It was the moment that would define the rest of her life. She was going to do this. All eyes were on her; the one and only Greenlee Smythe. And that was just the way she always liked it. Jack was there. She knew he didn't want to be, but he was a great dad. She was lucky to have him. Roger for Jack certainly wasn't the worst trade-off in the world. Erica was there. Miss everyone-look-at-me herself showed up on Greenlee's day. Greenlee did enjoy that. It always felt good having Erica play second fiddle to her. Aidan was there. Boy was that a loaded issue. But they had worked out their problems and decided they could be friends. Still, she was shocked he would come considering… but she was going to be happy. And this was her best chance.

"Miss Smythe? Excuse me, Miss Smythe, are you ready?"

Now brought back to reality, Greenlee looked up at the man across from her. Ryan, obviously a little frustrated by Greenlee's lack of attention to their wedding, gave her a half smile. Greenlee nodded at the minister. "My best chance at happiness," she inwardly reminded herself.

"Do you, Ryan Lavery, take this woman to be your wife? To love, honor, and cherish as long as you both shall live?"

"I do."

"And do you-"

"I can't take this anymore," Jack shouted. "I object to this disaster!" Watching her with that loser once was enough and while Jack had wanted to be at the wedding to support his daughter, he couldn't just sit there and do nothing. He was going to make his case. "Sweetheart. Don't you remember what this pompous jerk did to you? I mean, he manhandled you and then faked his death! That's not love. And you think this clown can make you happy? He'll just fall in love with someone else in a month. Please, I'm begging you not to go through with this, Greenlee. Marrying Ryan isn't the answer."

Greenlee pulled her father aside and held his hands. "I know how you feel about him, daddy. But I'm going to do this and you can't stop me." Jack had a tear in his eye. "There is nothing I can do to change your mind? Do you really love him?" Greenlee took a deep breath and looked into her father's eyes. "I believe deep in my heart that this is my best chance at being happy. And nothing is going to stop me from being happy."

"Shall we continue?" The minister asked. "Okay then. Greenlee Smythe, do you-"

"Don't marry her, Ryan! Marry me!"

Ryan rolled his eyes. Annie, his nut-job ex had just barged through the door. "Someone get her out of here," he requested. Jesse got up and had to forcefully escort Annie out, with her yelling for Ryan to love her again the entire time.

"Wow, two objections!" the minister exclaimed in disbelief. New on the job, he wasn't used to the excitement of a Pine Valley wedding. "Let's continue-"

"I object too!"

Oh no. Greenlee was afraid of this. She hoped she and Aidan were fine as friends and yet here he was, standing in front of his seat in the last row of the church, objecting to her marrying Ryan.

"Greenlee, I can't do this. I can't pretend like this wedding isn't tearing me apart. I still love you, and you can't marry him without knowing that. So what do you say?"

Greenlee walked over to him so as to make her answer a little more private. "I'm sorry, Aidan, but this is the way it has to be. I did love you. But if it was the kind that I needed for life, then I never would have let you go for Ryan. I know that's hard to hear, but if I am going to be happy, I have to give Ryan the chance to prove we can have that forever type of love." She gave him a peck on the cheek. "And I really hope you can support me, but I understand if you want to leave." Aidan nodded at her in acceptance and with a lowered head, made his way out of the church. Greenlee took a deep breath and began to make her way back to the front. But Amanda had beaten her there.

"Ryan, you can't marry Greenlee," Amanda began to plead. "Because I love you."

Amanda was getting questionable stares from the entire room.

"Uh, Amanda," Ryan began, quite annoyed at having another interruption. "I'm kind of getting married here so can you please go sit back down and let me do it?"

Amanda felt crushed. "But I love you, Ryan!" "You don't even know me!" he shot back. She ashamedly walked back to her seat next to Joe Martin. She noticed his where did that come from look. "What do you expect?" she asked him. "I'm a woman. I live in Pine Valley. Of course I love Ryan! It's a rule, right?"

Behind Amanda sat Erica and Zach. "Well, this is definitely not a dull wedding," Zach acknowledged to Erica, knowing how she must be loving this. Erica flashed a big smile: "You mean Greenlee having her own wedding interrupted for a change? Ha! This is great!" "So Roger getting shot and a pool fight with the ex don't qualify?" "Oh Zach, just let me enjoy this. David would be kicking back with a bag of popcorn if he knew the entire town would be objecting to this wedding, but he refused to come - said he wouldn't support Greenlee throwing her life away."

The minister waited for silence before attempting to try again. This was getting ridiculous.

"Aw heck, I object too!" Jake cried out. "Greenlee, I don't recognize you anymore. I saw what a great love did to you – how it affected you. You were full of life and enthusiasm. You taught me how to let loose and have fun. But look at you now. You're a shell of who you used to be. There was never a dull moment when you were around, but you've become almost… boring. You were so full of energy and now you are just a dull pod version of who you were, who acts as a doormat for the man she claims to love. Ryan changes you, Greenlee. He drags you down. I won't support this!"

"Jake, wait!" Greenlee tries to stop him, but he walks out anyway. She was devastated. Greenlee wanted the people she cared about to support her. And yet, her father didn't. Aidan and Jake had walked out. David wouldn't even come. This was supposed to be her last chance at happiness for life and she couldn't even have a happy wedding day. But more than that, something about what Jake said had hit home. On some level, she knew it was the truth.

"Let's try this," the minister announced. "Does anyone here not object this wedding?"

Ryan had had enough. "That's it! I don't care who doesn't support us because the only people that can stop this wedding are myself and Greenlee and we are going to do this. The rest of you can all keep your mouth shut or get out! I love this woman and I am going to marry her. She is the love of my life – accept it! Now we are going to get married and there isn't a damn thing anyone can do to stop-"


"Oh crap," Ryan thought.

The site of Leo duPres bursting through the door sent gasps across the room. Greenlee was staring a hole through him. With disbelief, she began inching her way towards the back of the church. Ryan tried calling to her but to no avail. Her expression of shock was frozen on her face even as her legs somehow took her to him. Leo waited for her - hoping. She finally found herself standing in front of him. Still in a trance, Greenlee's open hand slowly moved towards his cheek. Not until she touched him did she realize she wasn't dreaming. "L-L-Leo?" she asked softly. He nodded. It was all real. She wrapped her arms around him tightly as tears fell freely from her face. Leo picked her up, holding her just as hard. "It's me, baby. It's really me," he reassured her. She kept crying, not letting go of her thought to be dead husband. Everything she ever felt for him rushed to the surface in that moment. No more trying to find a love again because she had the real thing back in her arms.

Ryan tried to make his way towards them but Jack blocked his path. "Leave her be," Jack warned him. "Get out of my way, Montgomery! We have a wedding to finish!" "Oh I doubt that," Jack answered with a smile. Ryan tried to get past only to have Zach block his way. And then Tad, and then Frankie, and one by one the entire guest list joined together until it seemed all of Pine Valley stood between Ryan and his destination.

Leo and Greenlee continued to hold each other. Without letting go, Leo finally asked, "So what do you think about picking up where we left off? How does forever in Paris sound to you?"

"Sounds like the life I've always wanted," she answered. "Let's go." The pair began to walk out of the church arm in arm until they stopped at the door. She turned around to the wall of people behind her and gleefully announced: "The wedding's off!" to great applause from the guests who then began to make their way out.

"Amanda, wait!" Ryan called after one of his former wedding guests. "Amanda, I was being an idiot before, but you got it right. It's always been you, Amanda. You've always been my one true love."