"The Battle or the War?"

By: Queen Scheherazade

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Chapter Three:

"Ed!" Peter practically spluttered, starring at his brother. "What are you doing?"

He had expected a reaction, for one was obviously called for, but not this. Whatever "this" was…

Peter moved forward to place his hand on Edmund's hair, rumpling it gently. He spoke softly. "Ed…"

The voice that answered him could not be more of a contrast to his tender tone; it was straight-forward and business-like, lacking any real emotion other than that of duty, honor, and loyalty.

"My High King, I kneel before you as but a humble and loyal subject, pliant and submissive to the will of Narnia through you, her High King. To protect her people from Miraz

I must go."

These final three words seemed to echo loudly in Peter's mind, for as he said them, Edmund, still kneeling, drew his sword from his side and placed it, point down, into the soft turf of the glade. His eyes locked with Peter's for the slightest of seconds, before he lowered his head into a further bow than before.

Peter stood there for a moment, stunned.

"Ed! You can't be serious," he exclaimed, disbelief shading his voice.

No response.

"Ed!...Ed! Look at me!" Desperation now.

"Look at me."

He dropped to his knees in front of his brother. He knocked the sword between them aside and took Edmund's face in his hands, a perfect mirror image of their previous position of comforting. Peter's emotions, however, were still running just as high, but more fear than anger mixed with his anxiety now.

His fingers traced softly over Edmund's features, drinking him in; his cheekbones, his nose, his lips, his eyelashes.

"Sobeautiful…" he whispered reverently, almost to himself.

Edmund had once compared Peter to the sun, but Peter knew he was wrong.

Edmund was the sun. The center of Peter's universe. With Edmund at his side, even the impossible felt plausible.

Edmund watched his trance-like brother with a steady gaze.

"Peter…" he began softly.

"Shhh…Please…don't speak," Peter whispered, covering Edmund's lips with his thumb.

The two lovers gazed into each other's eyes, and time ceased to exist. There was no Caspian, no Miraz, no war.

After several moments, the Just King again tried to breach the silence. "We shou-" but was cut off by an aggravated groan.

"When will you learn to do as you're told?"

And then there was no room for words, as two pairs of lips melded together, binding the two kings as one.

But Edmund sensed something more than passion in Peter's kisses: desperation. He felt it in the way that Peter clung to his shoulders, the way he wrapped his arms around Edmund's neck, as if trying to draw him as close as possible, and not let him go.

Edmund groaned in both sexual and internal frustration, and pulled away from Peter, rising to his feet, and began pacing around the glade.

Peter frowned at him in confusion and indignation. "Ed…" he practically growled. He rose, and stalked over to his lover, more than ready to push him up against a tree trunk and have him then and there. He slunk up behind his brother, slid his arms around Edmund's waist, and attempted to nibble his neck.

Exasperated, Edmund threw off his brother's embrace crying, "Stop! Peter, stop it. I want you, but we can't do this!"

"Do what, Ed? We were married here in Narnia! We were on our way to growing old together! I don't really think Aslan will give a flying fig if we-"

"We have a duty to our people Peter! We can't go putting our relationship ahead of Narnia!"

"Wait, Ed, what are you ta-"

"Me! Me. I have to go to Miraz. It's the only way."

"No. Absolutely not. We need your skills here if we have any chance of-"

"But you wouldn't need to fight anymore if I go. I could end this bloodshed."

"If you think I'm going to let you-"

"You must, Peter! Think of the girls, Pete," he pleaded, gesturing back in the direction of the Narnian camp. "They are in more danger all the time, and-"

"What about you? You'd be in danger! I'm not going to send you off to be part of some tyrant's…collection," he scoffed, disgust heavy on his tongue.

Changing tactics, Peter pleaded. "You keep me grounded, Ed. I'm just so angry lately." At this point, they stood face to face, having been mere inches apart in their shouting match. Peter's hands clutched his brother's shoulders, as if he wanted to shake some sense into him.

Peter slowly reached up to brush a lock of hair from Edmund's forehead. His fingers trailed to the back of his lover's neck, while his other hand left its station at the shoulder to rest lightly on a hip.

"I need you here with me. We need each other." Peter lowered his face closer to Edmund's.

"You know this."

Each syllable enunciated, whispered in the shell of a pale ear.

And Edmund is gone.

Edmund holds him as breathing slows, tanned back to pale chest.

Shirts were abandoned as lips found lips, and lips found neck, and lips found collarbone.

Fingers found hair, and fingers found hips, and fingers found hems, and then chest found chest, heartbeat found heartbeat.

It was passion, it was love, and for Peter, it was full of relief.

Forehead found forehead, and Peter's touch found Edmund's heart. Brown gazed into blue.

"I love you," he whispers.

"As I love you," the Just one replies, just as tenderly.

At some point, they sink to the ground, the mossy turf kind to their bare skin.

As much as he wants to, Edmund can't give Peter what he really wants.

"Not now Pete. We should be getting back…"

The only answer he receives is a throaty growl as Peter resumes his plunderous attack on the raven's mouth.

And now they are here, seated back to front, against a tree, Peter momentarily satisfied, having left several dark love marks on his lover's pale skin.

Peter smiled, basking in the glow of their love, cradled in Edmund's embrace.

"Sometimes I feel as though everyone has abandoned me…"

Edmund raised his head from his light tracings of Peter's shoulder. "Hmm?"

"Everyone. Father. My friends. Aslan… But I'll always have you, won't I, Ed? Promise me you'll never leave."

Edmund paused.

Peter tilted his head back to look at his lover, upside-down or not.

"Promise me."

"I promise," Edmund said quietly, with a slight half smile.

Peter's face lit up with a grin.

"Say it again," he said, relishing it, as he lowered his head and nuzzled further into Edmund's embrace.

From his position Peter could not see Edmund's face as his raven-haired knight whispered, "I promise that I will never leave you."

A single tear fell.

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