This bit takes place after the 8th skit for the Empress Social Link lending into the 9th. sorry if it's a little off from the actual skit though.


What had she been thinking?!

It had been two days already since Mitsuru had (rather unprofessionally) told off her fiancée (or ex now), but that wasn't what was bothering the red-haired woman. The main issue was that she had loudly proclaimed her love to Minato, while said person was right in front of her!

That wasn't how she had ever envisioned confessing her feelings to a person. Yelling so that the whole square could hear embarrassing!

But the look on Minato's face was something else (for once Mitsuru had actually seen a surprise that went beyond his eyes), and when she tried to explain, the embarrassment took over, and she ran off like a girl who had been rejected by her crush (not like he had the chance to do so).

So now Mitsuru had been avoiding the blue-haired teen as much as possible, which proved nearly impossiblebecause they lived at the same dorm and went to the same school (and of course Tartarus fit into this as well).

Running had never been something Mitsuru liked doing (she had her pride), so why was this proving to be so difficult? Maybe, she supposed, it was because she never had a chance to date and let a relationship progress over time naturally, she didn't know how to approach the situation.

With Monday fast approaching, Mitsuru decided to bite the bullet, as they say, and just talk. It couldn't get any worse.


----The Next Day---

So there they were, on the roof. Mitsuru was facing away from Minato, as it made it slightly easier. "Deep breath...." She told herself, and started to talk.

"First, I want to apologize for yesterday. My behaviour was unprofessional. I also want to apologize for running away." "It's okay. Thank you for standing up for me too." Mitsuru turned to face him and smiled a little. His face showed nothing but understanding and compassion.

In a way, it made things harder, but she made her decision and was going to say with it.

"T-the other day...I ran away after saying all those things to you." Mitsuru took a deep breath again, and ploughed on, Minato thankfully staying quiet until she was finished. "I had been planning to tell you how I felt, but I can't believe I said it in front of so many people...

but that's not've opened p a whole new world to me; a world full of happiness and surprise." Her confidence in something so unfamiliar began to rise, and the next few words came out, unplanned. Just from feeling. "I...I can't stop thinking about you."

"Arisato...I love you."

Minato was quiet for a moment, tilting his head slightly without breaking eye contact. Then he simply walked over and took her hand, squeezing tightly. "I like you too."

There was a long silence before Mitsuru broke it, free from stress. "I feel so free now..." She took his other hand and stared into his eyes. "You're a very special person to me...Minato..." Once again, 'Biting the bullet', she closed the distance between them.

They spent a long time together on the roof top.

That was corny.

As for Mitsuru's behavior, I have a feeling she didn't really have any dating experiences before this point. I found this skit the best part of the Social Link (but the 8th pointed to me not to make her mad.). Minato most likely has more experience with it.