minded the way her arms came from behind and wrapped around his waist. Especially not minding the way her lips brushed gently across the arch of his neck.

"Misa, did you have a good sleep?" L asked, trying to keep his cool under control as he closed his eyes. Only a sheet was blocking him from feeling her naked form against his naked back. He heard her response in a blissful hum as she pulled her arms away from him. "I know I most certainly did and I can say I feel 100 percent better again." L paused, thinking about the way Misa responded so well to his movements.

"I bet," Misa finally managed to say in between her butterfly kisses up his neck until he finally managed to half-turn facing toward her. His coffee was far off in his right hand and his left now was snaking around her waist pulling her close while she simply smirked devilishly. "Considering your actually standing straight for once…"

Misa watched as her detective flushed a bright tomato red.

"W-Well don't get used to it. I-I'm only doing this once for you." He stuttered out and Misa chuckled, reaching both hands up to stroke his face. Misa smiled as she caressed his cheeks with her hands.

"I'm glad," His eyes widened softly at her next string of words. "Because now I can do this…"And before L could mutter a word he watched as she stood on her tippy-toes and pressed her lips against his. L felt his eyes, shut and his right arm quickly searched for the table to set it down because the gods knew he wanted to kiss her back and happily he did so he set that cup down and had that right hand brush across her cheek as well and hold it there as he returned the passion she so wonderfully did for him.

They separated breathless, but Misa did not stop there. Her face flushed with a pink hue and an adorable smile L wished to make his again but Misa-Misa was a quicker mover when it came to these sort of things and easily beat him to the next kiss by wrapping her hands around neck. He felt himself bang hard against the table and L felt his eyes widen even more when he heard a snicker from Misa as she dropped away from his shoulders and gave that feral smirk once more.

"Your all mine now Lawliet." A shiver ran down is spine, he had always known Misa for being a bit aggressive for when she jumped Light whenever she got the chance but he never expected to hear her purr like that. He shut his eyes when he felt her kisses reach down there.

"M-M-Misa—" He protested swallowing largely as he felt her tongue slide and god knows what else. It took all of his will – ALL of his will to push her gently away with his left palm. She blinked and looked up at innocently as he glared daggers down at you. "W-what do you think you're doing?" He asked, and she still holding his manhood, eyes slightly narrow now.

"What does it look like I'm doing, genius?" Misa added with a growl of frustration but her eyes quickly softened as she wiped her lips with a frown. "Am I bad at this?" Misa asked, shamefully, her hands dropping to her lap. "I mean I've never done it with anyone before so…" Misa sighed, "I'm such an idiot." She cursed and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

L quickly crouched down to her level and grabbed her chin making her look into his eyes.

"No, no, quite the contraire Misa— you're actually really, really good at it." Misa made a small sound of disbelief.

"You wouldn't know you've never been with a woman." She replied, shifting her eyes away from him and her cheeks inflating like a blow-fish would in self defense.

"Trust me I know." L dragged out, patting her shoulder, a sensational tingling ripped through him. "I felt it." Misa called him a pervert then especially when she saw that smirk on his face. L frowned, could she really blame him?

"Then why did you stop me?" Misa asked looking back at him face still puckered like a fish. L began nibbling his thumb.

"Good question."

"Lawliet you JERK—!"

"Wait, wait—!" L called out, placing his hands up in the air as to surrender and she stood over him, glaring with those dangerous laminating red eyes. Misa snarled.

"Give me one good reason to not kill you for utterly embarrassing me like that!" L felt a trail of sweat drip down his forehead.

"Well, I guess I thought that I should be the only one to please you." Misa stared back at him with a twitchy eye, and open lips. "So you see that's why I stopped you…" Misa's eyes quickly shut, sure she understood why he stopped her now but—she was still pissed off in the matter. After all she wanted to please him too and it sounded like he was going to deny her that right every time she tried because he wanted to cater to her needs in the way Light would not.

Her teeth were clenched by now and an deadly growl was now caught in her throat. "I'm in trouble aren't I?" L asked, Misa's eyes opened, they were slits, slits and even her hands were clenched rightfully in rage.

"L you—you—YOU—"L did the one thing that came to his mind and interrupted the crazed woman with a single kiss to the lips. Misa seemed to relax then and slowly but surely she responded dropping all charges she was beginning to place on him just moment ago. Sure L felt bad for tricking Misa to avoid getting knocked across the room but sometimes things just had to be done.

L pulled away from the now hazed blonde before him. She was relaxed, glazed and giggling.

"You were saying?" L asked in a teasing voice and Misa responded with a grunt but with a couple of tickles here and there she was at his mercy.

"S-stop please I beg of you!" Misa cried out trying to squirm away from his poking. "I'll do anything!" L paused resting his hands on her sides. Misa's snickers finally slowed and she found herself to be blushing when she caught L staring at her with this serious look.

"You'll do anything?" He asked while pressing his forehead lightly against hers. "Do you promise?" Misa swallowed, she couldn't even raise her head as her brain was cluttered in thoughts and her face burned from embarrassment. L tilted his head slightly trying to get her darting eyes to focus on him for just a moment and when her eyes met his she finally gave a soft nod.

His right hand once again brushed her cheek gracefully before tugging her forward gently into soft serene kiss. "Promise me," She heard him say or rather with wide eyes it sounded like as if he was begging, "That you'll never leave my side again." His lips brushed against hers again capturing her and pulling him closer to his never ending warmth.

"L-Lawliet," Misa managed to stagger out between breaths as his mouth moved away from her lips trailing her jaw line and moving down across her neck. "I promise." She managed to say firmly before her breath hitched at the way his mouth moved across her shoulders. Her hands rolled down his back, a clear red hue on face as she watched the jet black hair at work. How she wanted to reach out and touch…

"No," He spoke out almost coldly to her as he grabbed her left hand that was reaching out to him and dragged it to her side. He lifted his head a few seconds after, his eyes shining with possible fear making her grow tense with bubbling doubts. "That's not all Misa…That's not all I want from you." He breathed out softly once again their eyes nearly touching but him just under her gaze and she only able to stare down at him with nerves running down her spine.

"What are you—"Her voice was cut as his lips slammed against hers and Misa couldn't help but to shut her eyes and fall weak to his touch. A moan escaped her breath as they parted and she was gasping for air but still she wanted more. She wanted him so badly again and because of it, she was crying.

Yes, she felt a damp substance roll down her face but kept her eyes shut and couldn't face him. She felt so hot. Her skin was practically burning underneath the bedcovers.

"Misa, marry me." Misa's eyes flew open only to see her tears hand fallen down below L's cheeks and its almost made it look like he too was crying. For the first time in her life she actually was powerless to talk and every bone in her body grew rigid.

Had she just heard correctly?

"Misa, I want to be at your side forever. Will you give me this honor?" Misa blinked, more tears rolled down her face and pattered onto his own. "Misa…?" Misa closed her eyes, licked her lips, and for god's sake tried to reactivate her body.

"It is me," Misa managed to say with a labored breath, "Who should be asking you that," Misa's legs gave out then and she crashed into L's arms, face buried inside his chest and arms clutching around his waist. "Because I want to be the one who asks for your hand in marriage, if that's okay?"

There was a sweet sound that came after that. The sound of his laughter being it and she raised her head to meet his face. She could see the shimmer from her tears from his face and wiped them off gently with her thumb. Before she could pull away his hands caught her right hand thumb and placed it to his lips to give it a kiss. Misa's face immediately turned 8 shades of reds and L hummed.

"What do you think my answer is?" He asked smiling and Misa smiled too.

"I don't know." She heard him growl out her name in frustration and she giggled. "Maybe the great, famous, detective is thinking a yes?" Again he was agitated by her childish ways but still she could tell he was in the same world of bliss she was in at the moment.

"Instead of flattering me, how about you kiss me my soon to be lovely wife?"Misa swore blinked tears as she answered a small yes before leaning in once more for another desirable kiss. However, their lips never touched. "It won't be awhile till I get you a ring though." Misa resisted the urge to whack him across the head, and kept her temper down to a minimum.

"That's okay," Misa whispered bringing her lips closer to his once more, "After all, all I need is you." With that she leaned in and L was just a breath away.

"But, I really think you need one as soon as possible." L spoke as he once again pulled away from Misa to chew on this thumb in deep thought. Misa's lips twitched in annoyance. Oh how she loved this man, and at the same time, how much she hated how uneducated he was when it came to love.

"And why's that!" Misa snapped, having enough of this conversation because damn it after all that teasing she wanted to pounce him and she wanted to have him now!

"Because your mine." Misa felt her face become blank at his words, but the sad thing was she knew he was being serious. Misa felt her lip twitch into a snicker. His eyes darted to hers, curious.

"Idiot." Misa said, making the detectives eyes slightly widen in alarm. "You really are an idiot worrying about something so silly…"

L glanced away, face tinting with a blush.

"…Well I do love you after all." Misa reached up, grabbing the collar of his shirt.

"And I love you too." Misa replied and L sighed.

"But that's not—"

"Lawliet…" Misa called, her eyes sparkling with joy as she did so.


"Could you do me a favor?" Misa wondered head tilting a bit with a smile. L nodded, and Misa's hands gripped tighter at his shirt.

"Could you stop talking?" And before L could answer he was pulled into one of her fierce kisses. "I guess that's a yes." She giggled and she heard him hum in agreement. If she knew that L was going to be this responsive she would have went down this path years ago!

"What's so funny?"L asked once more pulling away unable to kiss her with so much giggles going on about and Misa yanked on her cheek, still laughing.

"Nothing, I was just thinking how much I love being yours."

"Misa." L groaned out another blush spreading across his face but none the less placed a hand over her head, "Will you stop?"

"No, because I am your wife."

"Soon to be wife."


"Misa don't start."

"Start what? I'll have you know I am just trying to make you happy and—"

L felt his head drop as Misa continued to wave her index finger at him and complain at him for getting on her case. How he dreaded whenever she went on these long rambled but strangely his eyes managed to look back up at her and held them there as she did so. Perhaps it was because he loved her, or perhaps it might have been because that sheet that had been covering her before finally fell off…

Maybe…It was a little of both, but he wouldn't tell.

He was enjoying the view.


"Morning Ryuzaki, how—what the hell happened to you?" Light wondered upon entering the kitchen to see a red mark planted against the side of the detective's face. L proceeded to take a sip of his coffee remembering how Misa caught him not paying attention at all to her rant and then decided to call him a pervert and slap him across the face. Naturally it was another Misa moment that he would have to get used too.

"Light-kun are you really going to ask me that considering you of all people know her temper tantrums?"Light raised a brow in wonder.

"Is someone here? As soon as I got home with Mello I decided to retreat to my room to avoid the lovey-dovey crap between that woman and him." Light wanted to puke at the scene of the "re-united" couple. He'd rather watch paint dry then see two people embrace and laugh with happiness and joy. It was a completely waste of time.

"Did you find what you needed?" L asked and Light simply nodded before heading over to the table where L sat now breaking apart a muffin to eat. "And perhaps can I see it as I'd rather avoid any secrets going about during your stay here at my home." Light smirked.

"So you still don't trust me?" Light asked, but really didn't need L to answer him. After all, he had already distanced himself from L from the very beginning. "Well if it eases your conscious, all I did was retrieve my sister's diary. I wanted to give it to her when I see her. I thought maybe this would make it easier to bare all the pain I've forced her to carry." L took another sip of his coffee and then finished off the rest of the muffin with one quick swallow. Light slightly cringed in disgust wondering if L was a human vacuum and how the hell had L managed to get Misa on his side when he acts like this.

"I would like for you to give it to me as soon as possible Light-kun. I want to analyze it after all. For all I know this could be attempt to kill me and those diary pages could secretly be Death Note pages. I want to avoid any unnecessary casualties if you understand Light-kun." Light closed his eyes, a throb of annoyance searing through the back of his head. L and his suspicions, but he had to admit, he saw this coming.

"I don't know why you insist of point the accusation of me trying to kill you all the time. You should know by now that my target has moved to BB. I have no reason to harm you now since you are allowing me to take my revenge. Once BB is out of the way, I will be at peace." L almost snickered, what kind of card was Light trying to play him at. Sure there wasn't a doubt in L's mind that Light wanted BB dead far more than Light wanted himself dead but that didn't mean L was about to drop his guard. Light-kun had always proved to be a challenge and right now, this here was another one. For all L knew, if he had let his guard down for a split second—he was as good as dead.

"If you don't want me to suspect you Light-kun, you may as well just hand over the diary to me." Light cursed.

"Fine, take the book, you won't find anything! I find you completely irrational as always but when you find nothing make sure that you hear my voice in the back of your head telling you that I told you so!"

"There's no need to yell Light-kun. People are sleeping after all or could it be your purposely trying to arouse my attention towards you rather than Misa?"

"Did you just call me?" Light whipped his head back to see a familiar face. Light's jaw as well as L's he was sure just dropped as they took in what she was wearing. Misa was now dressed in navy blue jeans and a white t-shirt with no bra on so you could actually see her breasts through the white cloth. Her hair was up in a high-ponytail and her lips parted into a smile. "Is there something I can do for you?" She purred out as she approached L and threw her arms around him, kissing his wounded check. "My little perverted detective."

Apparently she hadn't seen Light there and while Light was furious about no one addressing her presence here, he also couldn't help but snicker at the look of L's face as Misa's boobs pressed against his left arm. A thing, Light was sure; L would have to get used to.

"Misa, I see your annoying as ever." Misa froze at the voice. While she had knew that Light was with L she never expected to encounter him so early. She was hoping to avoid him as much as possible. Misa bit the bottom of her lip and hugged L closer.

"Well La—"Misa paused unsure what to say. She really didn't want to call Lawliet by BB's name anymore. It felt strange and she almost felt like she was betraying L by issuing Ryuzaki as her lover. "L-kun," Misa dragged on, pleased with this way of wording his name after all it wasn't like she was lying or anything, "doesn't think that right?" Misa asked throwing another purr to the stunned detective.

The poor man, she must admit as she saw L's tomato red face, perhaps she was being a little too pushy for the detective. He did always seem to be the shy one in public about these things. L reached for his coffee trying to finish it off as he couldn't find the words to answer her. He was at a disadvantage here, especially when it came to situations like these. He was trying to do his best not to let Misa drop his guard but was having a hard time ignoring her considering he didn't want to be like Light-kun and shove her away especially when he liked her being so near. "What ever happened to the man who touched my butt when we first met?"

Misa watched as the detective nearly choked on his drink and ended up in a fit of coughs. "What you didn't think I wouldn't figure it out, considering how much of a pervert you are?" Misa said as L struggled to breathe.

"Normally Misa, I'd have you leave but at this rate Ryuzaki might be as good as dead so please continue on." Misa shot Light a glare and the brunette only gave her a sly wolfish grin in response.

"His names not Ryuzaki," Misa replied back with a narrow look, "His name is—"

"Misa please!" L managed to finally say and Misa gave L a small smile.

"His name is something you'll never know, but guess what Light-kun? I know his name and you don't!" Misa replied with a sing-song tone and she watched as Light's smirk turned into a gritting glare. Misa continued to giggle childishly and pecked L on the cheek once more before finally removing her hold on him and moving over to Light's side. "How does it feel Light-kun, to be in the dark about something?"

"Do you want to die?" He asked Misa plainly, and Misa found herself unable to talk. L lifted his head as he watched Light bring Misa close, a little too close to him, and whisper something in her ear. "Don't forget I do know your name and who's to say I don't have a Death Note lying around that L doesn't know about? I could easily write your name and have you erased off this face of the earth so you either shut it or die. Do I make myself clear?"

Misa swallowed, she nodded and Light pulled away from the girl looking towards L to see he was no longer sitting in his chair rather it seemed he had moved over to defend Misa's side but it was already too late as she was stale and unresponsive to his calls. "That L is how you keep a woman in her place."

"Light, please bring me the diary," L gritted out, as he pulled the frozen blonde toward his chest. She was shivering in fear. "Now." Light smirked, placing his hands in his pockets.

"Of course, I'll get right on that." Light replied, and turned his head to see Misa's sniveling form. "And Misa, so good to see you again." With that he left the two to chat alone.

L glanced down at Misa; she was stricken with a great amount of fear. Before he could mention a word of her, she clenched the front part of his shirt and looked up at him with tears running down her cheeks.

"L he knows my name. He's going to kill me. He's going to kill me." Misa cried out, and L was trying to hush her as she began to hyperventilate. L silently cursed he should have never let Misa left his side, knowing well of the past history between the two. "I'm going to die."

"No you aren't." He told her, grabbing her cheeks with his hands and forcing her to look at him. "You will not die. If he has a Death Note, I will find it. I promise."

"I don't want to die." Misa trembled out, "I want to be with you." L smiled, pulling Misa in for a kiss, and then let her head drop under his neck and rest against his chest. He rested his chin against her head keeping her close, and used his right hand to nibble on his thumb.

He would not lose Misa and he would win. He swore it.

"Master L," A voice called, L sighed when he watched Roger enter the room with a pile of papers in his hands. "I have gathered the work you asked me to—Oh, am I disrupting something?"

"No Roger, you're not disturbing anyone." Misa replied in a muffled tone. She pulled away from L and gave him a soft look. "I was merely wishing L the best of luck on this case and I will be taking my leave now." Misa said turning to leave as to let L return to his detective mode but she didn't get very far with L yanking her back close. She gave L a look of curiosity but his gaze was elsewhere.

"Roger if you set those down those papers there I'll get to work on them now." Roger glanced over to the blonde over L's shoulders that was before L took a step in front of her blocking his view off to her entirely.

"But L that distraction—"

"You know I like to work in silence so please leave my sights." Roger felt a sweat roll down his head. Never had he been spoken to so coldly by L. Something must have happened, something he just missed and now L was fiercely warning him to get out. Roger never wanted any trouble from the boy so quickly bowed and dismissed himself, besides, he still had a bunch of children to teach and check up on.

"L, I could just go to your room and stay there." Misa insisted knowing well he was on high alert about protecting her.

"No, I told you that I wanted you to stay by my side and thus you will stay by my side." L replied, digging into his pockets.

"I'll be okay." Misa said, "I won't talk to Light or anyone but you."

"Not good enough. The second you left my side, look what happened." Misa's eyes dropped to the ground. "I'm sorry Misa, but this is for your own good." Misa lifted her head in wonder before hearing the sound of a clink around her wrist. She raised her arm to see a new silver bracelet.

"L…" Misa warned with a growl, "What if I have to go to the bathroom?!"

"Then I'll just go with you." Misa felt her jaw clench. "Like I said, you are not allowed to leave my side."

"L you know I love you—"

"That I do—"

"But you really ought to know that putting a pair of handcuffs around your fiancé's wrist is only going to piss her off."

"I'm willing to take whatever she throws at me." L replied, "After all I've been handcuffed to things much worse."

"Like Light?" Misa asked, with a snicker and L nodded pulling her close by the chain and kissing her cheek softly.

"Yes like Light-kun." Misa allowed L to wrap his arms around her, the sounds of the chain clanking together as they did so. "And you know what?"

Misa raised a brow in wonder. "I think it's high time, I repay you for all the teasing you caused earlier." Misa felt steam rush to her face.

"B-But what about work?" She stuttered out, and L kissed the back of her neck.

"…What work?"

"You are such a pervert L." Misa replied, as she giggled at his touch. L rested his chin against her left shoulder pad while still holding her sides.

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm starting to wonder if your just imaging it." Misa rolled her eyes.

"And I suppose that hand falling to my butt is nothing but my imagination too right?" L paused.

"Well yes."

Normally Misa would have hit him but she rather liked his touch as it was certainly something that kept her awake in the morning without her normal cup of coffee.

"Then if you don't mind L, my imagination and I are having some fun and your invading it." She swore she could see his pout.

"That's not nice."

"Well I'm not a nice person." Misa replied, and L chuckled.

"I don't think so. I think you're a wonderful person." Misa pulled away from L and poked his chest.

"It just so happens that flattery gets you everywhere." Misa replied a sly smirk on her face.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind." L said, and exchanged another kiss with the blonde. "Especially tonight."

"LAW—"L covered her lips with his hand, sweating as he looked around checking to see if anyone had heard her. When there was no one in sight he turned to the now glaring blonde.

"Misa please! You know you can't say my name in public like that." Misa jerked her head away and darted past him over to a nearby chair of where those nice stacks of papers awaited him. She even went as far as turning her chair away from his to sit back facing him. L sighed, "Misa, don't be like that…You know I do this to protect myself." Misa only sat in her chair, and rested right arm against the table edge to hold her up clearly ignoring him.

L shook his head, again he had distanced them or she had, it was both their faults. Her stubbornness proved quite a handful while he was sure his insecurities were just as much as a nuisance to her.

L sat down in his chair in his thinking position as always and lifted the pen Roger also delivered and proceeded to fill out the much needed paperwork he had been slacking off on.

Hopefully… L thought as he gazed at the blonde's back as he skipped through pages, hopefully she will forgive me.




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