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Announcer guy: Did Bella get off the plane in time? Will Edward's love be lost forever? Find out in today's chapter of (insert dramatic soap-operaish music here) I Don't Wanna Leave. Here's a look at what happened in the last chapter.


We were gathered in front of the TV.

(News guy) People are devastated with the crash of Flight 209. Flight 209 was on its way non-stop from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida. There were no survivors.

Carlisle turned it off. I'm so sorry, Edward.

Announcer guy: Now, for the continuation.



"Thank you SO much for driving me back to Forks. You don't know what this means to me." I looked to the old woman in the driver's seat. I had learned that her name was Rose. I was so glad I met her on that plane. I couldn't believe that I'd just almost made the greatest mistake of my life.


"Have you ever been in love? I asked suddenly.

The stewardess stared at me intently, "What?" she asked.

"If I don't get off this plane right now, then I'm going to lose my one and only chance at happiness…and love." I looked up at her.

"Look I wish I cou-" she began.

"Look here little missy," the Rose spoke up, "this child is gettin' off this plane whether you like or not." The stewardess gaped at her. "Now either you help us, or you can get out of our way."

"I guess I COULD let you off real quick." The stewardess spoke slowly. She motioned for them to follow her to the door.

"You're coming to?" I asked Rose.

"Do you have a ride?" She retorted.

"No, bu-"

"Then you need me don' cha?" Rose smiled.

"I guess I do…I just hate to make you miss your flight."

"You love 'im?" She gazed at me as I nodded without hesitation. "Then it don' matter"

(end flashback)

Rose had been so kind to me. I never knew how I could repay her generosity.

"Here we are!" Rose said, pulling into the drive way. "Home sweet home."

"Thanks." I grabbed my things to bring inside. "I can't express my gratitude.

"I think all wait here"

"Why?" I asked…confused.

"I have a feelin' you're going to want to be taken somewhere else." She smiled as if she knew something that I didn't.

I shrugged and walked into the house. "CHAR-I mean DAD! I came back, I just couldn't leave." I turned to see Charlie staring at me wide-eyed. "What is it…something on my face?" I reached up to wipe my face, but Charlie caught my hands continually staring at me.

"You're alive!" He whispered with tears in his eyes. He suddenly pulled me to him in a very unCharlie-like manner and hugged me to him. "I thought I'd lost you. I would've never been able to forgive myself if you'd stayed on that plane.

"What are you talking about! Why would I be dead?" He was starting to scare me.

"The plane crashed its been all over the news." He finally let go to look at me.

"Then that means…do you think…Edward heard." I said hoping that he hadn't.

"It wouldn't surprise me. I would assume everyone's heard about, and thinks that you're…" he couldn't find it in him to complete the sentence.

"I need to go find him…could you please call Mom, and tell her I'll call her later?" I asked.

"Of course" He said as I raced to the door. "Bella?"

I turned back. "Yeah Dad?"

"I love you."

"I love you, too" I went back outside. Unsurprisingly, Rose was there waiting for me. I went to the car and got back in.

"So where too?" She smiled sweetly at me. "You wanna go to this boy's house?"

I was about to say yes when I paused. "Actually, I think I know where he is." Rose grinned as she sped off in the direction I gave her. I just hope he doesn't do anything rash in the meantime. I worried to myself as we grew nearer to our destination.



Edward looked up into the sky as he lay in the meadow. He tried to recall, in a blur of memories, how he had come to be here. A lot of things can happen when you lose someone. He had only been in the meadow for a few minutes. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.

He went to stand when his body hunched over in painful grief as he cried tears that could never come. His hands shook in front of his face, hands that would never again feel the warmth of Bella's human skin. He would never again hear his name flow like honey from her mouth. Never again, would her glorious heartbeat sound. Nor would her wide brown eyes look at him with such love.

Edward's heart ached as he thought back to prom, when Bella had asked him to change her. I should have changed her right then. The guilt of stripping her from her immortality would've been nothing compared to this pain I feel now from losing her. He thought to himself

Her scent still lingered in the air. Making even more memories come back to him. Memories that were once happy, but now held a bitter resentment plagued his mind. It was all too much to bear. He bowed his head to cry tears that couldn't be shed. He suddenly felt someone behind him.

"Edward?" A voice whispered. Edward turned to see his angel standing only a few feet from him.

"What's this, an angel come to comfort me?" He spoke aloud to himself. "But that is impossible for when my angel left this world turned to hell, and angels belong, not in hell, but in heaven. So therefore this must be my mind mocking me for not protecting my angel. For letting my angel die, which is really the same as if I had killed her myself."

"Edward, please" Bella rushed forward and kneeled in front of him. "I'm not dead…I wasn't on the plane…I mean I was, but I got off. I got your letter. I told myself that I was trying to make the world happy. It was then I realized that…you are my world. So I got off the plane and…and came back to forks…to you."

Bella was suddenly surrounded by Edward's arms as he embraced her. It was clear then that he knew she was alive.

"You're here…alive…I thought…" Edward began but instead brought his lips to hers. Though they had kissed before, never had there been this much love in one kiss. He broke away, reluctantly, and looked into her eyes. "Do you know how much I love you?"

"I kept telling myself that I would find someone else, but I don't WANT anyone else. You are my one and only love…now and forever." Bella gazed at Edward's face. "I love you."

"Show me." Edward grinned as Bella formed her body to him and kissed him.

"Oh" Bella gasped and suddenly looked back. "I forgot about Rose."


"She brought me back to Forks. She helped me get off the plane." She explained. "The stewardess wasn't going to let me off, but Rose convinced her…I'd be dead if it wasn't for her."

"Then I owe her my thanks for returning my angel to me." Edward picked Bella up and took her back to where she had left Rose.

When they arrived no one was there. There weren't even any tire marks. It was as if no one had been there in weeks. Leaves and branches sat undisturbed on the road.

"But…she was right…" Bella trailed off, and looked confusingly up at Edward, who shrugged.

"Maybe she left?"

"Yeah, maybe." Bella answered. "I never even got thank her for all she had done for me."

"I bet she knows." Edward said as he leaned down to kiss her before picking her up. "We should probably go tell everyone else that you're here. They must still think you're dead." He carried her as they flew off towards the Cullen's house.



I looked down at the girl as she was surrounded by the family of vampires. They were beyond happiness after finding out she was alive. Even Rosalie embraced her happily. All of them were silently thanking god that the accepted member of their family had been returned safely to them.

"Rose, you know the rules." I looked up as a young woman came to sit beside me. "Angles aren't supposed to directly interfere with mortals' lives. Now really Rose, what WERE you thinking?" I would have thought myself to be in trouble, but the sparkle of approval in her eyes and the smile on her face proved otherwise.

"Oh Eloise, I couldn't let them be separated like that." I explained. "Besides, HE isn't mortal, then again HE isn't the one I saved."

"Don't be so sure." Eloise mused. "He is connected to her."

"So…by saving HER, I also saved HIM!" I guessed.


"But I still broke the rules didn't I."

"Yes…yes you did, but" I looked up hopefully as Eloise continued, "it was for unselfish reasons."

"So I'm not in trouble?" I asked.

"You're not in trouble." She began to smile.

"The boss approves?" I pressed.

"The boss approves." By this time Eloise was full out grinning. "And I have a feeling someone is going to remain alive for a very VERY long time, maybe even…forever." She said looking down. I followed her gaze to Bella. "Come on, we've lingered enough. Oh and I little birdie told me that someone earned their wings." This time she was looking at me.

"You mean it…REALLY!" I gasped excitedly.

She laughed then skipped joyfully away, and with one last look down at the girl. I followed her.



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