Morning Breath

A cheep, two-room apartment, a single bed, and no heater. Courtesy of the two's expensive addictions. "Mello, roll over, you got morning breath," Matt would say, while Mello would always respond, "So do you, moron."

By: Kittenn1011

Mello was hopelessly addicted to chocolate.

He might deny it on occasion, but when he needed twenty or so chocolate bars a day, there was no if, ands, or buts. Mello was addicted to chocolate.

Matt's addiction, was a little more deadly.

Cigarettes were slowly killing both, with second-hand smoke for Mello, but neither boy really cared. They doubted they'd live through to twenty-five. With the Kira case and all.

Then there was Matt's gaming needs.

Then rent. It was only a cheep two-room apartment that they were renting for the duration of their stay in Japan, but it was pricy.

What did that work out to? About 10000 yen a day? Sure, that didn't seem like so much until you work in the fact that neither had a paying job. Money was scarce in their house, and their two visas could only take them so far.

They didn't have much furniture. They had scavenged a couch from the garbage. They managed to afford a mini-fridge and a microwave with some money that Mello had, ahem, borrowed, from a continence store across town, and for a bed, they used what little money Mello had taken with him when he destroyed the mafia.

That was what they had. That's all. Well, Matt had a laptop (one of the few items Matt took with him from The Whammy House), but that wasn't nearly as good as cable TV.

There was no heat in the building; so on the cold nights, the two friends would snuggle together under their single blanket on their small bed and sleep.

When they woke up, they would still be comfortably pressed against one-another, and be as warm as they could possibly get in that apartment. At first they would be reluctant to get up, but…

"Mello, roll over, you've got morning breath." Matt would mumble to his blond friend without opening his eyes.

While Mello would always respond, "So do you, moron."