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Then There was You

Chapter Two

She was aware of the tears streaming down her face. She was aware of the painful hexes and curses she'd been receiving. She was also aware of the many bodies of her friends she'd encountered and nearly tripped over as she fought Death Eater after Death Eater.

There were so many. Would it never end? Where was Harry? Was he fighting Voldemort? Was he okay? Was he winning? And what of her family? Ron, Fred, George, Mum, Dad, Charlie, Bill and Percy? They had to be okay. She hadn't had the chance to tell them how much she loved them.

Their faces all flashed in her vision, one after the other, and then switched to other people she cared about as well, like Hermione's and Harry's. Luna's face. Blaise Zabini's even! Professor Lupin's, Tonks.

And then it happened. The faces were no longer in her mind, but on the ground. Everyone. Dead. Gone. Somehow, she was still alive. Why? Why didn't she die with them? She deserved to! It wasn't fair. She wasn't anything special. Why did she get the right to survive, while they all had their lives ended cruelly?

When Ginny woke up, her face was moist with tears, and pressed against a bare chest. Frowning, she gently tugged herself from Blaise's strong grasp, looking up at his face. He was still sleeping.

She struggled to remember what had happened. They'd finished their dinner, and Ginny had gone back to his flat with him. They'd talked more about what had happened, and Ginny explained a lot more about her reasons for leaving. She talked about her job also. She'd still been in training when she'd left Blaise.

Finally, late at night, when Ginny could barely keep her eyes open anymore, Blaise had suggested she stay the night. Ginny hesitated, but eventually agreed, unable to resist his dark eyes. So they went to bed and she couldn't believe how much she had missed falling asleep with his arms around her.

Silently, she removed herself from his embrace and left the warmth of both the bed and him. She stroked his cheek once and then checked the time. It was five in the morning. With a sigh, she went to his kitchen, knowing from memory exactly where it was.

She filled the kettle with water to make tea for herself and then walked over to Blaise's double doors that led to a balcony, which overlooked the city of London. She rested her arms on the railing of the balcony and closed her eyes, trying not to think of her dream.

She knew Blaise was right. She'd always known it. But she couldn't help but… feel guilty. How could she live a normal life, with a man whom she loved - not to mention the fact that her family had hated him – when everyone else she cared for was either missing or dead?

Speaking of which, where the hell was Harry? The Minister of Magic had had every Auror in the system looking for him after the battle, but to no luck. Her friend just couldn't be found.

Ginny suspected he had run off, after murdering Voldemort. She knew her brother's best mate well, and figured that he was horrified at the fact that he had killed someone. Either that or he wanted to get away from the attention he was bound to get.

Hermione on the other hand, well Ginny didn't even have any ideas. She thought it was unlikely that her curly haired friend had been kidnapped. Most of the left over Death Eaters had either surrendered, or been caught. And none of them had any signs of the Gryffindor bookworm hiding out at their dwellings.

It hurt even more to know that Harry and Hermione were alive, but missing. Ginny had done everything she could to locate them. But if she was right about Harry running off, then he had most likely gone into the muggle world and changed his name - therefore making it impossible for him to be found.

The fact that Harry may have just disappeared to get away from the attention pained Ginny. So did the fact that he would have run away to escape his horror. She was supposed to be his friend! His ex-girlfriend even! She was supposed to be there for him! Even if he didn't think she, Ron, or Hermione had survived, he didn't even stick around long enough to find out!

Though, Ginny added in her mind, she didn't know for certain that Harry had run off. It was extremely possible that a Death Eater had been furious with him for killing their Lord, and had gotten him before any Order members got there. And then hidden the body. But Ginny doubted that.

She jumped slightly as she felt his arms wrap around her. She hadn't even heard the sliding doors open. Or maybe she had left them open. She didn't remember closing them.

"It really scared me to wake up to an empty bed, love. Brought back unpleasant memories." He murmured in her ear. She winced.

"Sorry about that," She whispered. He leaned his chin on her shoulder.

"You're forgiven. Besides, I woke up to the kettle whistling so I knew you were still here."

"Oh shoot, I didn't realize it was boiled. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." Ginny said. She had been too caught up in her thoughts to hear the shrill whistle of the kettle.

"Don't worry about it. I would have woken up anyway, regardless. But your tea is on the table." He said and Ginny turned in his arms.

"Thank-you," She murmured, leaning up to kiss him.

"What are you doing up so early anyway?" He grumbled, pouting. She smiled.

"I just couldn't sleep, I suppose." She said and his arms tightened around her.

"Nightmares?" He asked knowingly. "Tonight is the first that I didn't have any."

She rested her head on his chest. "I have them every night." She said with a sigh. "Blaise, do you ever wonder what happened to Hermione or Harry?"

"Of course I do. All the time," Blaise replied. "I may not have gotten along with either of them, but I still wonder where they went. I reckon Potter ran. Or maybe one of the Death Eaters got him, after he killed Voldemort." Blaise had no problem saying Voldemort's name anymore, not now that the monster was gone.

Ginny shook her head. "I don't think so," She murmured. "I think he most likely ran. He just… probably didn't want the attention."

He must have heard the pain etched in her voice. "He didn't know you survived. He probably assumed that you and everyone else had been killed. He didn't know he was leaving anyone behind. If that's even what happened,"

Ginny sighed. "I suppose. But still, it hurts."

"I know," Blaise said, kissing her forehead. "You loved him, didn't you? Back in his sixth year?"

"I- I think so. I don't know Blaise. I'd always fancied him, since I was little. But, now when I think about him, I wonder if maybe I had mistaken love with a simple crush. And if maybe that crush had grown into something more platonic." Ginny said and then added rather timidly, "What I felt around Harry is nothing compared to what I feel around you."

Blaise seemed relieved by that but all he said was, "I feel the same about you. I dated plenty of girls in school, but none of them made me feel what you do."

"You do know if my family was still… alive, that they'd be extremely angry at this? My dating an ex-Slytherin, son of a Death Eater type thing?"

"I don't know, love, I think they would have accepted me." Blaise said with a wink and stepped away from her, grabbing her hand. He led her back into the house, carefully sliding the doors shut behind them.

"Yeah, eventually," She murmured with a grin. She walked over to the table and picked up her cup of tea, sipping it gratefully. "I have to get to work soon,"

"It's Saturday!" Blaise complained. Ginny sighed.

"Exactly. No one else works Saturdays. But… since I don't usually have anything else to do, I go into work. Kev expects me to be there. He relies on me to be there." She explained.

"I'm sure if Kevin knew where you were, he wouldn't expect you to go to work. Kevin's a pretty easy-going bloke. I've known him for a long time. I reckon he wouldn't hold anything against you if you took today off." Blaise said matter-of-factly.

"Blaise, I really ought to –"

"You work too much, Gin." Blaise interrupted her. "Take the day off. Here, I'll even write to Kev, if you want."

She sighed again. "Very well, you're right. He's constantly after me to take a day off. You know, in five years I haven't taken a single sick day, or vacation?"

"That's pathetic, love." He said, leaning forward to kiss her cheek. She laughed.

"Yeah, I guess it is. Can I borrow your owl?" She asked. He nodded, and whistled for the tawny coloured owl.

He grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill from his drawer and passed them to her. She quickly wrote the letter explaining that she was taking the day off.

"Now what?" She asked.

"Well," Blaise said slowly. "What do you want to do?"

"No. This was your idea. So, you have to figure out what to do now." Ginny said with a small smile. Blaise laughed.

"How does breakfast sound?"

"No. No, I can't."

"Yes you can, Gin. It's been five years. You had to go back someday."

"Blaise, really, I can't. I just can't." Her voice broke slightly.

"C'mon love, I'll be right with you. I think you need to do this. You haven't been there since you graduated." He pleaded.

"Exactly. And I vowed never to return there. It has too many memories, Blaise. My seventh year there was pure hell for me. I just can't do it." She said, shaking her head. They were standing in his kitchen, just after breakfast and Blaise had suggested they go to Hogwarts for the day.

"You need closure Ginny."

"I won't have closure until Harry and Hermione are found." She said firmly. Blaise took her arm.

"Please, just come with me."

"Blaise…" Ginny shook her head, but Blaise knew she was relenting.

"We'll only stay for a few hours. You can chat with some of the other teachers who're there until the end of June. The students are gone for their summer vacations now." Blaise said and she bit her lip and then sighed.

"Okay," She whispered. He smiled softly, gripped her arm tighter and they apparated together to Hogwarts.

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